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High-density stainless steel to create the case corrosion-resistant high temperature

MONUMENTUM – meaning a monument, memory, memorial, this series produced around the theme. Gorgeous embellishment of the crown, dial on the Roman numerals and double groove case to convey the sound of the monument to the statue. This classic design in the 1920s when the prevalence of many people carefully saved grandfather to give their own gifts. Today for everyone to introduce is the Eric House MONUMENTUM automatic men’s watch, the official number: 77005.
The watch case is made of stainless steel Cartier love bracelet replica, rose gold (IP / PVD), diameter 41 mm, thickness 11 mm, with anti-glare sapphire crystal, water depth of 50 meters.
High-density stainless steel to create the case corrosion-resistant high temperature, put an end to rust and color change, timeless. Hardness after the diamond sapphire crystal mirror, loss of wear and tear, perseverance and toughness. Screw-in spiral crown unique fashion creative and convenient transfer, the details of the watch show the beauty. Smart exquisite stainless steel ear, curvature is reasonable, moderate width, effectively prevent the strap off.
Silver checkered dial 3 points to join the calendar window with simple and handsome. Exquisite gold-plated time scale, Arabic numerals and ancient Greek letters through the combination, eye-catching intuitive easy to read. Slender gold-plated pointer, fresh and moving, unique shape, travel time precision, improve life efficiency.
Equipped with Citizen / Miyota 9015 automatic mechanical movement, with hours and seconds and calendar display function, through the table at the end of its precise operation. The watch has a brown leather strap, and with a butterfly buckle.
Summary: Germany’s famous “light luxury” watch brand, with F1 racing legend of the spirit of the endorsement, after the German manufacturing certification, but also the German Chancellor Angela Merkel favorite Cartier love ring replica Ai Lishe watch. Gold-plated stainless steel perseverance case, with gold scale time scale, eye-catching appearance. Brown refined strap, 3 o’clock calendar function, business atmosphere strong.
Formalum Vintage series of seven-day power reserve watch can be described as a classic presentation of the art of fashion, watch with aesthetics design and exquisite craft, with seven days of power reserve outstanding performance. This mechanical watch, 100% designed and manufactured in Geneva, enriched the entire Franck Muller Vintage series.

Watch movement is unique, skilled production of treasures, it shows the incomparable Joux valley typical tabulation process level, did the least ‘to’. Bridge board perfect combination of each other to create an acute angle between the acute angle and the staggered line. Extreme elegance, bronze arch showing exquisite carved Geneva ripple, bearing inlaid crystal bright red. This gorgeous treasures a total of 27 rubies, highlighting this extraordinary watch the distinguished and originality. The master of the watch, Pierre Michelle Gray, says that the Vintage (Curvex) 7-Days Power Reserve’s retro beauty lies in delicate craftsmanship and precise movement design. This complex craftsmanship makes Franck Muller Doubt the classic “.

With seven days of power reserve, with unprecedented precision time. To achieve this level of performance, the movement must be with the additional refining with a seamless. The window at 11 o’clock shows the remaining energy and displays the number of seconds at 6 o’clock. This is pure, classic lines and accurate, striking balance ratio is the iconic Curvex style ideal match, its shape highlights the characteristics of Franck Muller brand.

Since 1991, Franck Muller has headquartered in Geneva and designs and manufactures all of the watch’s watches in its Gento factory, including the Vintage (Curvex) 7-Day Power Reserve, all of which are manufactured entirely from the original The This mechanical wrist watch made of stainless steel plate, or rose with white enamel plate, or black disc with the movement style echoed the table back. This new model will be made into a sub-series, will soon join the brand’s Vintage series.
Gucci watch G-Timeless series of large models (XL) automatic chronograph watch at the 2015 Basel Watch Fair launched two new watch. The new G-Timeless series continues the G-Timeless series of iconic streamlined design, and is divided into two versions to choose from: drawing stainless steel with black Cartier nail bracelet replica dial version, contrast; black belt with silver dial plate, elegant The

Dial 3 o’clock position with “week – date” display window, up and down around the “Gucci AutomaticChronograph” (Gucci automatic chronograph) words. 6 o’clock position below the Indian “Swiss Made” (made in Switzerland). Pointer and time scale scale using luminous coating design, simple and elegant, excellent identification.

