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Product family MASTER CONTROL series Q1548420 watch

Watch development has been tabulated to give a lot of features, such as the moon phase, calendar, three asked the news time, but there are still some watch the opposite, all the complex features are thrown, and even the indicators are reduced to When used only, points the pointer. However, such a streamlined watch and no loss of charm, but there are “Avenue to Jane” beauty. Today’s watch home for everyone to bring this three design compact watch.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5157 Series 5157BB / 11 / 9V6 watch
Watch Comments: This simple design Cartier love bracelet replica is Breguet classic series, watch to 18k white gold to create a diameter of 38 mm, 5.4 mm thick round case, case and dial to Breguet traditional decoration, Not only beautiful and fully reflect the Breguet watch the height of the grasp. The watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement to streamline the central time-division pointer and the Roman numerals to indicate the time, covering the sapphire crystal glass table, the bottom of the table for the back surface. Watch silver case with black crocodile belt with classic and elegant. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY series 81180 / 000R-9159 watch
Watch Comments: This Vacheron Constantin watch shape simple, minimal style, elegant colors, it is exciting. Watch to 18k rose gold to create a diameter of 40 mm, 6.79 mm thick round case, equipped with power reserve 40 hours of excellent quality manual mechanical movement. Watch silver gray dial on the use of simple style scale and pointer, covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Wrist watch Elegant, mature dark brown alligator strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Jaeger-LeCoultre MASTER ULTRA THIN Ultra-thin master series watch series Q1332511 watch
Watch Comments: This watch simple and generous, giving a sense of mature and stable. Watch to 18k rose gold to create a diameter of 41 mm, 7.5 mm thick case, the case line masculine; watch internal performance stable and reliable automatic mechanical movement. In the egg yolk yellow dial, streamlined pointer and time scale pavilions. Wrist watch style retro dark brown crocodile leather strap, the use of needle clasp. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters.

Summary: These three in addition to indicating the time and no other complex features, or even abandon the Smart rotation of the second hand Cartier love ring replica, staring at the watch, there is a time stagnation illusion. These three watches were from three long history and superb watchmaking process of the top watch brand to create, this streamlined charm, fully embodies the three watch brands on the watchmaking process of accurate grasp, people heart.
Watch is to enhance the charm of men is an important means, it can be said that the most important ornaments, as a petty bourgeoisie must have a suitable for their own watch, can not spend time at work on the results but lost to the time, Today, watch home for everyone to recommend three wild watch, to enhance your charm index.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00441 watch
Watch Comments: With the Panerai Sea is concerned about the heat of the straight up, its unique shape and design have become the focus of everyone hot. And even some people say that play is playing personality. This watch is equipped with Panerai P.9001 self-winding movement, is still 44 mm large table diameter, ceramic case, while this section is still 9 o’clock position set small seconds function, the central second time zone Pointer design greatly enhance its practical performance.

Product family MASTER CONTROL series Q1548420 watch
Watch Comments: As a men’s watch, its table diameter of 39 mm, moderate size, suitable for most people’s wrist. Its case is round, made of stainless steel material, the lines look very smooth, people feel the metallic metal emitted by the metallic luster as if the same flow. Its dial color is silver-gray, through the sapphire crystal glass looked, giving a feeling of pure atmosphere. In addition to the dial on the dial and time scale, only the product of the brand LOGO and date display window embellishment, so the dial space gives the feeling is very open, and its classic features in this open and simple to show The most vividly.

IUCTS CHRONOGRAPH chronograph series IW377701 watch
Watch Comments: This black man of the watchmaking case is a strong and lightweight high-tech ceramic production, operating equipment and the end of the table to dumb gray titanium metal manufacturing, black Cartier nail bracelet replica dial with luminous coating. The soft iron inner shell shoulder the responsibility of anti-magnetic, with zirconia powder and curing agent fired, with anti-magnetic, anti-acid, not afraid of the impact of the characteristics. I believe that such a full performance and design sense of gas leaky watch will become the first choice for flying sports.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend these three watches are considered a better match with the table, the price is also within one hundred thousand. Since it is recommended to the petty bourgeoisie can not be the big bourgeoisie as the representative of the recommendation. These watches have their own characteristics, but also enjoy the representative of life, with unspeakable relaxation, leisure smell in the inside.


