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Product family MASTER CONTROL series Q1548420 watch

Watch development has been tabulated to give a lot of features, such as the moon phase, calendar, three asked the news time, but there are still some watch the opposite, all the complex features are thrown, and even the indicators are reduced to When used only, points the pointer. However, such a streamlined watch and no loss of charm, but there are “Avenue to Jane” beauty. Today’s watch home for everyone to bring this three design compact watch.

Breguet CLASSIQUE 5157 Series 5157BB / 11 / 9V6 watch
Watch Comments: This simple design Cartier love bracelet replica is Breguet classic series, watch to 18k white gold to create a diameter of 38 mm, 5.4 mm thick round case, case and dial to Breguet traditional decoration, Not only beautiful and fully reflect the Breguet watch the height of the grasp. The watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement to streamline the central time-division pointer and the Roman numerals to indicate the time, covering the sapphire crystal glass table, the bottom of the table for the back surface. Watch silver case with black crocodile belt with classic and elegant. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY series 81180 / 000R-9159 watch
Watch Comments: This Vacheron Constantin watch shape simple, minimal style, elegant colors, it is exciting. Watch to 18k rose gold to create a diameter of 40 mm, 6.79 mm thick round case, equipped with power reserve 40 hours of excellent quality manual mechanical movement. Watch silver gray dial on the use of simple style scale and pointer, covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Wrist watch Elegant, mature dark brown alligator strap. Watch waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Jaeger-LeCoultre MASTER ULTRA THIN Ultra-thin master series watch series Q1332511 watch
Watch Comments: This watch simple and generous, giving a sense of mature and stable. Watch to 18k rose gold to create a diameter of 41 mm, 7.5 mm thick case, the case line masculine; watch internal performance stable and reliable automatic mechanical movement. In the egg yolk yellow dial, streamlined pointer and time scale pavilions. Wrist watch style retro dark brown crocodile leather strap, the use of needle clasp. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters.

Summary: These three in addition to indicating the time and no other complex features, or even abandon the Smart rotation of the second hand Cartier love ring replica, staring at the watch, there is a time stagnation illusion. These three watches were from three long history and superb watchmaking process of the top watch brand to create, this streamlined charm, fully embodies the three watch brands on the watchmaking process of accurate grasp, people heart.
Watch is to enhance the charm of men is an important means, it can be said that the most important ornaments, as a petty bourgeoisie must have a suitable for their own watch, can not spend time at work on the results but lost to the time, Today, watch home for everyone to recommend three wild watch, to enhance your charm index.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00441 watch
Watch Comments: With the Panerai Sea is concerned about the heat of the straight up, its unique shape and design have become the focus of everyone hot. And even some people say that play is playing personality. This watch is equipped with Panerai P.9001 self-winding movement, is still 44 mm large table diameter, ceramic case, while this section is still 9 o’clock position set small seconds function, the central second time zone Pointer design greatly enhance its practical performance.

Product family MASTER CONTROL series Q1548420 watch
Watch Comments: As a men’s watch, its table diameter of 39 mm, moderate size, suitable for most people’s wrist. Its case is round, made of stainless steel material, the lines look very smooth, people feel the metallic metal emitted by the metallic luster as if the same flow. Its dial color is silver-gray, through the sapphire crystal glass looked, giving a feeling of pure atmosphere. In addition to the dial on the dial and time scale, only the product of the brand LOGO and date display window embellishment, so the dial space gives the feeling is very open, and its classic features in this open and simple to show The most vividly.

IUCTS CHRONOGRAPH chronograph series IW377701 watch
Watch Comments: This black man of the watchmaking case is a strong and lightweight high-tech ceramic production, operating equipment and the end of the table to dumb gray titanium metal manufacturing, black Cartier nail bracelet replica dial with luminous coating. The soft iron inner shell shoulder the responsibility of anti-magnetic, with zirconia powder and curing agent fired, with anti-magnetic, anti-acid, not afraid of the impact of the characteristics. I believe that such a full performance and design sense of gas leaky watch will become the first choice for flying sports.

Summary: Today for everyone to recommend these three watches are considered a better match with the table, the price is also within one hundred thousand. Since it is recommended to the petty bourgeoisie can not be the big bourgeoisie as the representative of the recommendation. These watches have their own characteristics, but also enjoy the representative of life, with unspeakable relaxation, leisure smell in the inside.


