Mother has a ring, although the appearance is not very attractive

Mother has a ring, although the appearance is not very attractive, the style is not popular, the material is not rare Cartier love bracelet replica diamonds, but she regarded it as a unique baby in the world, carefully with the collection.
The ring on the mother’s room closet in a small drawer, wooden box, placed bright red velvet, velvet wrapped ring, because my mother often out of the ring to remember and wipe, so the ring is always spotless. Ring is made of gold, ring surface has a small pearl, no bright color, and the ring itself is not very round, plus a lot of scratches, so that the whole ring looks old and old, no From the eye. But whenever her mother opened the wooden box, always pick up the Cartier love ring replica gently stroked the ring for her mother, it seems that there are many unforgettable memories.
I asked my mother why the soft spot for this ring, my mother said her mother ‘s ring ring to her. Mother is the grandmother’s youngest granddaughter, grew up with his grandmother, Zusun Liang has deep feelings, the ring was originally worn on the grandmother’s hand, whenever her grandmother to coax the mother to sleep, in addition to singing, the mother always play Grandmother’s ring before falling asleep. Grandmother often said to her mother: “Do not play, and quickly sleep, so you grow up, the ring will give you.” When my mother was 20 years old, grandmother really gave the imitation cartier love bracelet to the mother, If the marriage is not smooth, you sell the ring, you can emergency. “The following year, my grandmother died of illness.
Although the ring is very common, but the significance of her mother. When her mother looked at the ring, always think of a child with her grandmother around the happy time, the ring is full of deep love and blessings, her mother said she will always collect the ring, and like her grandmother, spread the blessing Go on.