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Commander series watch production follows the Eiffel Tower a riveting assembly

Since its founding in 1775, Breguet has spared no effort in moving the craft of time forward. In appearance, Breguet watches, Breguet digital scale, hand-engraved dial and hidden signature and many other elements are very classic Cartier love bracelet replica and memorable. Today, the watch house brings you a “Secret de la Reine” watch from the finest jewelry collection.

In 1783, the painter Elisabeth Vigée-Le Brun drew a portrayal of Marie-Antoinette à la rose (queen and rose) for the French queen Marie Antoinette. Inspired by the famous rose in the Queen’s portrait, this watch is inspired by the traditional handcrafted craftsmanship from the south of Italy and embossed shells.

Handcrafted shell embossed flower ornament in 18k white gold
The round case is crafted in 18k white gold, handcrafted shell embossed with flowers and fixed by a rotating shaft that opens the display time. The case features 431 brilliant cut diamonds set in 18k white gold with 48 diamonds on the bezel. Dial 116 diamonds, equipped with Breguet Cal.586 self-winding movement.
Crown hidden under a diamond bow
Crown also made of platinum, in addition to the crown decorated with triangular grooves to enhance the feel of the chain, the top of the crown polished, engraved with Breguet brand Logo. Hidden in the watch iconic element – diamond bow under.

Black pleated strap

Black pleated strap, and the overall style is more with. With a platinum folding clasp, polished and clasp on the same paved with exquisite diamonds.

The size of the diamond evenly distributed

Case arranged side by side, the size of the diamond evenly distributed, exudes a bright light.

The 31.5 mm dial is gold-plated with silver

The 31.5mm dial is silver-plated Cartier love ring replica in gold with 116 brilliant cut diamonds on the dial and a white mother of pearl Breguet nameplate at 12 o’clock. Hour needle appearance are Breguet original, both slim and elegant features. Blue steel pointer exudes a faint blue light, blue steel is a metal surface treatment process, the steel parts heated to a certain temperature, after chemical cooling aqueous solution, saponification, the steel surface will be blue, elegant appearance.

Breguet Cal.586 self-winding mechanical movement
Bottom cover set with a sapphire crystal glass to build, sweeping exquisite movement. Movement Breguet Cal.586 self-winding mechanical movement, engraved with an independent number, 6¾ points, 29 rubies. Swiss lever escapement, silks hairspring. Vibration 3.0 Hz. Provide 38 hours of power reserve

Summary: Breguet’s fine jewelry watch series, inspired by the collection of royal flowers and patterns, paintings, as well as the Queen’s favorite dresses elegant cut, and through the excellence of jewelry crafts sublimation of these inspiration into an elegant wrist Charm, called the identity and a symbol of personal possessions. As the first choice of the European royal family for centuries, the design of shell reliefs and invisible dials continues the tradition of upper class ceremonies. If economic power permits, this is the right list to marry a loved one.

Paris, the romantic capital of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the world-famous. As a symbol of France, no matter which street you walk in Paris, looked up must see the spire of the Eiffel Tower. Its original intention was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution of 1889 and host the World Expo again to attract visitors to visit it.

The structure of the Eiffel Tower is intuitive and concise. At the bottom are four giant inclined column piers distributed on a 128m long base on each side, with an inclination of 54 degrees, linked by a first floor platform at a height of 57.63m. Between the first floor platform and the second floor platform at a height of 115.73m are four slightly curved posts. Re-up to four columns into almost vertical, stiffness of the Obelisk, at a height of 276.13m at the third floor platform. At a height of 300.65m is a tower platform with a TV antenna. Tower total weight of 10000t, to bear these weights is 4 sturdy straight down to the next holding force caisson foundation. It has experienced centuries of ups and downs, but after the overhaul of the early 80s of last century, style remains the same, standing firmly in the Seine, as the coordinates of time and space in general.