Watch case strap material for a variety of such as tungsten titanium alloy

Dammarson (DAMSON) began in the First World War. In 1933, founder Charles and Fader formally established the Damson branded watch sales company in Maidstone, which spent 10 years extending the sales of Damson watches to most cities in the south of England and the northern part of the city.
Dumasen DAMSON watch introduction
In 1967, the world’s first quartz Cartier love bracelet replica surface! Usually love the car and often go to Northampton Silverstone track watch racing game John ~ Winderham was inspired to decide the quartz watch technology as a major technology of Damson watches, And the use of accurate, low price advantage to sponsor some F1 drivers. In 1972, Damson successfully sponsored some of the F1 drivers, and in the game to take a good result and ranking.
How is Damascus watches?
Dumasen watches adhering to the “good at time, loyal to the dream” design concept, financial technology in life, Hui dream in the boutique; blend of extreme sports passion, racing speed, business luxury and the atmosphere and other elements. Taking into account the taste of fashion life and fun, the introduction of sports, business casual, fashion couple series of watch products.
Damascus watches maintenance
Case and strap:
Watch case strap material for a variety of, such as tungsten titanium alloy, high-tech ceramics, stainless steel, soft fiber, ordinary steel, etc., wear to avoid with the same or more hardness of special friction, Regular cleaning of case straps
It is also necessary, another sea water, salt water bath, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish and some chemicals containing chemicals such as gold-plated gold surface and metal surface have a certain corrosion, should avoid contact.
Table mirror:
Watch table mirror can be divided into synthetic Cartier love ring replica crystal glue, mineral glass, sapphire crystal glass. Synthetic crystal rubber wear a little less easy to scratch, but the impact of strong; sapphire crystal glass engage in wear and tear, but the material is more brittle and violent impact; mineral glass between the two. Even anti-wear sapphire crystal glass should also pay attention to diamonds, grinding stone, sandpaper, nail file, flower net stone, concrete walls and other impurities contained in order to avoid scratching its surface.
DKNY watch is the United States fashion watch brand. Founder Donna Karan (Donna Karan), DKNY is actually the designer Donna Karen’s second-tier brand “Donna Karan New York (New York Donald Carran)” short. Also translated for Don Kona children.
DKNY what brand watches, how much money?
Donna Karan, the famous American fashion designer, New York Donald Carran and DKNY clothing brand founder. She is a look of peace, appearance is not surprising woman, in order to make its dress kingdom to diversification, in 1984 and her husband together to create their own company, launched a series of unique products: dkny, dknyclassic, dknaactive, dknyjeans , The New York brought together a different culture and its unique atmosphere of life made a new interpretation.
Its glasses are trendy, exquisite, beyond the time and space of the classic body, the cold metal, chic plastic, black-based ergonomic sports body, as she designed clothing as deeply attracted to the public. Each one is a thorough expression of life, highlighting the personality and taste. Neat lines are DKNY sunglasses series of core ideas, plastic changes caused by color reconciliation, hybrid materials is DKNY preference.
How about DKNY watches
DKNY watches are fashionable table, the movement mostly quartz-based. Exquisite appearance, vibrant vitality. Loved by young fashion men and women. The watch brand is a mid-range table, the price of two or three thousand dollars.
DW watches are Daniel Wellington (Daniel Wellington) watches in English abbreviation. DW is a watch brand from Sweden, is headquartered in the southeastern city of Uppsala (Uppsala). Colorful nylon strap, thin body, clean dial to create a DW watch the quality of the book tastes, so many people upset fashion.
DW watch brand introduction, DW is good, how much money?
In recent years, the global fashion circle set off a wave of gentleman watches. In foreign countries, it is known as the world’s hottest watch brand, Facebook and Twitter have a great fan base, the world’s major sites everywhere can see its trace, development so far, Daniel Wellington has become All the fashion people up to enhance the style of the new watch.
How does DW watch?
Daniel Wellington Elegant Daniel Wellington has been dedicated to the Scandinavian style of the full display to the design, advocate to maintain the product simple style, with simple lines to show superb craftsmanship, so that the design itself to speak. The most critical thing is to do both to maintain the exquisite design of the product and can really meet the core theme of Scandinavia – modernism and functionalism.
DW watch features
And solemn luxury traditional watch is different Cartier nail bracelet replica, DanielWellington to leisure to solemn, simple for luxury. FilipTysander in the design of the first only use multi-color NATO nylon strap designed a series of men and women watches, after several changes and adjustments, found that waterproof, durable wear nylon models not only give a thick college wind , And show a gentleman style, gradually, a series of red and white blue and other classic color of the nylon band with a brand of this brand of a sign. In the world will wear fashion uncle NickWooster after wearing, it is to become the new darling of the fashion industry.
Retro, England is nowadays popular, but because it is often interpreted as fancy, complicated and become counterproductive. But DanielWellington only in the color of the dial on the effort, in addition to nylon strap only launched leather strap.
Color striped nylon strap, let DanielWellington be marked with a distinctive Preppy style. (Prewar usually refers to the upper classes in the United States, the private high school adolescents), and the use of NATO band (NATO belt is originated in the British Navy watch belt, in order to prevent the metal bracelet rust, they are Usually made of strong nylon cloth strap) for the strap, “College + leisure retro” simple and exquisite appearance, full of small fresh Fan children, forming a strong British style.
With the continuous development of Daniel Wellington, its temperament continues to sublimate and form a sign that is completely different from other watches. Now, whether it is nylon or new leather strap models, are accompanied by a thick college style and never-ending minimalist design.
When thinking about dials that match nylon straps, FilipTysander thinks it is clear and tedious and does not harbor the DanielWellington’s exquisite atmosphere. So the final appearance of the DanielWellington dial large and chaotic characteristics, in addition to the traditional display time, the whole surface is no extra modification, but from the pointer, the internal parts to the crown are scrutiny.
DW how much money the watch
DW watch is a fashion watch brand, mainly to quartz watch. Movement using Swiss quartz movement. The basic price of 1300 yuan – 3,000 yuan or so.


