High-density stainless steel to create the case corrosion-resistant high temperature

MONUMENTUM – meaning a monument, memory, memorial, this series produced around the theme. Gorgeous embellishment of the crown, dial on the Roman numerals and double groove case to convey the sound of the monument to the statue. This classic design in the 1920s when the prevalence of many people carefully saved grandfather to give their own gifts. Today for everyone to introduce is the Eric House MONUMENTUM automatic men’s watch, the official number: 77005.
The watch case is made of stainless steel Cartier love bracelet replica, rose gold (IP / PVD), diameter 41 mm, thickness 11 mm, with anti-glare sapphire crystal, water depth of 50 meters.
High-density stainless steel to create the case corrosion-resistant high temperature, put an end to rust and color change, timeless. Hardness after the diamond sapphire crystal mirror, loss of wear and tear, perseverance and toughness. Screw-in spiral crown unique fashion creative and convenient transfer, the details of the watch show the beauty. Smart exquisite stainless steel ear, curvature is reasonable, moderate width, effectively prevent the strap off.
Silver checkered dial 3 points to join the calendar window with simple and handsome. Exquisite gold-plated time scale, Arabic numerals and ancient Greek letters through the combination, eye-catching intuitive easy to read. Slender gold-plated pointer, fresh and moving, unique shape, travel time precision, improve life efficiency.
Equipped with Citizen / Miyota 9015 automatic mechanical movement, with hours and seconds and calendar display function, through the table at the end of its precise operation. The watch has a brown leather strap, and with a butterfly buckle.
Summary: Germany’s famous “light luxury” watch brand, with F1 racing legend of the spirit of the endorsement, after the German manufacturing certification, but also the German Chancellor Angela Merkel favorite Cartier love ring replica Ai Lishe watch. Gold-plated stainless steel perseverance case, with gold scale time scale, eye-catching appearance. Brown refined strap, 3 o’clock calendar function, business atmosphere strong.
Formalum Vintage series of seven-day power reserve watch can be described as a classic presentation of the art of fashion, watch with aesthetics design and exquisite craft, with seven days of power reserve outstanding performance. This mechanical watch, 100% designed and manufactured in Geneva, enriched the entire Franck Muller Vintage series.

Watch movement is unique, skilled production of treasures, it shows the incomparable Joux valley typical tabulation process level, did the least ‘to’. Bridge board perfect combination of each other to create an acute angle between the acute angle and the staggered line. Extreme elegance, bronze arch showing exquisite carved Geneva ripple, bearing inlaid crystal bright red. This gorgeous treasures a total of 27 rubies, highlighting this extraordinary watch the distinguished and originality. The master of the watch, Pierre Michelle Gray, says that the Vintage (Curvex) 7-Days Power Reserve’s retro beauty lies in delicate craftsmanship and precise movement design. This complex craftsmanship makes Franck Muller Doubt the classic “.

With seven days of power reserve, with unprecedented precision time. To achieve this level of performance, the movement must be with the additional refining with a seamless. The window at 11 o’clock shows the remaining energy and displays the number of seconds at 6 o’clock. This is pure, classic lines and accurate, striking balance ratio is the iconic Curvex style ideal match, its shape highlights the characteristics of Franck Muller brand.

Since 1991, Franck Muller has headquartered in Geneva and designs and manufactures all of the watch’s watches in its Gento factory, including the Vintage (Curvex) 7-Day Power Reserve, all of which are manufactured entirely from the original The This mechanical wrist watch made of stainless steel plate, or rose with white enamel plate, or black disc with the movement style echoed the table back. This new model will be made into a sub-series, will soon join the brand’s Vintage series.
Gucci watch G-Timeless series of large models (XL) automatic chronograph watch at the 2015 Basel Watch Fair launched two new watch. The new G-Timeless series continues the G-Timeless series of iconic streamlined design, and is divided into two versions to choose from: drawing stainless steel with black Cartier nail bracelet replica dial version, contrast; black belt with silver dial plate, elegant The

Dial 3 o’clock position with “week – date” display window, up and down around the “Gucci AutomaticChronograph” (Gucci automatic chronograph) words. 6 o’clock position below the Indian “Swiss Made” (made in Switzerland). Pointer and time scale scale using luminous coating design, simple and elegant, excellent identification.