The famous Swiss watch brand Mido’s commander series are drawn from the Eiffel Tower. Born in 1959, the Swiss Mido commander series combines exquisite watchmaking techniques with traditional architecture. Commander series of circular case and steel materials, such as the tip of the tower to the base of the tower curve, smooth and agile, the delicate design between the dial also comes from the appearance of the Eiffel Tower, full of vitality. This design has undergone little major changes in the past half century since 1959, and has always insisted on the original classic.

Commander series watch production follows the Eiffel Tower a riveting assembly, trying to show the French romantic and elegant taste of art. This design also makes the commander series in the domestic attention in recent years, its smooth and romantic appearance and

This commander series M021.431.11.031.00 watch is a more popular one, is also a watch in the watch more popular a Mido watch. The appearance of smooth appearance, 40 mm 316L stainless steel case, such as fine workmanship, polished in place. 316L stainless steel is a stainless steel containing molybdenum, gloss from the appearance of good, beautiful. Because of its molybdenum makes it has a corrosion resistance, high temperature, creep resistance, not only beautiful and durable.

Dial design combines the Eiffel Tower structural system, simple and clean, smooth lines. Equipped with ETA Cal.2836-2 movement, is ETA Cal.2824-2 added on the basis of the week display movement. The movement has not changed the slightest, is still the thickness of 4.6 mm, diameter 25.6 mm, providing about 40 hours of power reserve. In addition to this silver dial models, there are black and gray watches also sought after by friends.

Women’s watches are the same design, reducing the size of the case to 33 mm or with mica dial and diamonds, even more delicate and delicate. The M014. watch on 316L stainless steel 33 mm case, the highlight is that with a mica dial and hour bit with diamond inlaid time scale, even more feminine side. Equipped with the same ETA Cal.2836-2 movement.

At this year’s Basel International Watch Fair, the commander launched a series of chronograph watch (M016.414.11.041.00), while ensuring the performance with the color is also very good-looking. This new series of commanders Cartier nail bracelet replica versatile chronograph fusion of movement and beauty, unique sporty yet elegant appearance with exquisite designs. 42.5 mm stainless steel round case outline such as the Eiffel Tower profile curve, unique blue dial on the red and white hands and the time mark more dazzling. Independent white Gauge Super-LumiNova® luminous treatment is more originality, the first half circle white outward, the second half inward, as echoes the Eiffel Tower upright attitude, tiny and clever design changes make the dial more elegant And personality.

Equipped with the Mido Caliber 60 movement (based on the ETA A05H31 automatic chronograph) provides up to 60 hours of power reserve, far beyond the standard version with 48 hours of power reserve. The clear-back design clearly shows the carefully crafted Geneva ripples and MIDO logo on the automatic pendulum, the beautifully detailed movement with the blue screw providing a strong impetus for precision travel.

Summary: For Mido said that the remarkable style of historic buildings handed down is the same as the design concept of their commander’s watch collection, Inspiration for Eternity. As the coordinates of space and time, the Eiffel Tower, just as in 1959, the Swiss Mido Watch Commander series, with its classic design eternal legend, write the legend.


