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BVLGARI and the Italian film industry is the most close period in the 20th century 50 to 60 years

BVLGARI and the Italian film industry is the most close period in the 20th century 50 to 60 years, it is also the Roman film industry’s glorious era. Looking around, the city is filled with international stars and carnival fashion celebrations. Ladies began to noble and elegant temperament and luxury gorgeous jewelry produced endless dreams and longing. At this time the BVLGARI, with personalized publicity Cartier love bracelet replica design, smooth lines, as well as the impact of the power and expressive colors, so that the stars of the romantic and artistic dreams become a reality.
At that time, almost all female stars are obsessed with the Via dei Condotti 10 BVLGARI flagship store. In 1994, the famous director Robert Altman shot the film “Clouds storm”, this now looks like “wearing Prada’s devil” 90’s version of the film, of course, the charming jewelry! At the time when BVLGARI launched Chandra series, actress Sofia Roland is wearing BVLGARI dazzling ruby and sapphire jewelry played her own.
Elizabeth Taylor often went to visit designer Gianni Bulgari during the shooting of “Cleopatra” in Rome. Bulgari is also the witness of this peerless love. Richard Burton’s gift to Elizabeth Taylor was a 23.44-carat BVLGARI emerald brooch, and later in order to match the brooch, Richard Burton gave the necklace with a total weight of 60.5 carats and a Colombian emerald. (figure 1)
Starred in the film “Rome, undefended city”, “little beauty”, “Rome mother” famous Italian actress Anna Magnani also prefer Bvlgari jewelry, she has a wear and tear changing natural pear-shaped natural pearls, you can use A special hook placed behind the mosaic bracket, as a pendant hanging on a diamond ear nail, can also be hung as a pendant of platinum pearl on two natural pearls. (figure 2)
Brand history timeline
Founder Sotirio Bulgari opened its first store in Italy, shortly thereafter, the shop moved to Via dei Condotti Avenue on the 10th, today’s BVLGARI flagship store.
With brand awareness rising rapidly around the world, BVLGARI entered the first phase of expanding the international Cartier love ring replica landscape, in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo, Paris and other places to open boutiques.
BVLGARI watch launch, popular around the world, become eternal classic.
Launched the first fragrance Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert, and soon have introduced ten luxury charming perfume, each perfume are well received.
1996 (Figure 1996)
BVLGARI launched the first fashion accessories series, including silk scarf goods. Later, a series of continuous introduction of leather goods and glasses, BVLGARI contemporary accessories even more complete series. 2001 (Figure 2001)
And Mariott International joint venture, announced to enter the luxury hotel industry. In 2004, the first Bulgari hotel opened in Milan, which is BVLGARI respect to the luxury world.
2007 (Figure 2007)
It is an important year for BVLGARI. New York, Japan, Rome and other places of the boutique gradually grand opening, the same year the fall, the new series of women’s skin care products launched in Italy.
2010 (Figure 2010)
BVLGARI historical retrospective exhibition in Paris Grand Palace grand opening, designed to show the BVLGARI this Italian jewelry kingdom through the centuries. The exhibition is co-organized by the Office of the President of the Republic of Italy and the Italian Prime Minister’s Office.
International luxury giants LVMH Group announced that the acquisition of a history of 4.3 billion euros jewelry group Replica Cartier love bracelet BVLGARI.
Classic tasting


The so-called collocation is don’t pass every little detail

To cope with change garments according to the need for a “basic” jewelry
Dealing with the seasons, a “basic” jewelry is also essential. It can need not make public need not bragging, but be delicate and concise, like standing in the white shirt in your wardrobe, every time you don’t know what to wear, dig out their will always be the right choice.
White + black bag + black bean curd with agile horsetail spell able ol workplace temperament, at that time, other exaggerated jewelry are redundant, simple collocation of a few delicate ring is enough.
All kinds of ring
In addition to the nail, nothing can than all kinds of amorous feelings of the ring is more suitable for decorating his fingers, whether joint ring, or a conventional design, when you don’t know how to out of the street, put on one or a few casually, can always do not fall convention easily hold aura.
Aamaya By Priyanka gold-plated Cartier love bracelet replica
Cornelia Webb sterling silver pearl ring
Monica Vinader silver diamond ring
A dress that grabs an eye is enough, a simple gold bracelet watch is collocation fastens with color grade is proof of that.
Lap band
A gorgeous onepiece or a whole look only show a small part of the arms don’t know how to deal with? Afraid of too heavy and complicated is glamorous clothes? At that time, all lap band is better. It is simple and not make public, concise but has a delicate sense of namely regards. But still want to have a little idea when collocation, is first of all, it will go with your bag color, the same as color principle must grasp, gold and silver and also really let a person unable to ridicule.
The so-called collocation is don’t pass every little detail. Glasses of golden mirror legs, pockets on the dot, and wrist gold bracelets, looks be like simple, the deliberate little mind is also beautiful.
If a special bag is enough stand out enough, then a simple hand ring is your safety card.
Who says that only the biggest golden and silver collocation fastens with color is revealing and delicate.
Seemingly ordinary dressed casually, just a replica Cartier love bracelet of books clutch and opening lap band to enhance your aura.
If is clever, what is comparable to the golden lap accessories and handbags echo of the ring?
In the pattern of the retro fit does not need the adornment of heavy and complicated, two thin hand ring will bring out the best in each other.
IAM by Ileana Makri gold-plated Fang Jing zircon bracelets
Eddie Borgo rose gold plated bracelet
Kenneth Jay Lane Fang Jing zircon, rhodium plated, gold plated bracelet (two-piece)
Contracted neck chain
Whether chocker or delicate collarbone chain, single or double circle circle stack build, also it doesn’t matter if you’re in the dark or show the neck skin, a simple necklace can always put your Cartier nail bracelet replica on good taste.
Low collar shirt should be the ruin of all flat chest girls, but not afraid, also good necklace to save, a circle is not enough, there are two laps
In a thin sweater, a necklace, optional collocation inadvertently ornament, can let the dress a little more detail.
The collocation of brunet set with brilliant color leather in nature is a cool feeling, but also slightly dull. A delicate pendant is a good agent is mixed.
A word is the best dress sexy, plus one or two necklace, also can promote the neck charm.
Charlotte Chesnais gold-plated silver necklace
Chan Luu gold-plated necklace
Lanvin gold plated necklace