Hamilton three needle line series H42615743 watch

Why some Western festivals do not fire in China, there are some mess of fire it? There is only one principle, that is, girls can not receive a gift, do not believe you think about yourself. Christmas season has been opened, the festival is coming, but also a few happy several worry days, how to take advantage of the festival to capture the goddess heart? This century-old topic has always lingered in a lot of single gou’s mind lingering, not for anything else, after Christmas and New Year’s Day, immediately is the New Year, and then do not have a home to face the fate of being arranged by others doom. Elegant girl, all know the boy to send their own watch is Cartier love bracelet replica what it means, in fact, many girls also like watches, compared to those who are useless to see the bracelet, watch is the wrist is with.

NOMOS TETRA Series 489 watch
Watch the comments: the girls actually have long been tired of those who can not look tired of the traditional watch shape, and now the girls who do not like the point of things? NOMOS so small minority of the brand, most of them do not understand, so you have enough reason and opportunity to show them your “talent”, and this model there are many colors to choose, which depends on you How much do you know?

Hermes Cape Cod Series 027448WW00 watch
Watch comments: If you want her instantly have a good impression on you, it must be selected some of them like to understand things, so there is a common language, do not worry can not talk up. Which girl has not heard of Hermes, you give up directly, she must come from Mars. Choose a Hermes watch, you can let her excited, do not think this girl is very material, it is only instinct. Cape Cod than other series of watches to fashion more, enduring, double Hermes strap, but also when the wrist decoration, serve two purposes.

Omega LADYMATIC watch series 425. watch
Watch comments: first statement, select this table, you really have a little financial resources, after all, where the price. Omega’s Ladymatic is personally considered to be very suitable for the recommended ladies watch, Omega brand a lot of girls know, and know that this is a high-end brand, while its modeling small and pleasant, delicate revealed this noble, very good for the girls Is lethal.

Summary: Christmas, no gifts are embarrassed to see the hearts of the goddess, what scarves, perfume, bracelet bracelet is a very good gift, but only the watch can be a long time to accompany them in the side. Good watch prices are not cheap, we can according to their own financial resources, choose to accept the watch as a gift, but in any case, the gift must be chic, the design should have bright Cartier love ring replica spots. More than three watches is a personal pick out a relatively good style, and after asking a lot of people really like Oh
In the workplace, inevitably to participate in a variety of banquets, parties, and this time, a elegant mature temperament of the watch for the men in the workplace is very important, not only to set off their own temperament, but also inadvertently show themselves Of the grade. Today, watch home for everyone to bring such three watches, together to witness their style.

Tissot LUXURY AUTOMATIC exquisite series T086.408.22.036.00 watch
Watch Comments: This watch watch classic and stylish. Classic traditional round case diameter of 41 mm, the thickness of 9.75 mm, the use of gold-plated bezel, the internal movement of the movement for the automatic mechanical movement. Silver white dial using three-dimensional level dial, the outer edge of the embedded 12 diamonds as a time scale, three o’clock date display window. Case covered sapphire crystal glass table mirror, back for the back through the bottom of the table, with gold between the chain of gold strap, the use of folding buckle. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters.

US degree COMPLICATIONS series M8605.4.11.8 watch
Watch Comments: This style is simple but with a smart atmosphere of the watch is the United States and the United States Beilun Saili series. Silver white case diameter of 42 mm, 10 mm thick, the case is equipped with power reserve 42 hours of automatic mechanical movement. Watch white dial on the use of silver pointer and time scale, at seven o’clock position with power reserve display for the dial to add a Smart and extraordinary atmosphere. Watch case covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror, back with back through the bottom of the table, with brown leather strap, the use of folding buckle. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters.

Hamilton three needle line series H42615743 watch
Watch Comments: This modeling tradition, the style of the watch is a bold style Hamilton watch. Watch to create a 42 mm diameter steel, 13.13 mm thick case, equipped with automatic mechanical movement. Watch dial for the dark gray dial, use the three-pin design instructions to the time, with silver Arabic numerals and scale as a time mark. Watch case to sapphire crystal glass cover, with black Cartier nail bracelet replica leather strap with. Watch waterproof depth of 50 meters.