The two G-Timeless series of automatic chronograph watch case made of stainless steel, and by drawing and polishing process, diameter 44 mm, regardless of design style, or size specifications are highlighting the large features. Watches sold inside the Swiss manufacturing Sellita SW500 movement, equipped with “week – date” dual calendar display. Stainless steel crown on both sides with a slightly tilted button, engraved with the brand logo diamond pattern pattern perfect fit.
These two watch silver metal body shape elegant, classic round case and simple dial, and then with exquisite chain strap, always reveal the superb watchmaking process.


only the screen content changes when the power consumption power consumption is relatively low

Wear equipment has just emerged, the product form has not yet been established, the manufacturers are still in the end what kind of product can be successful. So in the market, not only different types of products, even with a class of hardware configuration products are also very different Cartier love bracelet replica , the following and watch the home together to see the smart phone screen technology some doorway.
Smart watches touch screen common classification and characteristics
1, Mirasol screen
On behalf of the product: Qualcomm Toq, music source Fashioncomm A1
Features: can display color images, good light experience better.
Samsung Gear released at the same time, Qualcomm also released Toq smart watches. In fact, Qualcomm’s intention is not to be able to wear the equipment market to obtain the number of shares, the main intention is to show, promote Mirasol screen.
Speaking, the characteristics of this screen is really more suitable for smart watches: experience similar to electronic paper, can be seen in the light under the screen, only the screen content changes when the power consumption, power consumption is relatively low. At the same time Mirasol screen display screen is color, and the screen refresh rate is higher, and even display video, these features are not available in electronic paper.
Mirasol screen development is twists and turns, each of its pixels is an IMOD module. Each module consists of a glass substrate and an active reflective film, with a gap in the middle. After the voltage is turned on, the reflective film can move up and down, when the reflective film and the glass substrate is fully aligned, it shows black, and the reflective film and glass substrate distance increases, will show red, green, blue and other colors. As the Mirasol screen structure is more complex, the production is relatively difficult, the product yield is only about five percent, so the cost is also high.
Before Hanwang, Shanda has launched Mirasol screen e-books, 5.7-inch products, the price actually reached 2400 yuan (the price now can buy iPad mini), naturally difficult to be accepted by the market. So in 2012, once came the news of Qualcomm discontinued Mirasol screen.
So now high-pass smart watches in the promotion of Mirasol screen, the high cost of the problem has been resolved? Although we do not know the specific price of the screen, but at least now use Cartier love ring replica Mirasol screen product prices can still be accepted.
Put aside the high-pass Toq, take the recent launch of the fashion source Fashioncomm A1, the price is only 1299 yuan, in the domestic smart watch, really not particularly high. Coupled with the characteristics of power and color display, Mirasol screen may really have a place.
2, Mobius flexible electronic paper
On behalf of the product: Sonostar
Features: Light weight, power saving, can be bent, the screen can not display color images.
Mobius flexible electronic paper is developed by Sony and Yuan Tai, originally this screen is for e-books and other equipment to build, but with the screen size has been done 1.73 inches (resolution 320 × 240), naturally can also be applied To the wearable device, Sonostar smart watch is used in this screen.
Mobius soft electronic paper selling point is in the continuation of electronic paper power-saving features at the same time, the traditional electronic paper in the glass substrate into a plastic substrate, the weight is significantly reduced do not say, but also has a flexible ability.
For example, a 13.3-inch Mobius flexible electronic paper weighs only 93g, while the same size glass substrate electronic paper weight was 144g, the gap is obvious.
But the Mobius flexible electronic paper applied to the smart watch, or will face a lot of problems. Some problems can be solved, for example, electronic paper can not be used in a dark environment, Sonostar smart watch approach is to join the light module, when used or new notice, the screen backlight will automatically light up. As for the electronic paper refresh rate is not high, anyway Sonostar smart watches only show mail, SMS and other information, to avoid the video application, so the impact is not obvious.
And some problems is Mishap, the most obvious is that Mobius flexible electronic paper does not support color display, black and white screen looks and black and white screen mobile phone in general, that experience as if the night before the liberation. Users can not accept this picture, this is a big problem.
Sonostar smart watch screen can bend, mainly based on Mobius flexible electronic paper
3, Mobius flexible electronic paper
Translucent semi-reflective screen
Representative products: Sony SmartWatch2, inWatch Z
Features: a variety of environments can clearly show that the process is complex.
Wearable equipment needs to be used in the outdoors, TFT screen products in the bright light can still maintain a clear Cartier nail bracelet replica display, is a big problem, the common solution is to use semi-transparent semi-reflective screen. This screen technology has been very mature, in mobile phones, GPS and other products have been widely used.
Which is characterized by a layer of reflective film coated in the screen, the light through the reflective film, the light through the reflection of the light back each half. This screen is equipped with a backlight function, can be read in the dark environment as usual, you can clearly show the image in bright light, it can be said to reflect the screen and the advantages of all-transparent screen together.
Translucent semi-reflective screen is the lack of the addition of the reflective film, the production process is more complex, its production focused on Samsung, Sharp and other companies, the price of your side.
At present, only Sony SmartWatch2, inWatch Z and other products using this screen.
4, memory LCD screen
Representative products: Agent
Features: low power consumption, black and white picture.
Traditional LCD screen in use, even if the screen part of the image has not changed, but still have to constantly refresh the screen, which will consume a lot of power.
In response to this problem, Sharp introduced the memory LCD screen technology. The use of liquid crystal panel in each pixel between the larger gap between the pixels in each pixel on the integration of 1bit capacity of the memory, so the screen will not keep refreshing, and to save the purpose of electricity.
But the memory capacity is indeed very limited, the current screen can only achieve black and white display. At the same time, the memory LCD screen also achieved a translucent semi-reflective effect, but is the use of a special liquid crystal material to achieve.
In other words, the memory LCD screen is equivalent to its own backlit electronic paper.
The power consumption of this screen is really low, only 15 microwatts of power are consumed in displaying the image, and the power consumption when updating the image is only 50 microwatts. Because of this, Agent smart watch to achieve 30 days of life (not open Bluetooth), which in the performance of similar products is very top-notch. Memory LCD screen structure is more complex, the cost should not be too low.
At the same time, with the previously introduced Mobius flexible electronic paper, memory LCD screen is black and white display, many users may be difficult to accept it.
The above description of these screens, in fact, many are the first time in the consumer products appear. This shows that the manufacturers of an attitude, that is, what products can be put on the wearable equipment market test, see if the user can be recognized.
The current focus of the manufacturers concerned about the power and adapt to the needs of outdoor applications, which for the extension of life, adaptability is certainly very helpful.