All industries related to flower cultivation, conservation, decoration

First, the basis of topics
Flower industry has been hailed as “Chaoyang industry” with the national economic development and reform and opening up the deepening of people’s demand for flowers gradually increased, the flower industry from scratch, from weak to strong, and gradually grow and develop. In Beijing, for example, in 2010, Beijing registered in the Trade and Industry Bureau has a flower project Cartier love bracelet replica flower shop about 1500, more than 40 flower market, in addition to two or three professional wholesale market, the other are both zero, by average 60 stores per market calculation, the number of flower shop (stall) has been very impressive. But similar business content and marketing tools to make Beijing’s retail flowers still remain in the “price war” stage, many shopkeepers said, “in order to open a large flower shop in Beijing, the pressure is really great!” Visible traditional florist business content And marketing model but limited the further expansion of the flower industry and development.
All industries related to flower cultivation, conservation, decoration, transportation and trade belong to the flower industry. Flowers and related products include potted flowers, flower arrangement, bouquets, flowers, dried flowers, flower tea, flower pots, flower racks, flowers and so on, its content is rich. But the existing flower company, flower shop business content is relatively limited. We search for companies related to “flowers” on the Alibaba website, with only 3297 results, but only about 49% of the companies are professional gardening companies. More than half of the companies are floral elements, flower products, integrated companies such as textiles Companies, ceramic companies, home accessories company, and so on. Gardening companies, 217 are the main flower materials, such as flower pots, production Replica Cartier jewelry machines, nutrient soil, etc., the remaining enterprises, 50% of the main nursery stock wholesale, 33% of the main simulation flowers, about 24% of the company Camp wedding supplies, including the use of wedding content, the characteristics of flower products, a total of only 84 companies, less than 3%. Through the data analysis (with analysis), we can easily find that the current flower business is mainly two models: pure flowers and nursery stock wholesale and retail and rely on the wedding company’s main wedding flowers, and flower-related appliances and innovative, characteristic flower products The proportion of very small.
July 10, 2013, China’s thirteenth flower retail exchange will be officially kicked off in Guilin, Yunnan, the exchange will show the new ideas of flowers, marketing new ideas for delegates for the future development of chain stores have a new Planning and understanding, but also to more operators aware of the current situation, the flower retail industry want to have a better development, florist transformation and upgrading is imperative.
Based on this, the project focuses on the content of flower-related industries, with “innovation, characteristics” as the core, the main creative elements involved in flower elements, flowers and creative tools, give full play to the elements of flowers “art, beautiful, decorative” features, In the traditional form, and strive to integrate the elements of flowers into all aspects of people’s lives, so that flowers not only stay in the cultivation, greening, garden Cartier love ring replica gardening viewing point of view, let it become indispensable in people’s life decorations, , Let the flower element become a way of life.


Voice micro-baby with smart phones or other voice micro-baby products for voice interaction

Voice micro-baby with smart phones or other voice micro-baby products for voice interaction
Voice micro-baby home inside the cute doll display, just a touch, you can with the pre-set people to Cartier love bracelet replica communicate. Simple, easy to use, interesting, voice interaction is the characteristics of voice micro-baby.
Microwaves are a series of home networking products that can add to the fun of life. The use of cloud technology, home items and smart phones, SNS platform interaction, allowing users to experience a new intelligent life.
Micro-baby features low power consumption, and microwaves gateway wireless connection, and smart phone interaction, interesting and strong. Micro-use of Internet technology to achieve the product and the Internet (equipment) of the Cartier love ring replica exchange of information, simple operation, small and exquisite, beautiful and practical. Applicable to home, school, office and other Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica places.
Micro baby can
1. Speech interaction with a smartphone or other micro-baby product.
2. let you know the other half of the emotions.
3. tell you who like the update microblogging, log QQ
4. Monitor the electrical appliances at home.
5. add fun to your daily life.
Fun life, starting from the micro-baby!
Valentine ‘s Day gift
Andrews robot voice micro doll doll
Red Xoopar boy voice micro doll doll
Yellow Xoopar boy voice micro doll doll
Savage voice micro doll doll
Couple micro baby doll


Women’s Jackets wear skills

Women’s Jackets wear skills
With the outdoor sports more and more people of all ages, there are more girls joined the outdoor sports team. Women’s Jackets have become the object of choice Cartier love bracelet replica for many women. Many people bought a Jackets do not know how to match with the good, the following Xiaobian to support for everyone to move!
1, within the ride
If you like the trend of children, Jackets inside can take a t-shirt. Can be picked cotton material t-shirt, help to absorb sweat during exercise. This mix, whether it is outdoor sports or leisure travel, will be a bright spot for you to add a unique personality charm.
2, pants
Women’s jackets are relatively small sleeves, waist more self-cultivation, that wear pants more appropriate? You can match the version of the more relaxed pants, as the Jackets are more sports range children, so choose a version of the more relaxed casual trousers to wear together, so that both comfortable and easy mountain climbing. In addition, casual overalls or texture is relatively tough straight dark Cartier love ring replica jeans with bright colors of the Jackets will be very fashionable trendy.
3, shoes
Since we chose the Jackets, it means traveling or outdoor sports, so in the choice of shoes, should pay more attention to practicality and comfort, and can do this, of course, non-hiking shoes or footwear is none other than. Of course, if you want to make yourself more fashionable, casual some, you can also choose basketball shoes or shoes, is also a very good choice.
Above is some of the women with Jackets with the skills. As for the Jackets selection, you can consider Adidas new w wtaop j Jackets, it uses climaproof technology, providing ultra-high rain and windproof performance, both good ventilation, tailor-made for women, and with multiple colors, easy to wear Replica Cartier love bracelet, If you use the above techniques with the words that can look graceful, very fashionable.