Summary: These three watches are in the price of about 10,000 yuan positioning, and three tables belong to three different but the watchmaking process excellent watch brand. Although the three watches are classic traditional round case, but the style of the dial on the different characteristics, each with its own characteristics. These three wrist watch worn in the men’s wrist, to highlight the elegant and mature temperament.


rotate the crown from time to time in a normal state so that dust and dirt are released

Prema watches, maybe know that the brand is not many people. Po Lima is a small domestic watch brand, stylish and beautiful design style, while low prices. In Guangzhou, won a lot of local low-income people in the praise. The following watch home to introduce you to Baoli Ma watch it!
Po Lima watch brand introduction
Po Ma Ma (prema) watch is the Guangdong local watch brand. Its origins can be traced back to 1998. After several years of experience in the market, is now Mr. Fang Haijun line of the company’s exclusive agent sales Cartier love bracelet replica, Taobao on the mid-range watch well-known brands.
Baoshan (prema) brand by the Dongguan City Line Co., Ltd. was founded, the company set up February 29, 2012, the company mainly to e-commerce, the company’s purpose to the world’s sense of time stronger. There is a new understanding of watches.
Po Lima that the watch is to see the time is also a decoration. Is the embodiment of the gentleman’s demeanor, ladies charm embodiment. The world is beautiful for you.
Baoli Ma watch use Note:
1 case and crown, such as possession of dust and dirt, may make the crown difficult to pull out. Please rotate the crown from time to time in a normal state so that dust and dirt are released and then wiped.
2 case or strap on the back of the gap is often dust and dirt. Deposition of dust and dirt can cause corrosion and contamination of clothing.
Watch cleaning method
1. Please use a soft cloth to wipe the case and table on the dirt, sweat and water.
2. Please use a soft dry cloth to wipe the sweat and dirt on the belt.
3. When cleaning metal, plastic or rubber straps, clean the dirt with mild soap and water. Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the gap in the metal strap. If the watch is not waterproof, please go to the dealer clean.
CAUTION: Do not use solvents (thinner, gasoline, etc.) to avoid damage to the surface coating.
Boss BOS watch, from Germany’s young fashion brand. The brand was founded in 1988 by Angela Von Bos in the town of Glashütte, Germany, and has since developed a history of BOS (BOS) brand history. Years of history. Over the years, the Boxer watch in the design is full of creativity, to break the German style of the strict style, has been well-known German brands and private custom high-end watch.
Bausch watches brand profile
2014 – Bauschale watch (BOS) officially entered the Chinese market, in the ‘world factory’, said Dongguan set up R & D center, the same year the establishment of Po Societe Generale, for the customization of high quality watch.
“With the time peers, was distinguished life.”
Baosi watch has always insisted on strict checks on the quality of Cartier love ring replica the threshold, by the high-quality design team effort to build, through the international leading level of precision machining equipment, and strive to produce every watch can make people enjoy the refining process and fashion aesthetics The perfect combination. A good watch will never be confined to the exact description of the context of time, it is a person’s identity and status of the embodiment. Po Si, from beginning to end and time counterparts, all the time to show noble taste.
Life, not only by the time; and Po Si, not only only minutes and seconds. Boss and you in the ordinary twenty-four hours, enjoy the forgotten time in the corner of the fun, bear in mind the moment of eternity.
Swiss watch brand Bin Jue, in the domestic visibility is not very high Many friends have not heard of. Many people want to know the name of the watch in the end is a watch brand, the following let the watch home to introduce you!
Binger watches brand introduction
Swiss bass table, is to commemorate Mr. Binjue century birthday and in recognition of its outstanding contribution in the field of watches, with its successor Switzerland Geneva launched chronograph watch. Mr. Bin Jue, who has served as the famous Swiss watchmaker, has been influenced by the Breguet watch, and the watchmaking process has inherited its usual production style.
Swiss Bin table inherited the Swiss and the European royal nobility of the custom gene, each mechanical watch used to create hand-crafted, crafted and crafted.
Focus on the design and development of mechanical watches, and gradually created the Swiss Bin table in the Swiss watch brand reputation. Since its inception, experienced continuous research and development, relying on tabulation process, as well as design style, by the global watch industry respected and loved.
The world’s table fans are recognized that each piece of the Swiss baccarat watches are reflected in a different tabulation process standards, and it is worth spreading, so at the beginning of the beginning, the Swiss bass produced by each piece of timepieces are in the back cover With a separate number, a table on the 1st, pure hand polished, for collectors to determine its authenticity and origin, will prove the brand from generation to generation of manufacturing skills and effort.
Swiss Bin table has many craftsmanship, and the design also makes people relish. The overall disk hollow, and carved to decorative patterns, the wearer can enjoy the movement of precision movement, a taste of Cartier nail bracelet replica the charm of mechanical art, and suddenly may feel it is like life beating as touching.
Swiss Bin table has a mature watchmaking technology, inheritance to improve the production of functional mechanical watches, to achieve carved, transparent flywheel, Tourbillon double bridge, tourbillon single bridge and other complex mechanical watch function. Bin table continued noble Swiss watch the configuration requirements, the surface of the diamonds are presented by the real diamond, the whole table presented by the gold parts are made of gold.
Bin Jue table has many extraordinary craftsmanship, and the unique design also makes people relish. The overall disk hollow, and carved to decorative patterns, the wearer can enjoy the movement of precision and perfect operation, enjoy the infinite charm of mechanical art, and suddenly may feel it is like the beating of life.