Mechanical watch is good or quartz watch good? Mechanical watch and quartz watch which is good

Mechanical watch is good or quartz watch good? Mechanical watch and quartz watch which is good
Mechanical watch is good or quartz watch good? This issue we argue for a long time, so far there is no conclusion. Generally think that mechanical watches on the grade, a lot of Swiss brands do not have a quartz watch, as to that better, no way to speak, because the mechanical watches and quartz watches have their own strengths, also have their own short. Next, we first look at the mechanical watch and quartz watch, and their respective characteristics.
Mechanical watch:
A common mechanical watch movement for the 90 to 100 parts, more functional movement has 1400 parts, mechanical watch energy is a curly spring piece Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica winding, the winding of the energy stored in the table to work To achieve the purpose of timing. Mechanical watch can be divided into manual mechanical watch and automatic mechanical watch two:
(1) manual mechanical watch: hand movement, turn the crown, the movement of the spring will be the energy release and promote the watch to run.
(2) automatic mechanical watch: the power of the self-winding movement is to rely on the movement of the flying power to promote the generation, when wearing a wrist arm swing will lead to flying Tuo rotation, while driving the watch winding for the watch chain. The same time as
Mechanical watch features:
(1) mechanical watch travel time with the quartz watch, mechanical watch second hand is continuous uninterrupted walk.
(2) due to mechanical watch movement complex, travel time error (depending on the brand may be), the Observatory movement error is small, one day error in -4 / +6 seconds normal. Mechanical watch travel error can not be accumulated, the watch over a period of time to debug
(3) fine craftsmanship, easy to use, on the foot winding can go more than 36 hours.
(4) movement long life.
(5) the appearance of some thicker than the quartz watch (depending on the brand may be), there are some brands are thin, but are generally manual mechanical watch.
digital watch
Can be divided into digital quartz electronic watches, pointer quartz electronic watches and automatic quartz watch and light energy watch
1. Digital quartz electronic watch: quartz crystal piezoelectric effect and the combination of diode-type LCD watch, its function is completely completed by the electronic components.
2. Pointer quartz watch: quartz watch the energy from the silver oxide button cell, silver oxide Cartier love bracelet replica button cell to the integrated circuit to provide a specific voltage, through which the oscillation circuit and quartz resonator to start the quartz oscillator, the formation of oscillation circuit source The From the oscillation circuit output frequency of 32768 Hz electrical signal into the frequency after the circuit through the 16-level frequency generated 0.5Hz pulse signal, and then through the narrow pulse circuit output pulse signal into the drive circuit to enlarge, and the formation of alternating changes Of the two-way pulse signal, which drives the stepper motor for intermittent rotation, and further drive the transmission wheel, so that the needle to accurately display the time.
Battery —– provide energy to ensure that the circuit is working properly.
Circuit part —– to provide frequency and power stability of the electrical pulse, to promote the stepper motor rotation.
X stepper motor —– the electronic part of the output power into mechanical energy.
Transmission wheel train —– the motor to the output of the mechanical energy can be transferred to the second round, round, wheel, dial round.
The needle body —– drive the pointer to turn the time.
Dial set —– adjustment time and calendar, week calendar, also has a second function.
Quartz table features:
(1) quartz watch when the second hand is a cell jump, travel time is very accurate, generally require months within 15 seconds, there are three and two needle two.
(2) movement using integrated circuits, the structure is much simpler than the mechanical watch movement, the assembly is very simple.
(3) easy to use, no need to wear on the winding, a battery is generally available 2-3 years. But some quartz watch with lithium battery, long life, available 7-8 years or so.
(18k gold or diamonds or precious metals), the design is excellent, resulting in some quartz (4) Quartz table price relative to the mechanical table cheap (with the same style), but some high-end brand quartz watch is expensive because the brand is good, the appearance of good material (18k gold or diamonds or precious metals), The table is much higher than the average mechanical watch value.