unique mechanical aesthetic feeling

To reveal their charm men: the height of the top the tourbillon wristwatch
If you would like to ask what kind of table can reflect the charm of men’s, most that there is no doubt that when several contains the original wind power of mechanical watch, as to display the charm of mechanical to the height of the tourbillon, naturally became the any a man vision of the wrist. Mr Louis breguet Swiss watch masters in 1795 invented the clock speed regulating device not only overcome Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the mechanical watch because of gravity and gear grinding error, with superior skills impressed love table people for centuries, these a few the most representative of the tourbillon watch brands, let you see the tourbillon that unique mechanical aesthetic feeling.
Height of top the tourbillon watches if you would like to ask what kind of table can reflect the charm of men’s, most that there is no doubt that when several contains the original wind power of mechanical watch, as to display the charm of mechanical to the height of the tourbillon, naturally became the any a man of wrist.
Mr Louis breguet Swiss watch masters in 1795 invented the clock speed regulating device not only overcome the mechanical watch because of gravity and gear grinding error, with superior skills impressed love table people for centuries, these a few the most representative of the tourbillon watch brands, let you see the tourbillon that unique mechanical aesthetic feeling.
Treasure ji (Breguet) classic series B second hand the tourbillon wristwatch
The most traditional and common on the market imitation cartier love bracelet the tourbillon is treasure ji tuo flywheel type style, which is invented by master treasure ji tuo flywheel device. Gold watchcase, blue steel needle, Rome, scale, elegant embossing… All reveal the breguet born royal temperament. In the tourbillon watch list it absolutely be concise, B glyph “pluralism” is not only the small second hand, but also decorated with the tourbillon, classic and traditional, for “big picture” people wear.
Palmer Johnny (Parmigiani) Pershing tourbillon wristwatch
Parma Johnny cross-border cooperation with the famous Italian yacht brands of wrist watch prefer to a gentleman movement, this hollow out of the tourbillon wristwatch has following characteristics: 30 seconds the tourbillon, power storage, palladium is a case of 7 days, 200 meters waterproof, unidirectional rotating bezel, luminous triangle shape pointer, natural rubber strap… As a leisure table, is worth absolutely well enough.
Chopin (Chopard) L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon Tourbillon titanium watches
Chopin brand 150 anniversary this year, this table is one of the gift. Also represents the Chopin cross-border friendship with between cars over the years, the tourbillon movement is like a car engine, is installed on the mute block, thus able to withstand shocks, anti-dazzle light sapphire crystal glass mirror, engraved with brand-new L.U.C series black hour markers. Handmade black alligator strap to imitate the texture of the classic car seat, design details are show a wrist watch special.
That watch (hand) limited edition “the tourbillon factory” wrist watch
That watch is a clock and watch the world of transformers, very masculine, futuristic. This in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary Cartier love bracelet replica of brand of “king supreme tourbillon factory” wrist watch, like a robot, and still is a collection of all kinds of innovative materials, different texture of black crisscross, decorated with that watch table of special parts. The tourbillon is greater than the small dial, located at 6 o ‘clock position, as well as full-bodied black.
Abby (Audemars Piguet) Jules Audemars jump three ask hollow out wrist watch
Were done in the field of complex function Abby table this 3 q table is very delicate, because in addition to 3 q, the dial of the hollow out design to not hold their breath in technicians superb craftsmanship. And if you are careful, will find jump 12 Numbers printed on the transparent disk of independent, connect body to hollow Fake Cartier love bracelet out let you easy to penetrate the internal mechanical operation, this is where table, is art.
When you want to “q” table moment, at this time in 8 ~ 10 o ‘clock position of the wrench, the watch was a melodious song.
Sunview sand (JeanRichard) TV Screen Minute Repeater
As the work of more than 3 million yuan price, it not only with “church bells” time device (the innovative design concept, enhanced the watch at spring, makes it sound more prominent than any other time wrist). And every detail of craft, table bottom cover is crystal hollow out completely, also has a special device adjustment time. 18 k white gold case, hand carved wave stripe, original belt, square prints. Are faced with high requirements for quality of life of a gentleman.