In order to extend the life of the watch many watches are slow jump way

Now more and more people like to wear a mechanical watch trip. Mechanical watch is not only a time tool, for men is still a very important jewelry! And Rossini watch as a well-known watch brand, the market share in the market is still great. The following watch home to introduce you to Rossini mechanical watch how to adjust the time and date!
Rossini mechanical watch how to adjust the time
Pull out the crown, so that all the indicators stopped, into the “adjustment time” state. At this point the time to adjust to six o’clock the whole. This is done in order to avoid damaging the date module on weekdays.
Rossini mechanical watch how to adjust the date
Push the crown back to the “adjust the date and week” state. At this point the watch pointer began to rotate normally, do not bother.
Rossini mechanical watch adjustment note
In order to extend the life of the watch, many watches are slow jump way, that is, before and after midnight time to gradually jump, usually in front of 2:00 to complete the jump is normal, some watches to 4 am to complete. So you see the watch date in the morning has not changed will not be surprised.
Chanel ceramic watch beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica and beautiful, is the majority of beautiful women’s favorite watch one of the brands. But everyone will have a problem. That is how the Chanel ceramic watch time to adjust the following let the watch home to tell you!
If you ask for a very accurate time, let the second hand go to 12 o’clock position to pull out the crown, this time the second hand still, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation crown adjustment clock and minute position, when When the indicators are in line with the standard time (as a TV or radio), the crown is pushed back to its original position.
Watch calendar, week, moon phase adjustment Do not operate between the watch time 21:00 PM ~ 3:00AM, during which the calendar function is running, but also when the gear teeth are low, the frequent action will damage the watch Of the internal parts.
Week calendar calendar, because the system is divided into two different speed, the first in 5 minutes within the calendar to complete the calendar, the second in 3 hours to complete the calendar.
In case of using a spiral crown watch, do not pull hard, please turn counterclockwise to open the locked crown, in the adjustment of good time, the crown clockwise rotation and push into the lock, so as not to water The
In case of a calendar with a calendar, adjust the date. Please adjust the date to the day before the date you want, and then turn the clock to adjust the date. When the needle passes at midnight, the date will change, so you can avoid the day Confused.
Casio BABY-G is a young and beautiful Cartier love ring replica watch series, the series has electronic, pointer watches. Beautiful and beautiful appearance, loved by young people, especially young girls! Then Casio BABY-G how to adjust the time? Let the watch home to tell you now!
Casio BABY-G how to adjust the time
Casio BABY-G method of adjusting the time:
Casio baby-g double is the general adjustment is press the mode button, press the ring until the screen appears H-SET words, and then long press the adjust button, HSET will flash into time, press forward now, you can adjust the pointer clockwise The
In the display time (stopwatch a second a second while walking) long press the upper left corner of the button, hear the sound of the screen after a flash, while the right side of the two buttons +/- tune, while the lower left corner of the button Switch function, adjusted by the top left corner of the button to confirm it.
Emperor camel watch is Switzerland’s famous watch brand Rolex’s sub-brand, Emperor camel to the quality of Rolex to ordinary people. So people are also very fond of it! So how to adjust the date of the Tuo table and the week? Tuo table how to adjust the time? Let the watch family to tell you the following!
God camel watch the time to adjust the method is basically the same, pull out the table to a buckle, adjust the calendar and the week, generally turn up the head is to adjust the calendar, go down to adjust the week and then pull a buck, is to adjust the time When the table must be clockwise. In order to make the date and time more accurate, usually the date and week ahead of a day and then clockwise rotation of the pointer, so that the calendar and the week automatically jump to the current date (this time is 0:00), and then adjust to the exact time.
For example, the current time for November 27, 2009 at 2 pm on Friday, we first want to jump to the calendar November 26, Thursday. And then turn the pointer so that it automatically jumps to November 27, Friday. And then turn the pointer after a lap, the alignment of the two points. This is to make the calendar to adapt to 24-hour system rather than 12-hour system, or may be in the noon calendar to jump grid. (Should be the morning jump grid) waterproof effect of good Cartier nail bracelet replica Tudor, the head is on the wire, like screwing the same, first spin down, unlock and then adjust the time.
Tudor tuning time is basically the same way out of the table to a buckle, adjust the calendar and the week, the general turn up the head is to adjust the calendar, go down to adjust the week and then pull a buck, is to adjust the time, Turn clockwise. In order to make the date and time more accurate, usually the date and week ahead of the day and then clockwise rotation of the pointer, so that the calendar and the day automatically jump to the current date (this time is 0:00), and then adjust to the exact time such as the current time On Friday, November 27, 2009 at 2 pm, we first want to jump to the calendar on November 26, Thursday. And then turn the pointer so that it automatically jumps to November 27, Friday. And then turn the pointer after a lap, the alignment of the two points. Mouth is stupid, do not know can not understand This is to make the calendar to adapt to 24-hour system rather than 12-hour system, or may be in the noon calendar to jump grid. (Should be the morning jump grid) waterproof effect of good Tudor, the head is on the wire, like screwing the same, the first spin down, after the adjustment in the adjustment time.