There are round carving, relief, carved or a few techniques and use

Wood carvings
There are round carving, relief, carved or a few techniques and use. And some also painted color to protect the wood and Cartier love bracelet replica landscaping. The general selection of fine texture tough, not easy to deformation of the tree species such as Phoebe, red sandalwood, camphor, cedar, ginkgo, incense, mahogany, longan and other architectural decoration wood carving, there are many folklore, opera, historical stories for the theme works; Wood carving is to pay attention to play the beauty of the wood itself, the same degree of potential, because of pride, as people love works of art. Doors and windows, pendant, flower board, screen, Ming and Qing furniture, wall, Buddha, frame and other carved wood art Seiko secret agents, unique and yet classical charm.
Nuclear engraving
Is the traditional Chinese folk arts and crafts, the use of Guangdong’s “Wu Hang” olive nucleus, in which engraved a variety of fine figures picture, since the Ming and Qing dynasties, for the collection of lovers love. Ming Dynasty notes writer Wei Xueyi “nuclear boat”, describes the artist Wang Shouyuan creation of “Su Dongpo rafting Red Cliff”, is in the “no surplus inch” olive core engraved a wooden boat, small boat engraved with Su Dongpo, Buddha India, boatman and child children 5 characters, different demeanor, the ship decoration, ornaments are equipped with people wearing pleated, four rice grain size of the window can open freely, people amazing.
Bone carving
Bone carving has a long history, the ancients made the bone abrasive needle, knife and the words and patterns engraved on the Cartier love ring replica bone. Bone carving is a very beautiful handicrafts, through different knives carved lifelike three-dimensional figures, flowers and birds. Selection of high-quality natural horns, the texture of fine, natural color, carved fine, magical shape of the United States, gives a unique ancient, natural beauty. Superb carving art,
With a strong cultural style and regional characteristics of the Central Plains.
A traditional practical crafts. Utilize the weeds and furniture. The main origin of Guangdong, more common in Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Foshan and other places, has a long history.Tengduo this local specialty is not only a very good living utensils, but also a strange production and even war equipment. “Three Kingdoms” on the “rattan army” records, the so-called “rattan” that is used to weave warrior, “crossing the river is not sink, the water is not wet, knife arrows can not enter.” In the past border of the Mingguang, sector head, Guyong area of many roads every river outside the river, are followed by the ancient rattan bridge. This kind of rattan traction will be prepared as a bridge like a network slot, precarious and immortal, pedestrian on it, threw, sit like. Perhaps because the rattan in the large number of use, rattan craft flowers in the urban and rural areas, produced by the traditional furniture, chairs, tables and other bulk products, there are baskets, blue, boxes, boxes and flower racks, bookshelves and even a full living room, Study furniture, exquisitely carved, quaint and no lack of new ideas, with a strong practical and artistic, with a different Replica Cartier jewelry environment – in the cold room feel the extravagant, cloth in the Huatang feel its humble, can be described as rich and poor Should be good and bad.


