Olivine stone is more brittle, such as sudden heat will be broken

In addition, to see the transparency of the beads, the surface lines, with or without cracks, but also the difference between pearls or Cartier love bracelet replica beads. Mica is thicker pearl, some of the beads are artificial grinding round rather than natural generation, but also pay attention to distinguish. Pearl string of holes can not be too much, otherwise affect the life of beads.
Pearl jewelry generally wear for decades will lose the original color and value, a hundred years to complete life. Therefore, if you have pearl jewelry should be generously worn to wear. Pearls can get the body of micro-acid sweat stimulation, you can slow down the loss of water within the beads. But often wear to pay attention to maintenance.
1, wear, should always use a clean soft cloth wiped, in addition to sticky dust, dirt. This is because the pearl resistance to acid and alkaline resistance is weak, can not withstand the erosion of sweat.
2, pearl necklace should not be placed in the sun exposure, and can not be perfume, grease and strong acid and alkali and other chemical substances contact to prevent loss of pearls, fade.
3, do not wear, you should first use weak alkaline substances soap and water wash about, with water fully cleared, and then clean the soft cloth wipe, dry on the velvet box, placed in the sun, moisture preservation The
Six, olivine maintenance
Olivine stone is more brittle, such as sudden heat will be broken, toughness is also relatively poor, if the packaging is not good, then the collision during transport, there will be broken. In the processing of jewelry, be careful not to work under the torch. In addition, olivine is also afraid of Cartier love ring replica acid corrosion. Be careful to operate gently when changing stones. An experienced worker, in the processing of olivine jewelry, he first carefully to remove the stone from the fetus and then work.
Olivine can not be put into the acid to clean, in the solution of certain chemicals, will damage its surface, and then heated, it will lead to the destruction of the entire stone. The best way to purge olivine is to brush it with soap and gently in soap with soap and water. Steaming olivine, is not a good way, olivine is not suitable for cleaning into the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Olivine prone to scratches, bulk stone should be a separate package of each bag, such as into a piece, it is inevitable collision problems
Seven, 925 silver jewelry maintenance
Generally sold in the market are pure silver jewelry 925 silver, rather than 999 sterling silver, because 925 silver is to add other metals into the alloy of silver, such 925 silver in the international community has also been recognized as sterling silver, its proportion For 7.5% of the alloy and 92.5% of the silver, so that sterling silver forged jewelry is more solid and less wear and deformation, the real 999 sterling silver is very soft as pure gold, add the sterling silver to do Of the jewelry will take into account the durability, and will not wear a few days on the deformation and surface wear too much and need constant polishing.
How to maintain sterling silver jewelry?
Will lead to the oxidation of silver is the biggest reason is the oxygen in the air, so the air is the best way to maintain, for example, silver will be placed in a sealed plastic bag and then into the jewelry box, blocking the air and silver contact,
When the silver oxidation can be used to wash silver or rub silver cloth to polish silver, but wash the silver water lethal strong, so not to resort to wipe like silver cloth can be wiped as possible, such as the use of Replica Cartier jewelry washed silver water to wash immediately after Pick up the flush and soft rub, and the surface of the chemical clean, and with a hair dryer or dry water in the water will accelerate the oxidation of silver Oh!
In addition, soak in 90 degrees of alcohol for 12 hours, after wiping it dry; or toothpaste squeezed in the dry cloth on the direct wipe, the effect is also very good.
Eight, crystal maintenance