There are round carving, relief, carved or a few techniques and use

Wood carvings
There are round carving, relief, carved or a few techniques and use. And some also painted color to protect the wood and Cartier love bracelet replica landscaping. The general selection of fine texture tough, not easy to deformation of the tree species such as Phoebe, red sandalwood, camphor, cedar, ginkgo, incense, mahogany, longan and other architectural decoration wood carving, there are many folklore, opera, historical stories for the theme works; Wood carving is to pay attention to play the beauty of the wood itself, the same degree of potential, because of pride, as people love works of art. Doors and windows, pendant, flower board, screen, Ming and Qing furniture, wall, Buddha, frame and other carved wood art Seiko secret agents, unique and yet classical charm.
Nuclear engraving
Is the traditional Chinese folk arts and crafts, the use of Guangdong’s “Wu Hang” olive nucleus, in which engraved a variety of fine figures picture, since the Ming and Qing dynasties, for the collection of lovers love. Ming Dynasty notes writer Wei Xueyi “nuclear boat”, describes the artist Wang Shouyuan creation of “Su Dongpo rafting Red Cliff”, is in the “no surplus inch” olive core engraved a wooden boat, small boat engraved with Su Dongpo, Buddha India, boatman and child children 5 characters, different demeanor, the ship decoration, ornaments are equipped with people wearing pleated, four rice grain size of the window can open freely, people amazing.
Bone carving
Bone carving has a long history, the ancients made the bone abrasive needle, knife and the words and patterns engraved on the Cartier love ring replica bone. Bone carving is a very beautiful handicrafts, through different knives carved lifelike three-dimensional figures, flowers and birds. Selection of high-quality natural horns, the texture of fine, natural color, carved fine, magical shape of the United States, gives a unique ancient, natural beauty. Superb carving art,
With a strong cultural style and regional characteristics of the Central Plains.
A traditional practical crafts. Utilize the weeds and furniture. The main origin of Guangdong, more common in Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Foshan and other places, has a long history.Tengduo this local specialty is not only a very good living utensils, but also a strange production and even war equipment. “Three Kingdoms” on the “rattan army” records, the so-called “rattan” that is used to weave warrior, “crossing the river is not sink, the water is not wet, knife arrows can not enter.” In the past border of the Mingguang, sector head, Guyong area of many roads every river outside the river, are followed by the ancient rattan bridge. This kind of rattan traction will be prepared as a bridge like a network slot, precarious and immortal, pedestrian on it, threw, sit like. Perhaps because the rattan in the large number of use, rattan craft flowers in the urban and rural areas, produced by the traditional furniture, chairs, tables and other bulk products, there are baskets, blue, boxes, boxes and flower racks, bookshelves and even a full living room, Study furniture, exquisitely carved, quaint and no lack of new ideas, with a strong practical and artistic, with a different Replica Cartier jewelry environment – in the cold room feel the extravagant, cloth in the Huatang feel its humble, can be described as rich and poor Should be good and bad.


