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BVLGARI and the Italian film industry is the most close period in the 20th century 50 to 60 years

BVLGARI and the Italian film industry is the most close period in the 20th century 50 to 60 years, it is also the Roman film industry’s glorious era. Looking around, the city is filled with international stars and carnival fashion celebrations. Ladies began to noble and elegant temperament and luxury gorgeous jewelry produced endless dreams and longing. At this time the BVLGARI, with personalized publicity Cartier love bracelet replica design, smooth lines, as well as the impact of the power and expressive colors, so that the stars of the romantic and artistic dreams become a reality.
At that time, almost all female stars are obsessed with the Via dei Condotti 10 BVLGARI flagship store. In 1994, the famous director Robert Altman shot the film “Clouds storm”, this now looks like “wearing Prada’s devil” 90’s version of the film, of course, the charming jewelry! At the time when BVLGARI launched Chandra series, actress Sofia Roland is wearing BVLGARI dazzling ruby and sapphire jewelry played her own.
Elizabeth Taylor often went to visit designer Gianni Bulgari during the shooting of “Cleopatra” in Rome. Bulgari is also the witness of this peerless love. Richard Burton’s gift to Elizabeth Taylor was a 23.44-carat BVLGARI emerald brooch, and later in order to match the brooch, Richard Burton gave the necklace with a total weight of 60.5 carats and a Colombian emerald. (figure 1)
Starred in the film “Rome, undefended city”, “little beauty”, “Rome mother” famous Italian actress Anna Magnani also prefer Bvlgari jewelry, she has a wear and tear changing natural pear-shaped natural pearls, you can use A special hook placed behind the mosaic bracket, as a pendant hanging on a diamond ear nail, can also be hung as a pendant of platinum pearl on two natural pearls. (figure 2)
Brand history timeline
Founder Sotirio Bulgari opened its first store in Italy, shortly thereafter, the shop moved to Via dei Condotti Avenue on the 10th, today’s BVLGARI flagship store.
With brand awareness rising rapidly around the world, BVLGARI entered the first phase of expanding the international Cartier love ring replica landscape, in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo, Paris and other places to open boutiques.
BVLGARI watch launch, popular around the world, become eternal classic.
Launched the first fragrance Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert, and soon have introduced ten luxury charming perfume, each perfume are well received.
1996 (Figure 1996)
BVLGARI launched the first fashion accessories series, including silk scarf goods. Later, a series of continuous introduction of leather goods and glasses, BVLGARI contemporary accessories even more complete series. 2001 (Figure 2001)
And Mariott International joint venture, announced to enter the luxury hotel industry. In 2004, the first Bulgari hotel opened in Milan, which is BVLGARI respect to the luxury world.
2007 (Figure 2007)
It is an important year for BVLGARI. New York, Japan, Rome and other places of the boutique gradually grand opening, the same year the fall, the new series of women’s skin care products launched in Italy.
2010 (Figure 2010)
BVLGARI historical retrospective exhibition in Paris Grand Palace grand opening, designed to show the BVLGARI this Italian jewelry kingdom through the centuries. The exhibition is co-organized by the Office of the President of the Republic of Italy and the Italian Prime Minister’s Office.
International luxury giants LVMH Group announced that the acquisition of a history of 4.3 billion euros jewelry group Replica Cartier love bracelet BVLGARI.
Classic tasting


Say goodbye with old classic new season in the best large It Bags

Say goodbye with old classic new season in the best large It Bags
2015 spring summer, are you for those who are already familiar classic handbag felt a little tired? If you desperately need a design is not easy outdated handbags to enrich your summer wardrobe? VOGUE fashion network from the new season in the most beautiful large selection for you 9 the worth the investment It Bags, rich in the change garments according to the list at the same time, also provide your daily collocation more fashionable taste.
Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2015 handbags series advertising in order to “the Spirit of the Spirit of Trave travel” as the theme, the location is due to full imitation cartier love bracelet of mystery and wealthy adventurer temperament Caribbean coast, in addition to the Louis Vuitton classic Alma handbags and hard cases, new Twist series handbags has become a new season of absolute protagonist!