These manufactured goods are produced or outsourced to workers in the factory

These manufactured goods are produced or outsourced to workers in the factory, but the output has not yet met the needs of the French population, which is mainly distributed. Third, the 20th century and the early 21st century As we all know, the industrialization of the product occurred in the 19th century and destroyed many workshops, France had to support the two world wars in the local Cartier love bracelet replica. These events have an impact on all areas of activity and have an economic impact on society. After the end of the Second World War, process protection was not the first thing to consider. People who have demand for handicrafts have begun to be content with industrial products, including national and export. Now how to find craftsmen in France? There are three different situations from different roles and different administrative categories. The first to find the craftsmen in the state-owned workshops, but also craft to teach the place. These workshops are the legacy of the previous manufacturer. Only a few in the run: a few workshops engaged in tapestry production; two engaged in lace production, including knitted lace and clubhair lace; the last one engaged in Chinese porcelain production. The quality level is very high, they get orders from the country and work for them, producing official diplomatic gifts. Every year, a famous artist is asked to do a project or is invited by a project, which means that it will eventually produce and implement a masterpiece of a design. Some important private enterprises also have their own craftsmen. The second case is that the craft is practiced by some Cartier love ring replica professional lovers. They do not need to be members of the association and declare themselves to be craftsmen. The last case can be described as a traditional way of practicing the craft, which is a personal practice in which traditional practices are carried out in a village, a small town, or a workshop in a larger area. For example, in clay-rich areas, pottery is an important craft, and some craftsmen try to maintain the technology. Or in the eastern part of France, in Lorraine (Nancy) city like Nancy, there is a strong tradition of decorative arts, especially glass and crystal work. In the area, workshops still exist for small-scale sales or work for important shops. These craftsmen need to get status so that they can get social benefits. Therefore, they are members of different associations, through private, semi-official or official channels to obtain information and advice. They are as part of the exhibition as much as possible to showcase their work in the fields of handicrafts, stone, wood, glass, clay, and textiles. But what is the relationship with the customer? When visitors visit a place and find that there are still claywork, the knife is still working, the family is still making some cases such as baskets. But this is a small range of social needs, and is more rapid development of different life. This fast-growing lifestyle is always present in the city, where it is difficult to see the nature of nature, it is difficult to see the stars at night. As a conclusion, I think the process is important to the society in which it lives. In France, these processes have more cultural implications than the economy. Only in this way, even though arts and crafts is a very narrow branch, but she is an important regional identity mark, is to make life and creativity are closely related to harmony with nature, and to maintain all the “things hope.” This is not to say that the Replica Cartier jewelry past “nostalgia”, but rather to see these processes are firmly inherited within the past and the future.