Handicraft industry overview handicraft industry introduction

Handicraft industry overview handicraft industry introduction
Stone crafts, plastic / Cartier love bracelet replica / shell / natural work
Handicraft industry product characteristics
Glass / crystal crafts
The processing of art glass is divided into three categories: integrated production, cold working and hot working. The main products of glass products are glass or crystal wine, crystal parts, ornaments, ashtrays, vases, glass Christmas gifts, glass fruit series, glass Series, glass animal series, glass candy series, glass bartender series, glass beads, glass candlestick and other crystal crafts. 
At present, most of our glass crafts in the art of low content, more materials, low added value. Some buyers need OEM agents in the OEM or re-processing, not only on the crystal, glass crafts shape and material innovation, but also on the supplier size and production capacity of the corresponding requirements.  
Resin Crafts
Home decorations, garden products, such as the production of production. 30 resin crafts, 80s of last century spread to China Taiwan, the last century 90 fat handicraft factory. $ 989 billion, Quanzhou accounted for about 60%. 2000 began planning new development, bold exploration and try. Cartier love ring replica
The amount has improved significantly.  
Ceramic crafts
· Polo had a detailed record of ceramic crafts. More than 100 countries and regions, the formation of traditional porcelain carvings, Western porcelain, porcelain and other household   
Wood carving handicraft design, production, technology has become increasingly mature, high-precision laser engraving, to help more enterprises to enter this threshold, but also extends the more whimsy crafts, traditional national flavor strong wood carving by foreign Buyers of the favor, in recent years, demand has been growing trend. Stylish root carving, graceful high-end Buddha carving, special wood cups, wooden key ring and so are the hot products of concern.  
Bamboo crafts
Bamboo handicrafts in recent years, the rise of its simple and elegant style, unique, mainly using bamboo carbonization process, the side pressure, gluing, sanding, painting and other multi-channel process, bamboo natural texture clear, with a strong artistic shock force. Bamboo handicrafts mainly include bamboo vase, bamboo craft plate, color bamboo plate baked, bamboo screen, bamboo arch, magazine rack,
Pet cage, vines, flower sets and so on.From www.ourlovestore.com


Football and fashion are always inseparable, every World Cup

Football and fashion are always inseparable, every World Cup, the European Cup and other large football events, fashion circles also followed the excitement. From the players of the jerseys, shoes, accessories to their hair, are likely to become a hot pursuit of fashion. And the major fashion Cartier love bracelet replica brands also hope that by virtue of the scale of the grand football tournament, a very effective brand promotion and marketing, especially sports brands. European Cup as second only to the World Cup second largest football event, its degree of concern can be said to be empty. Moreover, Europe is known as the source of fashion, the European Cup and ultimately, fashion elements of the blessing.
Italian goalkeeper Buffon’s dazzling glove
Sports brand giants battle
European Cup group stage is not over, spend a lot of money to sponsor the European Cup brand marketing to do the German sporting goods brand Puma was severely punched his self-esteem. June 20 morning Swiss team and the French team in the game, the Swiss team’s jersey even 5 times torn, at least four Swiss players had to end replacement jerseys. After the match, the Swiss team jersey sponsor Puma also by the Swiss players Tucao, Sha Qi Li said: “I hope Puma does not produce condoms … …” Puma then issued a statement, admits the existence of quality clothes. Although the sponsorship of several other teams Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria team jersey no problem, but the tear or to poor performance in recent years, behind the Cartier love ring replica peer Puma cast a shadow.
England, the top “de blowing” Gary Rhine Kerr also do not forget Tucar Germany: “Puma jersey, Adi broken football, you can never believe the German efficiency!” This game in addition to the shirt was frequently torn, as well as Germany Sports brand giant Adidas manufacturing football “wing of France” was wearing Nike shoes players to step on the break.
Sports events have always been the sporting goods brand competition is fierce, especially Nike and Adidas two enemies, will be the World Cup and the European Cup as they highlight the right to produce an important platform for the content. In this year’s European Cup 24 teams, Adidas sponsored nine teams, Nike sponsored six teams, Puma sponsored five. From the second half of last year to March this year, the teams have been released by the sponsors to participate in the design of the European Cup home and field jerseys. But there are a lot of friends Tucao, this year the team’s jerseys are not how the color, the Spanish away uniform looks like a white clothes sprinkled with a plate of tomato scrambled eggs, the Italian team’s blue blouse and white shorts with previous years There is no difference, and the French team home jersey looks like pajamas, and almost with the Italian blue army Zhuangshan.
But the fans do not care about how good the Replica Cartier jewelry jersey, the ball played well is the focus. Crazy fans before the game began to buy hot team jersey, jersey sales during the game is hot exception. A set of basic models of genuine jersey price of 85 euros, shorts 45 euros, France, Germany and other popular team jerseys more expensive, more difficult to buy. Like Iceland so 2 to 1 out of England’s dark horse team, the team jersey also instantly become popular, and soon sold out of stock. As for the England team was angry fans accused you “do not deserve this shirt.” During the game, the popular goods in addition to jerseys, as well as shoes, socks and training clothes and other peripheral products.
The current European Cup also appeared on a lot of trends, such as multi-team goalkeeper put on a bold and innovative color gradient gloves, Italian veteran Buffon also put on this glove; Socks are more than the length of the knee, it is estimated that wearing a stocking socks will become a new trend; no shoelaces boots will become the trend, because Bell, Berger, Ozil and other stars in the current European Cup are wearing no Shoelaces boots. By www.ourlovestore.com