3. Automatic quartz watch: set automatic mechanical watch and quartz watch in one. It does not need the battery, the wearer can choose manual winding, can also choose to automatically charge. Its electronic quartz device to make it more accurate travel time, the degree of error per month to reach less than ten seconds. It is the principle of operation is the use of arm swing to promote the table inside the fly and turn to produce www.ourlovestores.com energy to promote the internal micro-motor into energy, so as to provide sufficient power for the quartz device within the table, and the excess power will be stored in the micro-capacitor backup The When the watch is fully charged when the continuous operation of more than nine days, and no need to wear wrist watch on the wrist. At present, the Swiss Tissot table and the Japanese Seiko table are more famous automatic quartz watch.
4. Light energy watch works: first through the solar energy will be converted into light energy, and the energy stored in the recyclable titanium lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and then by the battery power generated by the integrated circuit to generate pulse signal to the coil and Generating a magnetically driven stepper motor, converted from electrical energy into kinetic energy, pushing the gear to rotate and driving the pointer to indicate the time, after the power is covered, the darkness can be run for about 40-180 days, and the battery life is 10 years.
Mechanical watch is good or quartz watch is good
1, the accuracy: quartz watch timing accuracy than the mechanical table about 100 times higher, the quartz table daily error of 0.5 seconds or less, the mechanical table daily error of about 45 seconds, and with the temperature changes, sometimes sometimes sometimes slow some.
2, maintenance: quartz watch without winding, two years for a battery, usually do not have to maintain, mechanical watches every day to the winding, once forgot to stop the time, more trouble, and mechanical time when the time It is difficult to align the second hand, quartz watch can be very convenient to stop the second hand;
3, the weight: quartz watch can be used to do the movement of plastic and gear, can be done very thin very light and very small, and mechanical watches must be used to do the movement of metal, and its complex mechanism is difficult to miniaturization, Heavy;
4, the price: mechanical watch work is very important, low volume production capacity, so the price is very expensive, at least 100 yuan or more, and the quartz watch plastic movement is easy to process, the circuit board can also mass production, So the price is lower, the ordinary quartz watch only 2,30 yuan can buy;
5, cultural taste: This is the proud of the advantages of mechanical watches, a well-made mechanical watch, you can make people pleasing to the eye, to enhance the taste of the owner, to bring a noble honor;
6, life: mechanical watch depends on its metal movement, you can even for your descendants and grandchildren loyal service for centuries, many people as a family of things; and quartz watch on the circuit and plastic movement Of the reasons, its life can be 10 years is good, many are 5 years on the wear and tear, let alone Chuanjia;
7. Design: general mechanical style is not so fashionable, the design of the quartz will be more diversified. Mechanical watch by the internal structure of the impact of the style is often not rich quartz watch, and the new release time is also very long, compared to the quartz watch design is more abundant.
In summary, if the pursuit of convenient and practical, then buy quartz watch, if it is to give to others or to set off their noble identity, then choose a well-made mechanical watch. Mechanical watches and quartz watches have their own advantages, how to choose from vary from person to person.


Their correct decision is pushout Cartier love bracelet and Cartier love ring

Louis take over Cartier jewelry store from his master Adolf peel,and get Adolf peel’s support and advice in Cartier’s process of development.
Louis’s  perpetual friend Aristide,ck aslo give he many great support.Aristide,ck help Louis disentangle the knack of doing business,meanwhile,Louis learn many experience from Aristide,Ck’s newfangled thoughts and commercial routes,efforts to diversify their products,there are not many innovations.Of course,some sales figure.
And in 1870,in Cartier due to a French political haze and pointed out the direction of closing to Louis afellay,let the his son Louis Cartier,venture on business to London.In fact,Aristide,Ck’s decision is correct.
Their correct decision is pushout Cartier love bracelet and Cartier love ring, three choice for each model,yellow gold,white gold and pink gold.You can buy cartier love bracelet replica if not enough money to afford original one,best online exquisite eshop is http://www.ourlovestore.com


