Month: April 2017

In Paris, because the language barrier, according to the domestic market speculation to ask the way even more difficult

In Paris, because the language barrier, according to the domestic market speculation to ask the way even more difficult, but this is not the case. That day to the “Lafayette” shopping, which is a Paris’s most famous commercial buildings, said the annual sales ranked first in the Cartier love bracelet replica world. When the door guide has said that two hours after the concentration in place, but because the mall is too big, and dazzling array of goods is too much, walked and I forgot the original exit where. Seeing the time is coming, I am in the mall around a few laps or can not get out. Fortunately, just entered the door when I want a shopping mall diagram, so I pointed to the drawings to a middle-aged women asked the way to. She looked at the drawings, thought, went to the direction of the direction of the finger, so I quickly went to her direction. But did not take a few steps, the middle-aged women hurriedly chased up, took my hand, mouth side grumble talking about what, while carrying me to another direction. Confused me both inexplicable and tense. Until the rush to take me to the exit, the middle-aged woman was smiling and let go of my hand. Later, next to a French-speaking tourists told me that she began to refer to the wrong direction, so repeatedly asked me to forgive, and expressed deep regret to me. Looking at her full of friendly and sorry smile, for a time I really do not know what to say? “Remember that contemporary American writer Calvin has described his own nightmare: he wants to go home, he found the street, found the building, also found the same house of the room, but That is not his home. So he sat the wrong train, came to another city, the city in addition to the location is not the same, the other and their city exactly the same. In the country often travel travel people will have a similar experience. In recent years, China’s urban construction has undergone rapid changes, but with a tall building than a high, a road than a long Cartier love ring replica, people’s criticism but also day by day more. why? The reason is that many of our cities are like a mold poured out, they lack a warm and cordial affinity, a kind of mind to warm the humanistic care, so that it is difficult to identify it as their own homes. European city buildings are more intact to maintain the style of the ancient city and historical and cultural city style, especially in Paris, the most typical. Standing on the Eiffel Tower overlooking the panoramic view of Paris. There is no skyscrapers here, and there is no large area of glass curtains that cause light pollution. The city houses are mostly medieval style, although the hue of the building is similar, but the style is almost no match, fully embodies the old city of the original harmonious and perfect space layout. City to develop, in addition to the old city of another way. Located in the western suburbs of the La Dresdner New Area stands many modern high-rise buildings, and the old town formed a distinctive difference. Although the old town of Paris, although several decades of history, but they are very clear up, the environment is very clean. If you walk along the clean streets, you will see almost every house before the small garden have been carefully trimmed, many of the shape of flowers and trees is simply a work of art. Blooming flowers, chic hedges and lawns, the distinctive landscape bonsai, eyes and really beautiful. Where all the buildings on the balcony, almost all filled with flowers, do not see any accumulation of debris or drying of the “national flag”, but do not see which building, which balcony has our domestic kind of commonplace “Bird cage”. Paris, the city has the Replica Cartier jewelry affinity, but also reflected in her coordination with the nature of the integration. Paris is a city embraced by green, the city has countless forest parks and green forest.


These manufactured goods are produced or outsourced to workers in the factory

These manufactured goods are produced or outsourced to workers in the factory, but the output has not yet met the needs of the French population, which is mainly distributed. Third, the 20th century and the early 21st century As we all know, the industrialization of the product occurred in the 19th century and destroyed many workshops, France had to support the two world wars in the local Cartier love bracelet replica. These events have an impact on all areas of activity and have an economic impact on society. After the end of the Second World War, process protection was not the first thing to consider. People who have demand for handicrafts have begun to be content with industrial products, including national and export. Now how to find craftsmen in France? There are three different situations from different roles and different administrative categories. The first to find the craftsmen in the state-owned workshops, but also craft to teach the place. These workshops are the legacy of the previous manufacturer. Only a few in the run: a few workshops engaged in tapestry production; two engaged in lace production, including knitted lace and clubhair lace; the last one engaged in Chinese porcelain production. The quality level is very high, they get orders from the country and work for them, producing official diplomatic gifts. Every year, a famous artist is asked to do a project or is invited by a project, which means that it will eventually produce and implement a masterpiece of a design. Some important private enterprises also have their own craftsmen. The second case is that the craft is practiced by some Cartier love ring replica professional lovers. They do not need to be members of the association and declare themselves to be craftsmen. The last case can be described as a traditional way of practicing the craft, which is a personal practice in which traditional practices are carried out in a village, a small town, or a workshop in a larger area. For example, in clay-rich areas, pottery is an important craft, and some craftsmen try to maintain the technology. Or in the eastern part of France, in Lorraine (Nancy) city like Nancy, there is a strong tradition of decorative arts, especially glass and crystal work. In the area, workshops still exist for small-scale sales or work for important shops. These craftsmen need to get status so that they can get social benefits. Therefore, they are members of different associations, through private, semi-official or official channels to obtain information and advice. They are as part of the exhibition as much as possible to showcase their work in the fields of handicrafts, stone, wood, glass, clay, and textiles. But what is the relationship with the customer? When visitors visit a place and find that there are still claywork, the knife is still working, the family is still making some cases such as baskets. But this is a small range of social needs, and is more rapid development of different life. This fast-growing lifestyle is always present in the city, where it is difficult to see the nature of nature, it is difficult to see the stars at night. As a conclusion, I think the process is important to the society in which it lives. In France, these processes have more cultural implications than the economy. Only in this way, even though arts and crafts is a very narrow branch, but she is an important regional identity mark, is to make life and creativity are closely related to harmony with nature, and to maintain all the “things hope.” This is not to say that the Replica Cartier jewelry past “nostalgia”, but rather to see these processes are firmly inherited within the past and the future.