Experience the material beauty, beyond the inherent ideas

Experience the material beauty, beyond the inherent ideas
All art and design are germinated in the minds of designers in the mind, and through the material, technology, technology and dialogue have been developed. As we all know, to inject new ideas for the clothing, design for the development of new space, is the most prominent paper-loaded design performance. Realistic clothing must be shaped in the traditional sense of the Cartier love bracelet replica fabric, because it ultimately serves the needs of people wearing, but paper designers can ignore this, they use alternative ways of thinking, so that paper into a reality beyond the works, although the production Paper is made of paper that is commonly used or discarded, as well as obscure articles, but is re-invented in such a way that the contents of the objects themselves are converted into additional content and meaning, such as a few nylon ropes and gold Glossy paper on the composition of the personality dress, as well as a one-time line with the string from the composition of cool evening dress; expired magazines, plastic bags, broken glass, feathers, etc. in the hands of designers can turn waste into treasure, as Fashionable elements of Cartier love ring replica. If the high-level clothing is by virtue of the perfect design and noble fabrics and is known as a luxury, then these with experimental and avant-garde of the paper with the ingenuity and pleasant surprise. In the costume design, sometimes designers to consider too much on the renderings of the beautiful shape of clothing, rich forms of change and the rational use of color and so on, while ignoring the real experience for a variety of real materials. In fact, the creation and design of material art is very creative style of art, contact materials, close to the material brought to people’s pleasure and the resulting visual attraction is unparalleled. In the paper with the designer’s eyes, the production of materials, regardless of the distinction between the United States and the ugly, depending on the application is appropriate. Different materials can produce different sense of drape, sense of thickness, light and heavy feeling, soft feeling and rough feeling and delicate feeling, different materials to convey the effect is different. In general, a piece of paper works on the use of two or three different materials more appropriate, slightly more on the four, with a bad will produce a sense of tacky. The effect of strong materials used in the coat, collar, sleeves, belts and other key points, can better demonstrate the visual impact; effect of ordinary materials arranged in the lining, loading and other background location, you can play a better foil effect . In a sense, the material with the design of the relationship between paper and paper works of aesthetic value.
Fourth, the conclusion
Design thinking is extremely complex psychological activities, each designer of the paper design concept, design ideas are different. The essence of all the design is to create, so the design must break through the concept of sticking, if the design of clothing, and paper equipment is to create. Paper design can ignore the practical function and use value of clothing, and pay attention to the artistic and cultural attributes of design, from the material and carrier, the future of science and the future of clothing performance, and try to design to change and create new life form.
“Design is to create an unprecedented form and content of the thinking and materialization process.” [3] From this point of view, paper design expresses the essence of the design, and its design philosophy is around the “breakthrough” unfolded. Therefore, the positive spiritual value and valuable is precisely because it has the concept of inspiration, courage to challenge the inherent ideas and mindset, ignoring the existing rules, carriers and means of expression, put aside all constraints, to explore new forms of clothing , For the design of clothing to provide a new imitation cartier love bracelet field of thinking. At the same time, paper design through creative way of thinking, to convey a unique design ideas or potential ideology, guide and predict the future direction of the development of clothing, I believe that paper design tools and methods of integration will give The development of the garment industry to bring new content!