She also boarded the world fashion magazine “Vogue” cover

She also boarded the world fashion magazine “Vogue” cover, for people to pass fashion information. In many public occasions, in addition to her hold the dignified evening dress or suit, but also can easily show casual fashion with, of course, this also rely on jewelry accessories for the first lady’s fashion equipment icing on the cake.
Michelle – Obama in the jewelry selection is more bold, the favorite is a large string of drape necklace, and suit or evening dress with can quickly enhance the fashion sense. In addition, Michelle also particularly like the bracelet layers stacked to wear, to the original dress to add a lot of fun and personality.
Four fashion week Gang Gang ended, when your mind is still recalled the latest quarter of a single product, I wonder if you have noticed the proportion of jewelry accessories in the show is increasing year by year. Looking at the high set of Cartier love ring replica fashion week and 2017 spring and summer T station, there have been many people make a bright jewelry accessories works: 2014 spring and summer Fendi hair ball brooch, Manish Arora full of Indian wind exaggerated jewelry, in the capability to integrate into the Every piece of clothing.
Amrapali and Manish Arora cooperation let us enjoy an exotic revolution, Amrapali is very popular with Indian noble celebrities popular traditional jewelry brand, and Manish Arora is well-known Indian clothing brand, originally thought that the combination of the two should be behave in India Wind, but the two brands have broken through the fixed frame, for us to show a very Indian but yet charm.
Jewelry designer Luigi Scialunga in this season’s high show show field together Giambattista Valli brought a full of air-like jewelry, light swaying skirt with seemingly soft fabric is actually jewelry jewelry works, no sense of violation.
Azza Fahmy designed a series of star necklaces for Matthew Williamson, and the irregular star shapes were stacked together to show a gorgeous gorgeous sense of beauty and clothing.
Fendi hair ball accessories should be the most Cartier love bracelet replica recent ramming one of the fashionable single product, soft and luxurious feathers decorated with jewelry, luxurious sense but not too grand.


Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
Swarovski crystal jewelry is divided into the counter section and element models, commodity details marked “counter” is the counter section, the rest is the element section.
Element: the use of Austrian SWAROVSKI original crystal Cartier love bracelet replica, produced by a professional technician made. This kind of jewelry luxury as precious as precious stones, and the equivalent of the quality of the Cartier love bracelet replica counter but the price is much cheaper, loved by everyone.
Difference: counter is the Austrian SWAROVSKI original complete all the crystal cutting and accessories assembly process, by the official counter to provide after-sales service, expensive. Element is SWAROVSKI original production of cutting a good crystal, as the world’s jewelry manufacturers creative material, design and assembly of finished products and provide after-sales service, the price is much cheaper. In short, SWAROVSKI original production of finished jewelry is the counter models, other manufacturers use SWAROVSKI crystal production of finished jewelry is the element section.
Keywords: Swarovski Cartier love ring replica Crystal, Swarovski Elements, Ornament, Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
Beauty to share
B1954 Swarovski Elements Bracelet Silver Pearl Rainbow Crystal Bracelet (Deep Purple)
B1872 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Love Ripples Crystal Bracelet (Lavender)
B1027 Austrian Shihua bracelet 5040 Transporter beads Colorful beaded crystal bracelet (colorful)
B1790 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Plum Blossom Crystal Bracelet
B0986 Swarovski Elements Bracelet Multi-cut ball beautiful beaded Crystal bracelet (gold champagne)
B0904 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Dream Lake Water Blue Beaded Crystal Bracelet
B0863 Austrian Shihua bracelet Smurfs beaded crystal bracelet
B0822 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet matched you my heart crystal bracelet
B0781 Swarovski element bracelet source water blue variety crystal bracelet
B1977 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Iloo Crystal Bracelet (Color White)
B1895 Austrian Shihua bracelet love ripples crystal bracelet (purple pastel)
B1813 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet with Water Drop Crystal Bracelet
B1056 Swarovski element bracelet dream round leaf beaded crystal bracelet (gold champagne)
B2166 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Multicolored Crystal Bracelet
B2255 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Pink Red Crystal Bracelet
B2314 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Painted Bead Soft Crystal Bracelet
B1161 Swarovski Elements Bracelet Magic Love Beaded Crystal Bracelet (Golden Champagne)
B2182 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Bright Crystal Bracelet (Violet)
B2136 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Wild Crystal Bracelet (Orange)
B2000 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Flower Crystal Bracelet (Money)
B1918 Swarovski Elements Bracelet Green Delicate Crystal Bracelet
B1836 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Cupid Hulu Crystal Bracelet
B1009 Austrian Shihua bracelet Sparkling beaded crystal bracelet
B0968 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet 12mm Dream Fuxing Big Pearl Crystal Bracelet (Silver Champagne)
B0927 Swarovski Element Bracelet Dream Alice Beaded Crystal Bracelet (Purple)
B0886 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Purple Elite Beaded Crystal Bracelet
B0845 Austrian Shihua bracelet dream pink beaded crystal bracelet
B0763 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Artemis Moon Crystal Bracelet
B1941 Swarovski Element Bracelet Chain Butterfly Camouflage Crystal Bracelet
B1102 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Romantic and colorful crystal bracelet
B2205 Austrian Shihua bracelet Dina crystal bracelet
B2283 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Clover Crystal Bracelet (Olive Green)
B2261 Swarovski Elements Bracelet Eros Crystal Bracelet (Color White)
B2338 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Painted Pearl Bride Crystal Bracelet
B2133 Austrian Shihua bracelet singular Lingshi crystal bracelet (sea blue)
B2240 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Wishing Star Rising Crystal Bracelet
B2222 Swarovski Elements Bracelet Touch Heart Crystal Bracelet (Light Tea)
B1125 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Variety Crystal Bracelet (Golden Champagne)
B1964 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Ben life red rope crystal bracelet (red magma)
B1882 Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Romantic Pink Amethyst Bracelet (6mm Beads / Sterling Silver Rose) From: www.ourlovestore.com