The two G-Timeless series of automatic chronograph watch case made of stainless steel, and by drawing and polishing process, diameter 44 mm, regardless of design style, or size specifications are highlighting the large features. Watches sold inside the Swiss manufacturing Sellita SW500 movement, equipped with “week – date” dual calendar display. Stainless steel crown on both sides with a slightly tilted button, engraved with the brand logo diamond pattern pattern perfect fit.
These two watch silver metal body shape elegant, classic round case and simple dial, and then with exquisite chain strap, always reveal the superb watchmaking process.


Their correct decision is pushout Cartier love bracelet and Cartier love ring

Louis take over Cartier jewelry store from his master Adolf peel,and get Adolf peel’s support and advice in Cartier’s process of development.
Louis’s  perpetual friend Aristide,ck aslo give he many great support.Aristide,ck help Louis disentangle the knack of doing business,meanwhile,Louis learn many experience from Aristide,Ck’s newfangled thoughts and commercial routes,efforts to diversify their products,there are not many innovations.Of course,some sales figure.
And in 1870,in Cartier due to a French political haze and pointed out the direction of closing to Louis afellay,let the his son Louis Cartier,venture on business to London.In fact,Aristide,Ck’s decision is correct.
Their correct decision is pushout Cartier love bracelet and Cartier love ring, three choice for each model,yellow gold,white gold and pink gold.You can buy cartier love bracelet replica if not enough money to afford original one,best online exquisite eshop is


In Paris, because the language barrier, according to the domestic market speculation to ask the way even more difficult

In Paris, because the language barrier, according to the domestic market speculation to ask the way even more difficult, but this is not the case. That day to the “Lafayette” shopping, which is a Paris’s most famous commercial buildings, said the annual sales ranked first in the Cartier love bracelet replica world. When the door guide has said that two hours after the concentration in place, but because the mall is too big, and dazzling array of goods is too much, walked and I forgot the original exit where. Seeing the time is coming, I am in the mall around a few laps or can not get out. Fortunately, just entered the door when I want a shopping mall diagram, so I pointed to the drawings to a middle-aged women asked the way to. She looked at the drawings, thought, went to the direction of the direction of the finger, so I quickly went to her direction. But did not take a few steps, the middle-aged women hurriedly chased up, took my hand, mouth side grumble talking about what, while carrying me to another direction. Confused me both inexplicable and tense. Until the rush to take me to the exit, the middle-aged woman was smiling and let go of my hand. Later, next to a French-speaking tourists told me that she began to refer to the wrong direction, so repeatedly asked me to forgive, and expressed deep regret to me. Looking at her full of friendly and sorry smile, for a time I really do not know what to say? “Remember that contemporary American writer Calvin has described his own nightmare: he wants to go home, he found the street, found the building, also found the same house of the room, but That is not his home. So he sat the wrong train, came to another city, the city in addition to the location is not the same, the other and their city exactly the same. In the country often travel travel people will have a similar experience. In recent years, China’s urban construction has undergone rapid changes, but with a tall building than a high, a road than a long Cartier love ring replica, people’s criticism but also day by day more. why? The reason is that many of our cities are like a mold poured out, they lack a warm and cordial affinity, a kind of mind to warm the humanistic care, so that it is difficult to identify it as their own homes. European city buildings are more intact to maintain the style of the ancient city and historical and cultural city style, especially in Paris, the most typical. Standing on the Eiffel Tower overlooking the panoramic view of Paris. There is no skyscrapers here, and there is no large area of glass curtains that cause light pollution. The city houses are mostly medieval style, although the hue of the building is similar, but the style is almost no match, fully embodies the old city of the original harmonious and perfect space layout. City to develop, in addition to the old city of another way. Located in the western suburbs of the La Dresdner New Area stands many modern high-rise buildings, and the old town formed a distinctive difference. Although the old town of Paris, although several decades of history, but they are very clear up, the environment is very clean. If you walk along the clean streets, you will see almost every house before the small garden have been carefully trimmed, many of the shape of flowers and trees is simply a work of art. Blooming flowers, chic hedges and lawns, the distinctive landscape bonsai, eyes and really beautiful. Where all the buildings on the balcony, almost all filled with flowers, do not see any accumulation of debris or drying of the “national flag”, but do not see which building, which balcony has our domestic kind of commonplace “Bird cage”. Paris, the city has the Replica Cartier jewelry affinity, but also reflected in her coordination with the nature of the integration. Paris is a city embraced by green, the city has countless forest parks and green forest.