Another common way of clothing advertising is through its performance and advocacy of lifestyle to influence the audience

Another common way of clothing advertising is through its performance and advocacy of lifestyle to influence the audience, so that access to fashion lifestyle social recognition. In this regard PoD Palph Lauren brand advertising is the most classic example. In the PoloRalphLauren brand, people can smell everywhere in the early 20th century the taste of American and British Cartier love bracelet replica society. His design inspiration, mainly from the American wilderness of the West, baseball and the old upper class society. Polo Raloh Lauren all the ads show a Polo Ralph Lauren way of life. They or the theme of the sea and the ship, people elegant, relaxed in the cruise ship bathed in sea breeze, the brand is immersed in a leisurely aristocratic atmosphere; or natural background, the expression of simple and classic atmosphere, and brand The glorification of the American style of the same strain; or to the sun and the beach as the background, is still described in a casual and elegant way of life. Perhaps this is the US aristocracy, their pioneering temperament has not been submerged in luxury luxury furnishings, but revealed in a very purely very simple between heaven and earth. Such a mood is undoubtedly cast a layer of mystery to the brand, the Polo Ralph Lauren brand temperament not only can be integrated into the natural, but also into the family, and further said that it can be integrated into a fashionable way of Cartier love ring replica life. People buy is no longer a coat, a pair of pants, or a tie, but to buy the fond in the advertising and brand in the longing for fashion lifestyle. As its brand founder Ralph Lauren stressed: “I am not selling goods, it is a way of life, is an attitude!”
“Sexy” is undoubtedly one of the most able to represent the key words of fashion, as an advertising strategy, in the information explosion, the era of flooding, advertising has become a major killer of creative people. Body and sexy in the fashion of the operation, largely through advertising and media systems for mediation and intervention to carry out. Clothing is the media to attract gender, has long been out of the past just to cover up, cover, keep out the cold effect, replaced by sexy, attracted the opposite sex into the mainstream of fashion design. In the process of cultural dynamic development, modern people no longer depressed their imitation cartier love bracelet attitudes towards sexy, but chose a more straightforward expression of their own sense of the sense of the aesthetic sense of the formation of clothing ads to a certain extent, the formation of aesthetic psychology