For long-term sitting in the office of the white-collar workers

For long-term sitting in the office of the white-collar workers, the ride less exercise, lack of exercise, lack of sunshine “bath” of the body at any time to allow cancer to take advantage of cancer. Plus a random lunch at noon lunch, eat dinner every day, high fat and high protein diet, smoking, alcoholism, life seems rich, but let the breasts add a crisis.
Weapon: shells, animal offal, beef and mutton, cola, coffee, chocolate and other high-fat high fever food should control the weight. And fish Cartier love bracelet replica, fruits and vegetables containing plant protein is beneficial to the body, it is recommended to eat. Experts advise that women may wish to exercise fitness as part of fashion life, when the diet, living habits are adjusted well away from the disease a big step forward.
Bomb 2: estrogen surge in the body
Accompanied by the popularity of SPA, breast oil more and more familiar with the beauty of women. Lin Lin’s total oil is dazzling. However, in the aroma behind the charming, essential oils is actually a high risk factor of cosmetics, not everyone is suitable.
Plant essential oils are known as “plant hormones,” which many of the essential oils of small molecular material structure similar to human hormones, after use can improve the body’s hormone levels, breast cancer and human endocrine disorders have a great relationship. Estrogen levels are the most important indicator of various endocrine factors, and a relatively elevated estrogen level increases the risk of developing breast cancer.
Our favorite: from a professional point of view, the occasional use of breast oil will not cause direct damage to the body, but long-term use of high doses will increase the level of estrogen in the body, affecting breast health. Medicine shows that women with menopause hormone replacement therapy also increases the risk of breast cancer.
Bomb three: single family, the Dingke crisis
Menarche early, late menopause is the most important risk factors for breast cancer. Menarche age less than 12 years old and older than 17 years of age, the relative risk of breast cancer increased by 2.2 times. Amenorrhea greater than 55 years of age than the age of 45 years of risk of breast cancer increased by 1 times. In addition, the risk of breast cancer in single women is twice as likely to be Cartier love ring replica married. Dingke and the first child fertility in the 30-year-old and other unfavorable factors will also affect the breast health.
“Bombing” tactics: some professional women forced by the pressure of the work or the pursuit of the success of the cause, long lived a single noble or Dingke life. Experts advise that babies have an important role in protecting breast health, breastfeeding helps prevent breast cancer.
Bomb 4: Bad mood to destroy breast health
Online often spread “often stay up all night to increase the risk of breast cancer,” experts pointed out that the induction of breast cancer with endocrine changes are closely related. Long-term high-pressure situation, the emotional tension, the body can not get enough rest, often stay up all night work, this series of lifestyle really on the human endocrine system caused great adverse effects.
Weapon: introverted, long-term mental depression, life is not an important factor leading to cancer. Urban young women face intense competitive pressures, the spirit of long-term stress in tension, leading to emotional instability, injustice. These mental factors combined with the work of bad life together to cause further harm to the breast. Experts suggest that the workplace women despite the great Replica Cartier love bracelet¬†pressure, but in time for their own psychological “loose.”