Handicraft industry overview handicraft industry introduction

Handicraft industry overview handicraft industry introduction
Stone crafts, plastic / Cartier love bracelet replica / shell / natural work
Handicraft industry product characteristics
Glass / crystal crafts
The processing of art glass is divided into three categories: integrated production, cold working and hot working. The main products of glass products are glass or crystal wine, crystal parts, ornaments, ashtrays, vases, glass Christmas gifts, glass fruit series, glass Series, glass animal series, glass candy series, glass bartender series, glass beads, glass candlestick and other crystal crafts. 
At present, most of our glass crafts in the art of low content, more materials, low added value. Some buyers need OEM agents in the OEM or re-processing, not only on the crystal, glass crafts shape and material innovation, but also on the supplier size and production capacity of the corresponding requirements.  
Resin Crafts
Home decorations, garden products, such as the production of production. 30 resin crafts, 80s of last century spread to China Taiwan, the last century 90 fat handicraft factory. $ 989 billion, Quanzhou accounted for about 60%. 2000 began planning new development, bold exploration and try. Cartier love ring replica
The amount has improved significantly.  
Ceramic crafts
· Polo had a detailed record of ceramic crafts. More than 100 countries and regions, the formation of traditional porcelain carvings, Western porcelain, porcelain and other household   
Wood carving handicraft design, production, technology has become increasingly mature, high-precision laser engraving, to help more enterprises to enter this threshold, but also extends the more whimsy crafts, traditional national flavor strong wood carving by foreign Buyers of the favor, in recent years, demand has been growing trend. Stylish root carving, graceful high-end Buddha carving, special wood cups, wooden key ring and so are the hot products of concern.  
Bamboo crafts
Bamboo handicrafts in recent years, the rise of its simple and elegant style, unique, mainly using bamboo carbonization process, the side pressure, gluing, sanding, painting and other multi-channel process, bamboo natural texture clear, with a strong artistic shock force. Bamboo handicrafts mainly include bamboo vase, bamboo craft plate, color bamboo plate baked, bamboo screen, bamboo arch, magazine rack,
Pet cage, vines, flower sets and so on.From www.ourlovestore.com