Who saw my coffee spoon? How was the cream and sugar in the mix?

And immediately to the annual Christmas, and for the xx Christmas gifts do not know you are ready yet? Here to introduce you to Christmas creative gifts, let us look at the specific content of it!
Lazy practical mixing cup
Who saw my coffee spoon? How was the cream and sugar in the mix? In the absence of a spoon, the cup was … and, more annoying was the guy who used the pencil directly as a stir bar, even if you found The spoon Cartier love bracelet replica, each time more than a spoon to wash people really crash.
If there is such a lazy guy around, then you need him a clever program for him. Like the cup you see, it clever to help you get it all: stainless stirreced mug made of stainless steel, sealed lid can keep the coffee temperature, double insulation, hot, turn over as small Snack plate, now, just press the yellow mixing button, ha, a tornado-like whirlpool under your eyes formed, and instantly complete the mixture of cream, sugar and coffee. Super mute the motor, you will not hear any sound at all, it has finished its own work. Every minute three thousand high-speed, there is no such in the intensity of the stirring is not to get the Need for coffee. Packaging is very beautiful, stainless steel double cup body, feel quite good, very good taste of the office home good things.
Otaku Artifact – Wash Set
Have not tried to get up in the morning rush? Wash your teeth on the toilet always feel that time is not enough to use this to try this rinse artifact it! This gadgets set toothpaste tube, toothbrush holder, mouthwash cup in one, not only can hang two toothbrushes, and Into the toothpaste just after the toothbrush gently press, it will automatically squeeze out the toothpaste, but also has an upside down rinse cup, very convenient and easy to handle! Especially suitable for Cartier love ring replica office workers to use the small couple, get up in the morning, the province When effort, no wonder “Happy Camp” in Chen Xiaodong has recommended it for the otaku artifact!
If you can put a fish tank in the big winter, look at what the eyes of the water more comfortable! Multifunctional electronic fish tank will be able to meet the many needs of the pro, which is not only a plug-in mini-fish tank, Calendar, clock alarm clock, pen and other functions, convenient storage, simple operation, especially for office family, raising a few small fish, from time to time for a water, watching seductive comfortable, with the function is also more practical. Multi-functional fish tank exquisite fashion, send loved ones, lovers are good Oh
“Warm card” gift can always move people
Cold and windy winter, any warm and detached items are always popular, if this item or from the lover’s carefully selected, it is more moving people. Xiao Bian in a treasure search for “warm gift”, jump out of hundreds of items, such as this audible music pillow. Baby with high quality pp cotton, there are angry birds, A civet cats, giant pandas and other styles, warm and comfortable feel good, the speaker’s sound quality is also good, you can plug in the phone songs, in the dormitory or their own nest, hold Such a music pillow is particularly enjoyable.
Mini warm air conditioning is also a popular winter Dongdong, this is similar to the size of the Apple phone heater made of high quality fireproof material, high temperature is not deformed, compact and easy to carry; plug after heating up quickly, heat efficient, energy saving Power saving, and with power protection, the temperature is too high will automatically power off, security Replica Cartier love bracelet protection; no radiation low energy consumption, but also with adjustable bracket, the user can adjust according to their own needs … … In short, this Small Dongdong is suitable for staying up late or late at night hard to read the sister, small and effective, usb interface, easy to use. Men, hurry for their own sister Amoy a bar!


