The HVIC integrates a 600V withstand voltage component and a 30V withstand voltage component on a single chip to drive a half-bridge or full-bridge MOSFET or IGBT. The driving circuit of the upper arm and the lower arm, the power supply undervoltage protection circuit, the signal interlock circuit, and the overcurrent protection circuit are built in the chip, so that the logic circuit such as the microprocessor can be directly driven and controlled without the use of the optical coupling.

IC Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for IGBT/MOSFET drive;
  • Robust anti-interference performance, can adapt to harsh environments;
  • Provides a variety of protection and drive functions;
  • UV: undervoltage protection;
  • EN: EN does not respond to the input signal when active;
  • OCP: overcurrent protection;
  • DT: built-in dead time;
  • STP: internal interlock;
  • FO: fault signal output;
  • CFO: fault pulse width setting;
  • NF: Advanced input noise filter.
Driver IC

Drive mode Model Withstand voltage Output current Input logic Features VSS/COM independent Package
Three phase XN2136S 600V 200/400mA /HIN, /LIN UV, EN, OCP, DT, STP, FO, CFO, NF Yes SOP28
FX7388 600V 160/340mA HIN, LIN  UV, VDD, DT, STP Yes SOP 
FX7888 250V 320/620mA HIN, LIN  UV, EN, DT, STP no TSSOP, SOP 

Note 1: Note: “/” indicates a negative logic function.

Remark 2: UV: Undervoltage protection, EN: EN does not respond to input signal when valid, OCP: Overcurrent protection, DT: Built-in dead time, STP: Internal interlock, FO: Fault signal output, CFO: Fault pulse width setting , NF: Advanced input noise filter, VDD: 5V power supply.