To the market, nearly a hundred exhibition categories of thousands of varieties

August 28 morning, “the first Shandong home & refined life supplies large-scale trade fairs and the first rural handicrafts Fair” in Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center opened, our school Pan Lu Sheng attended the opening ceremony and accompanied by the Provincial Standing Committee, deputy Governor Wang Junmin and other relevant leaders visited the rural handicrafts exhibition.
The exhibition is organized by the Cartier love bracelet replica Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Shandong Province, light industry collective enterprises affiliated furniture, arts and crafts, hardware, weighing, leather, plastic, home appliances and decoration of the eight associations of the province’s first ” Big home “as the theme of the professional consumer home show. The exhibition held on the one hand for the majority of enterprises and consumers to build a new “transaction, docking, display, shopping” platform. Fairs will be a total of 406 booths, exhibitors 172, display categories include furniture, arts and crafts, home appliances, leather, decoration, clothing and other light industry nine industrial products categories.
“The first rural handicrafts Fair” held in the same period, the first time the overall exhibition of key areas of Shandong Province and key enterprises of the characteristics of products. Which has from the “Chinese willow capital” Linshu willow products; “Chinese arts and crafts town” Xiajin silk flower, candles and toys; Liaocheng carved gourd, beef tendon belt; Qingdao hat industry base of the process cap; Zibo engraved Porcelain and interior painting; Weifang kite and New Year paintings; Tancheng Chinese knot and Wu City carpet; and the public carving, lighting, straw painting, Lu embroidery on behalf of business products, the province of rural handicrafts show most vividly; The exhibition also attracted Yixing Zisha, Guangdong jade products group exhibitors. In particular, the exhibition invited the master of art Cartier love ring replica and crafts in Shandong Province exhibition, called the arts and crafts industry carnival, for the vast number of consumers to create a “one-stop” home shopping platform. Unique “Shandong rural handicrafts” to the whole society to promote the rural handicraft industry in Guangdong Province and light industry development results, will also be through the show
To the market, nearly a hundred exhibition categories of thousands of varieties, for the vast number of consumers to show a “big home” brilliant picture, leading the vast number of consumers together to enjoy the boutique home, taste fashion life.
Wang Junmin, vice governor of the visit pointed out that the province’s rural traditional handicrafts many, through the “leading enterprises + base + farmers” model to speed up the industrialization, is conducive to coping with the crisis to maintain growth, is conducive to farmers to increase income, To protect the development of traditional cultural skills, is conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection. All levels of government and relevant departments should conscientiously implement the province of arts and crafts to adjust the revitalization of guidance, to further accelerate the development of rural handicraft industry. To develop a development plan, focus on cultivating a number of leading enterprises, a large number of industrial clusters, consolidate a number of agricultural breeding standard base, building a number of service platform, and strive to enhance the overall scale and quality level.
Pan Lu Sheng long long-term concern about the sustainable development of rural cultural industry, he presided over the national propaganda and culture system “four groups” of personnel training project funded project “craft rural – Shandong rural cultural industry survey report” was published last year, And aroused the community on the rural cultural industry rich peasants and farmers of the widespread concern. Shandong is a large agricultural province, farmers through the craft in the harvest of material wealth at the same time, but also in the ordinary crops play unlimited creativity. In the market economy conditions, these rural handicrafts become widely welcomed by urban and rural residents of daily necessities, and let the producers Replica Cartier jewelry enjoy the creative return.
The new beads of satin bag people put it down, exquisite embroidery people tut praise, Xiuya artwork people linger … … in the Workers’ Cultural Palace held in Xingtai City, the first laid-off women’s handicrafts exhibition, exquisite handicrafts attracted hundreds Famous brigade to visit.