Have a or some of their favorite wallet is undoubtedly necessary for every man’s life

Have a or some of their favorite wallet is undoubtedly necessary for every man’s life. Men’s wallet what brand is good? What is the current hot men’s wallet brand? What is the color of the ladies’ wallet?
The following is finishing out of the 2016 best selling men’s wallet style, ladies wallet and men’s wallet brand, ladies wallet Cartier love bracelet replica brand. These hot and high profile purse whether it is for personal use, or to send relatives and friends are a good choice, here for a simple recommendation. Gossip is not to say, the following wallet fancy which into the major official website to understand the details of it, do not forget to see physical photos, pay attention to functional structure, sales, evaluation, may choose a suitable for their own wallet.
Guangzhou Scarecrow Leather Co., Ltd., is a capital background of the brand shipped to do business, its investment side of the well-known domestic manufacturing enterprises, corporate executives are from well-known clothing chain. Since 2004 the introduction of “Scarecrow” brand, the company will be franchise as a Cartier love ring replica development strategy, has been set up in the country more than 500 “Scarecrow” leather goods store.
In 1981 the Freddie family opened the first (scarecrow) MEXICAN store business, belts, purses, purses, luggage, luggage, socks and casual wear near the “ZLALO” square in Mexico City, Mexico City (MEXICO.CITY). Product style leisure, very personal, and the price is very cheap, this parity business philosophy and highly personalized “Scarecrow” logo, by the local people love.
In 1988, with the continuous development of chain stores, located in the original factory in Freda hometown, has been unable to meet the growing consumer demand, CEO Freda. Mingjie Europe, the eyes cast into the manufacturing industry matures China, through the OEM way to Chinese enterprises to order leather products. As a result, China’s leather products, through the “Scarecrow” brand stores continue to pour into the Mexican and North American markets. And “Made in china” as a Replica Cartier love bracelet scarecrow leather goods unique logo, and leather products made in China, but also by the local people’s favor and respected.


What is the difference between an engagement diamond ring and a wedding ring?

What is the difference between an engagement diamond ring and a wedding ring?
Engagement diamond ring and wedding ring in the end which is important? Two diamond ring need to buy it all? Indeed, for the very high economic strength of the new people, the problem “is not a problem.” But for the working-class, this is a very necessary to understand the important issues.
First, the difference between the two rings
First wear from the occasion. At the wedding banquet, two people should wear an engagement ring and Cartier love bracelet replica for each other. In the marriage, to bring each other a wedding ring. This is two different occasions.
From wearing a finger again. Engagement is different from getting married, so a lot of people are directly to the engagement ring on the middle finger. If the wedding ring, will have to wear directly on the ring finger.
Second, the commonality of the two rings
And the different engagement rings, engagement ring and wedding ring are on the ring. Whether engaged or married, in fact, are two things between each other, with a ring to convey the name of the Lord, the grass has the Lord’s message.
Third, two rings have clearly defined it?
And the proposed ring with the two ring definition of different, in fact, these two can be said that there is no clear definition. There are many new people directly skip the engagement part, to get married. Therefore, even if there is no engagement ring, only the marriage proposal Cartier love ring replica is also no problem. There are also new people although there are engagement rings, but in order to save money, when they get married will not buy a wedding ring. At this point, the engagement ring and wedding ring will be no significant difference, because it can also be used as a wedding occasion to use the wedding ring.
Fourth, what kind of ring is the most appropriate
If you just want to choose one, buy a ring, in the end what is more appropriate? Many people find engagement rings important. The reason is the engagement in the former, married in the post. As a result, two people agreed to life, wearing the ring a little more ahead of time, or that this romance is more ahead of some. In their view, even if there is no huge engagement ceremony, but also the parents of a meal together, the two each other to wear a ring.
Life to accompany, I go hand in hand, “the interpretation of the brand is the new love statement of love, but also because of this, we choose a diamond ring,” I am the crown of your life; When more willing to choose the brand. Engagement Ye Hao, marriage worth mentioning, there are important to participate in the brand diamond ring which, the move, the precious will be further.
Engagement diamond ring and wedding ring and imitation cartier love bracelet are important token of love on the road, but we do not put the cart before the horse, the diamond ring in front of love. You know, the two love the most important, if the economy is limited, there is no need to buy two rings.