The so-called collocation is don’t pass every little detail

To cope with change garments according to the need for a “basic” jewelry
Dealing with the seasons, a “basic” jewelry is also essential. It can need not make public need not bragging, but be delicate and concise, like standing in the white shirt in your wardrobe, every time you don’t know what to wear, dig out their will always be the right choice.
White + black bag + black bean curd with agile horsetail spell able ol workplace temperament, at that time, other exaggerated jewelry are redundant, simple collocation of a few delicate ring is enough.
All kinds of ring
In addition to the nail, nothing can than all kinds of amorous feelings of the ring is more suitable for decorating his fingers, whether joint ring, or a conventional design, when you don’t know how to out of the street, put on one or a few casually, can always do not fall convention easily hold aura.
Aamaya By Priyanka gold-plated Cartier love bracelet replica
Cornelia Webb sterling silver pearl ring
Monica Vinader silver diamond ring
A dress that grabs an eye is enough, a simple gold bracelet watch is collocation fastens with color grade is proof of that.
Lap band
A gorgeous onepiece or a whole look only show a small part of the arms don’t know how to deal with? Afraid of too heavy and complicated is glamorous clothes? At that time, all lap band is better. It is simple and not make public, concise but has a delicate sense of namely regards. But still want to have a little idea when collocation, is first of all, it will go with your bag color, the same as color principle must grasp, gold and silver and also really let a person unable to ridicule.
The so-called collocation is don’t pass every little detail. Glasses of golden mirror legs, pockets on the dot, and wrist gold bracelets, looks be like simple, the deliberate little mind is also beautiful.
If a special bag is enough stand out enough, then a simple hand ring is your safety card.
Who says that only the biggest golden and silver collocation fastens with color is revealing and delicate.
Seemingly ordinary dressed casually, just a replica Cartier love bracelet of books clutch and opening lap band to enhance your aura.
If is clever, what is comparable to the golden lap accessories and handbags echo of the ring?
In the pattern of the retro fit does not need the adornment of heavy and complicated, two thin hand ring will bring out the best in each other.
IAM by Ileana Makri gold-plated Fang Jing zircon bracelets
Eddie Borgo rose gold plated bracelet
Kenneth Jay Lane Fang Jing zircon, rhodium plated, gold plated bracelet (two-piece)
Contracted neck chain
Whether chocker or delicate collarbone chain, single or double circle circle stack build, also it doesn’t matter if you’re in the dark or show the neck skin, a simple necklace can always put your Cartier nail bracelet replica on good taste.
Low collar shirt should be the ruin of all flat chest girls, but not afraid, also good necklace to save, a circle is not enough, there are two laps
In a thin sweater, a necklace, optional collocation inadvertently ornament, can let the dress a little more detail.
The collocation of brunet set with brilliant color leather in nature is a cool feeling, but also slightly dull. A delicate pendant is a good agent is mixed.
A word is the best dress sexy, plus one or two necklace, also can promote the neck charm.
Charlotte Chesnais gold-plated silver necklace
Chan Luu gold-plated necklace
Lanvin gold plated necklace