Olivine stone is more brittle, such as sudden heat will be broken

In addition, to see the transparency of the beads, the surface lines, with or without cracks, but also the difference between pearls or Cartier love bracelet replica beads. Mica is thicker pearl, some of the beads are artificial grinding round rather than natural generation, but also pay attention to distinguish. Pearl string of holes can not be too much, otherwise affect the life of beads.
Pearl jewelry generally wear for decades will lose the original color and value, a hundred years to complete life. Therefore, if you have pearl jewelry should be generously worn to wear. Pearls can get the body of micro-acid sweat stimulation, you can slow down the loss of water within the beads. But often wear to pay attention to maintenance.
1, wear, should always use a clean soft cloth wiped, in addition to sticky dust, dirt. This is because the pearl resistance to acid and alkaline resistance is weak, can not withstand the erosion of sweat.
2, pearl necklace should not be placed in the sun exposure, and can not be perfume, grease and strong acid and alkali and other chemical substances contact to prevent loss of pearls, fade.
3, do not wear, you should first use weak alkaline substances soap and water wash about, with water fully cleared, and then clean the soft cloth wipe, dry on the velvet box, placed in the sun, moisture preservation The
Six, olivine maintenance
Olivine stone is more brittle, such as sudden heat will be broken, toughness is also relatively poor, if the packaging is not good, then the collision during transport, there will be broken. In the processing of jewelry, be careful not to work under the torch. In addition, olivine is also afraid of Cartier love ring replica acid corrosion. Be careful to operate gently when changing stones. An experienced worker, in the processing of olivine jewelry, he first carefully to remove the stone from the fetus and then work.
Olivine can not be put into the acid to clean, in the solution of certain chemicals, will damage its surface, and then heated, it will lead to the destruction of the entire stone. The best way to purge olivine is to brush it with soap and gently in soap with soap and water. Steaming olivine, is not a good way, olivine is not suitable for cleaning into the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Olivine prone to scratches, bulk stone should be a separate package of each bag, such as into a piece, it is inevitable collision problems
Seven, 925 silver jewelry maintenance
Generally sold in the market are pure silver jewelry 925 silver, rather than 999 sterling silver, because 925 silver is to add other metals into the alloy of silver, such 925 silver in the international community has also been recognized as sterling silver, its proportion For 7.5% of the alloy and 92.5% of the silver, so that sterling silver forged jewelry is more solid and less wear and deformation, the real 999 sterling silver is very soft as pure gold, add the sterling silver to do Of the jewelry will take into account the durability, and will not wear a few days on the deformation and surface wear too much and need constant polishing.
How to maintain sterling silver jewelry?
Will lead to the oxidation of silver is the biggest reason is the oxygen in the air, so the air is the best way to maintain, for example, silver will be placed in a sealed plastic bag and then into the jewelry box, blocking the air and silver contact,
When the silver oxidation can be used to wash silver or rub silver cloth to polish silver, but wash the silver water lethal strong, so not to resort to wipe like silver cloth can be wiped as possible, such as the use of Replica Cartier jewelry washed silver water to wash immediately after Pick up the flush and soft rub, and the surface of the chemical clean, and with a hair dryer or dry water in the water will accelerate the oxidation of silver Oh!
In addition, soak in 90 degrees of alcohol for 12 hours, after wiping it dry; or toothpaste squeezed in the dry cloth on the direct wipe, the effect is also very good.
Eight, crystal maintenance


Mother’s Day tradition originated in ancient Greece

We always give the best side of the stranger, ignoring the favorite you “she”. Mother ‘s Day, talk with my mother I love you.
Mother’s Day holiday origins
Mother’s Day tradition originated in ancient Greece. On the day of the eighth day of the month, the ancient Greeks went to the mother of the Greek gods Rhea, Cybele, Greek: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hera and Hesi Mother of the mother, so that the mother of the gods) to pay tribute. In ancient Rome, the scale of these activities became larger, celebrating the situation often Cartier love bracelet replica lasted for three days. Of course, the worship of goddesses in ancient times is only a superstition, it is with today’s respect for maternal is very different.
In the middle of the seventeenth century, the mother broke into England, and the British took the fourth Sunday of the feast as Mother’s Day. On this day, the young people who are going out will return home and bring some small gifts to their mothers.
Mother’s Day to teach the United States War Memorial Day course, talked about the story of the heroic story of the battle, she prayed, said: “I hope somewhere, some time, someone will create a Mother’s Day, to commemorate and praise the United States and The mother of the whole world. ”
Mrs. Chavez served her chapel for more than 25 years. When she died at the age of 72, 41-year-old daughter Anna was determined to create a Mother’s Day to fulfill her mother’s wish to pray many years ago. Anna has written to many prestigious people, asked them to support the establishment of Mother’s Day to carry forward the filial piety, the initial reaction to the cold, but she was not discouraged, continue to appeal to all walks of life. May 12, 1907, Andre Methodist Church should Anna was invited to hold a liturgy for the mothers. The following year, the ceremony was held in Philadelphia, with a warm response and finally with the support of Governor Victoria, and in 1910 announced the establishment of Mother’s Day in the state. In 1911, the celebration of Mother’s Day had been carried out very broadly, not only in every state of the Cartier love ring replica United States of America, but also in Canada, Mexico and some countries in South America began to celebrate the festival. The United States of America also sent leaflets for the promotion of Mother’s Day to 10 countries in different languages in order to expand their influence. Over the next few years, the celebration of Mother’s Day has been on the rise. In 1912, the United States of America established the Mother’s Day International Association. In May 1913, the House of Representatives of the United States of America unanimously adopted a resolution calling on the President and the Cabinet, the House of Representatives and all officials of the federal government to wear white carnation on Mother’s Day. In 1914, the Congress of the United States of America formally named May the second Sunday for Mother’s Day and asked the President to issue a declaration calling on government officials to flag all public buildings. Then, President Wilson told the nation that citizens were also hanging on their homes to express their love and respect for all the mothers of the United States of America. Since then, the President of the United States of Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica America has published a declaration of the same content every year. Since then, Mother’s Day has been carried out in various countries.