Maybe this will be a greeting between each big jewelry brands in the future

“Your jewelry insurance to buy enough?”
“Your staff conduct test pass?”
Maybe this will be a greeting between each big jewelry brands in the future.
In the first half of this year, the two largest jewelry manufacturer, Chopin and tiffany jewelry theft, and the preliminary determination is possible is internal staff.
On May 17th, during the French cannes film festival, cannes, a downtown hotel, there was a burglary case within a Chopin staff rented room safe be pry Cartier love bracelet replica away, safe to store brands for cooperation when star red carpet jewelry, worth about $1.4 million, but this value was later Chopin’s publicist denies. A police investigation found that the site is no signs of forced entry, nor use the magnetic card key records, therefore suspected thieves from connected to another room and stolen can enter the room into theft from within. In this way, it will make a great suspected of insider.
While the other jewelry brand tiffany thefts are basic evidence. Ingrid, vice President of brand product development before Lederhaas – using Okun right service to – do activities, show to the customer, such as time, will be about 165 pieces of jewelry brand quietly as his own, the FBI thinks her this behavior from November 2015 to February 2016,
On July 2, 2013, Tiffany’s former executives, 46, Ingrid Lederhaas – Okun was arrested, she was accused of Cartier love ring replica using convenient functions and powers, stealing a Tiffany $1.3 million worth of jewellery.
Since tiffany regulations only investigation on unit price more than $25000 of goods, and Ingrid Lederhaas – Okun leaving less than $10000 of goods each time, her behavior so hasn’t been surfaced.
According to relevant personage, the stolen jewelry and sell it easily do not say New York Manhattan greatly small shop, even if is the famous auction house Christie’s and sotheby’s will not have too much request for the consignment to clients, sometimes they will let the customer to show the residential address of the rich area, sometimes even this may not have to. More:
Level is more sophisticated jewelry will be big discharge eight pieces, sold a single diamonds, precious metals melt redo. As a result, it is hard to see how the absolute professional catch in it somewhere. Is silver jewelry, move, roll.
However, for a jeweler, this also is not entirely bad news, the co-chairman of Chopin ms Caroline’s idea is very creative: “this is a very good pr events, we have bought jewelry enough insurance, there is nothing to nervous.”