Year of birth: 2015 in early spring
Louis Vuitton Twist handbags inspired by 1988 design for a Trapeze handbags, adopts the most popular metal chains and rectangular shapes, generous and joker. In addition, Twist the handbag is the most attractive is the special device – tu “L” and “V” word (Louis Vuitton brand initials) revolving buckles. Place the two mutually vertical letters constitute the words LV, handbags closed, when the exhaust of L is rotating to coincide with V, package cover can be opened. Interesting Twist handbags once issued will easily capture all the stars and It Girls heart, as if suddenly everyone was Shouting “Twist is the only thing that close to my heart.
Louis Vuitton Twist handbag can meet the needs of any daily attire, almost coriaceous short skirt of tall waist in the sketch the perfect curve appears slender legs all at the same time, individual character is dye-in-the-wood do not fall convention.
“Balenciaga should not be limited to simple plain modelling, adornment sex is little detail also promising!” Alexander Wang, said in a preview. As a result, modelling is agile, style halfback Cable handbags became the Balenciaga spring/summer 2015 women’s large area of one of the primary packaging in the paragraph. Lens of the Cartier love bracelet replica photographer Steven Klein, Sasha Pivovarova carrying Cable according to the wall pink handbags, a disorder of spatio-temporal feeling arises spontaneously.
Birth year: 2014 autumn and winter
Balenciaga autumn/winter 2014 shows, we have seen Alexander Wang, “most understand women” side – big and small “shopping bag” is a “wild” shopping addiction. Founder of type Cable handbags has thus become a star and It required wardrobe Girls out of the street, handbags landmark metal handles show remarkable feats of contemporary feeling, concise and agile, easy and practical fashion handbags who don’t want to have?
To challenge and novel style of high-profile Rihanna ingenious basic tennis shoes, jeans, white T-shirt with a valuable crocodile Balenciaga Cable handbags, not only no acosmia feeling, but is more Easy Chic!
Following speech Cambon handbags series in the 2004 s, 2004 s New Mademoiselle handbags, but in the 2010 s, said miss Rouge COCO cocoa lipstick and said in the 2011 s COCO Cocoon handbags, Vanessa Paradis and become a Girl image ambassador of the Chanel handbags. In new advertising big, she can’t a lock, only in the pearl necklace with long before the bosom Girl soft leather straps suede handbags, with no artificial natural beauty, break down, return to nature.
Birth year: spring/summer 2015
Spring/summer 2015, inspired by a chanel classic coat handbag was born, this is a new way to present the details classic coat handbag: sleeves, cuffs, bend, flange, neckline, buttons, pocket, etc from soup to nuts. You can also according to their ideas follow one’s inclinations to wear: or is in the waist, or around Fake Cartier love bracelet the collar, or back behind you… Girl Chanel handbag design concept and practical spirit of Carl, a so-called make every woman are stylish and comfortable of handbags do you move?
Inspired by Chanel coat Girl of classical Chanel handbags is endowed with more supplement, and cloak, skirts and other transition of change garments according to the sheet is tasted collocation lovable appearance, modeling simple, want to want not to depict all difficult!
Riccardo Tisci in this season, please winner Julia Roberts, interprets the Givenchy brand wisdom and pure concept of fashion. When Julia Roberts with Givenchy Pandora Box handbags at large when the new season, raise your hand is cast sufficient between all exhibit HFM and easy elegant temperament. It was born in the 2013 classic handbag inspiration comes from the Greek myth story, if feel hardfaced cortex strong match the design of the circular base is too hale and hearty, so the new members of the family of Pandora Pure may be a more feminine.
Birth year: 2014 autumn and winter
In Pandora family launched two consecutive profile hale style, Givenchy Pandora Pure series back to the woman nature of warm water. This series is inspired by the Pandora Box on the side of the bag, but still keep the three-dimensional profile modelling of water droplets. What is more surprising, can be arbitrary adjustment straps gives handbags can be worn, double shoulder, hand carry supplement a variety of ways, is a perfect transition from daily life and career to leisure party of fashion bag.
Givenchy Pandora is made from Pure series handbags with soft leather, simple and straightforward geometrical trapezoidal from vision to replica Cartier love bracelet touch on a affable gentle beauty. Try and printing jacket or light weight dress collocation, fashionable in style can also come so easy!
By supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen deductive Bally spring/summer 2015 blockbuster is autumn winter series 2014 essential wardrobe item concept extension and supplement. This season’s Bally Girls show more feminine femininity, such as color jade Sommet handbags, it is a model of contemporary feeling and the temperament of restoring ancient ways is unripe brightness.
Birth year: 2014 autumn and winter
Bally Sommet handbag is a to salute to Swiss mountain peaks, and traditional Bally brand series! Package at the top of the white body is like a Swiss mountain at the top of the snow, spacious package design with the typical style of bag, can accommodate all of your personal soft, for travel, shopping, or commuting is the perfect choice.
Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon in a basic collocation Bally new wine red stitching folding bag Sommet handbags, simple and agile but do not lose feminine taste. The sunshine, the Hollywood actress smile bloom, goddess was confident charm no resistance.
Dior spring/summer 2015 womenswear blockbusters to wipe a pure white background reveal new season full of fashionable feeling future costume, design director Raf Simons in continuation of last season advanced customization of time and space to explore and to go on in the process of new Diorama handbags has become the most important deserve to act the leading role.
Birth year: spring/summer 2015
Spring/summer 2015 launch of the Diorama handbag with a very brief and sharp lines design and metal parts, brand symbol cane plaid Cartier nail bracelet replica appears in the 3 d effect is of large size, a variety of color in the maximum extent to meet the needs of different women for handbags, regardless of whether they are not stick to one pattern “winner or maverick style editor bloggers to fondle admiringly.
Founder has a Diorama of handbags has inherent avant-garde sense, with seven straight canister/divided skirt collocation is the high score Look that attracts the most attention this season.
Celine spring/summer 2015 blockbuster invited a famous American writer Joan Didion, French artist Marie – ballet Agnes Gillot and British model Freya Lawrence together. This series of large collection of old, middle-aged and young three female intellectual, all exhibit Celine brand vitality, full of the beauty of artistic image. In this large, autumn winter was born in 2014 in Belt series handbags still occupies the most prominent position, special charm can’t resist.
Birth date: early autumn of 2014
Belt bag, just as its name implies, with a clean concise knot of cortical thin Belt, throughout the entire package, is elegant appearance infuse a lively and interesting. Flip and handle use clever design, appearance no any Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica metal parts, suitable for everyday wear different requirements.
Can carry back Celine Belt handbags is a fashionable and practical, handbags, strong practicability and functional in any occasion can giving women more perfect modelling, match a pair of sports shoes can easily create a casual elegance and along with the gender.
Spring/summer 2015 large Chloe tells the story of a elegant Chloe girls accompany, carefree friendship story. Caroline Trentini with new Faye handbags slowly walking on the beach, share with girlfriends a belongs only to their secrets.
S: the birth of spring/summer 2015
With a 70 s series of pure and fresh and natural beauty of the new Faye Chloe handbags are beyond imagination to receive a space, python leather, crocodile embossed material such as vegetable tanned leather used to make the bags full of Bohemian amorous feelings, a unique and exotic luxury feeling whether the new season handbags also make you to move?
Extremely feminine new Faye Chloe handbags is one of the best partner of commuting and travel, shirt and skirt collocation can also show the other side of the wise and intellectual.
Valentino spring/summer 2015 women’s clothing with an ethereal fantasies like fairy tale, thin model in just 25 years old rookie photographer Michal Pudelka camera like the lovely fall into the sea elf. And a small handbag imitation cartier love bracelet called Eye On You become the most conspicuous in this large bag.
Birth year: spring/summer 2015
Valentino Eye On You the most eye-catching handbag design lies in matte gold round hole and decorative rivet with pointed cone removable luggage tag, soft texture refined leather handbags to choose the most fashionable Mini Size, is a beautiful street of choice, want to have more Eye On You, choose it will not be wrong!
Valentino Eye On You handbag not only can the shoulders, hold it in hand show fashionable times, as a timeless tea tonal collocation extremely easily. In this season, of course, you can try the ornament in large area of printed sheet is tasted, and simplified contrast more give prize.