Recently, Gucci introduced a new bee design elements

Recently, Gucci introduced a new bee design elements. This fascinating and influential new logo is used in the jewelry from the Le Marché des Merveilles series. This series of bees design eclectic, both poetic, in the Gucci 2016 spring and summer fashion show for the first time into the public eye.
Created in 18K gold or rose gold, this collection includes pendant necklaces, earrings and rings. This new design elements to justify a consistent Gucci consistent innovation spirit and creative strength.
GUCCI watch jewelry for the Cartier love bracelet replica series into the new bee design elements
Gucci watch jewelry will Bees – one of the brand’s latest design elements into its G-Timeless watch series. This series of bees design eclectic, both poetic, in the Gucci 2016 spring and summer fashion show for the first time into the public eye, when the models are wearing a new G-Timeless watch.
G-Timeless series has always been rich and varied, which was born a number of Gucci logo series. In the Fake Cartier love bracelet all the products, G-Timeless design called the main, its lasting charm is that the watch can always be “reborn”, the pattern doubled. The new push of the bee element symmetrical design, pleasing to the eye, but also have unlimited design possibilities. The newly released watch series uses a unique embroidery dial, gold wire to create bee shape, distributed modern neutral charm.
All new models are 38 mm in the code to Gucci’s “green – red – green” striped fabric background background gold embroidery bees. This extraordinary inherited Gucci dial in the material aspects of the tradition of innovation, while adding a touch of warm soft taste. Dial of the green, red, gold and Cartier love ring replica gold-plated case complement each other. The crown is decorated with interlocking “G” logo. The watch with “Cuoio Toscano” calfskin strap, red, green and light brown optional. All watches are available in two styles of strap: “bracelet” leather strap and the traditional strap, can be easily interchanged. Watch the back cover is also engraved bee pattern.
With these unique new G-Timeless watch, Gucci watch jewelry will be creative materials and design and traditional “Swiss-made” the perfect fusion of quality, once again consolidated its unshakable “creative watch business” status.
Taking advantage of the occasion of Christmas and New Year, ASTERMA senior jewelry custom close for everyone to prepare a fine chic jewelry feast, a beautiful pieces of fine jewelry, as if to take us into that fantasy fairy tale world, so holy , Pure, to this full of love and romantic days to add a timeless glory of color.
Just look at this earrings, there is a strong festive atmosphere, snowflakes of light as if exposure to snow in the Christmas. Traditional antique cut diamonds, spliced into a blossoming crystal snow, like flying in the air filled the sky, the role of luxury yellow diamond play dotting the eye, the lining was D-color white diamond no time more thorough and thorough, for the snow-white world Warm colors, the most simple and direct way to interpret the beauty of moving and romantic warmth of the moment. By http://www.ourlovestore.com
Pearl’s mellow and delicate nature is to highlight the elegance of charming women the best choice, the pink halo of pearl silhouetted against the crystal pink sapphire, exudes a gentle soft light, full of Aura, beautiful and mysterious. Its elegant and smart design, simple and stylish beauty, the beauty of women to show incisively and vividly, constitute a beautiful landscape, a kind of exposure to the holy among the angels, quiet happiness, beautiful moments in this necklace , This thing seems to be only heaven.


Time of the ceremony guardian years of voices

Time of the ceremony guardian years of voices
Tiffany collection of New York when the legendary charm, extraordinary style to witness the secrets of time. Tiffany Cocktail series watch interpretation gorgeous retro temperament, delicate craft show women graceful beauty. Tiffany CT60 series of simple and smooth watch to express the wrist on the modern rhythm to “New York minutes,” the infinite energy distribution filling dynamic. Subversion of traditional time expression of Tiffany East West series of elegant and avant-garde watch, reflecting the inner strength of women’s determination.
2017 Cartier love bracelet replica to pick the best tribute mother, in the bright and gilt necklace light indifferent years, long-lasting love. Send seconds to express their mothers never turn away feelings of gratitude and reverence.
China and the United States accessories shape intellectual temperament, as if into the flower of the world of love. GUCCI Flora series of jewelry for the Smart space to add a soft, very creative fashion stacking way.
Inspired by the classic floral motifs of GUCCI, the new series of gold jewels created by different styles in both poems and paintings are found in both high-end jewelry masterpieces and exquisite gold ornaments. Romantic charm of the necklace in particular with outstanding details, decorated with purple enamel butterflies and floral ornaments, inlaid ruby blooming with a unique artistic plot.
Along with the new suit, there are open rings, decorated with pink butterflies, flowers or embellished with rubies. Finally, through a matching slim butterfly bracelet to complete the overall match.
In the exquisite goldsmith craft to create, Dimantissima series of diamond patterns to 18K gold necklace, bracelet and earrings complete sets of Zhuo where the process is now.
Dimantissima series inspired by Diamante diamond pattern canvas unique pattern, criss-crossing the logo design inherited so far, as GUCCI one of the most representative patterns.
This replica Cartier love bracelet to 18K gold to create, heart-shaped modeling sexy charm, sensual pleasure, small and lightweight earrings in the diamond pattern of contrast, fashionable and suitable for different places of diverse needs.
GUCCI Diamantissiama series of watches to elegant, low-key details of the show women charm. Each watch with a series of unique identification diamond pattern, exquisite case with minimalist abstract style dial design perfect presentation, with the same series of jewelry series perfect match for women to provide a new style of choice.
This series of watch and rejuvenated, four watches with different color rendering, sapphire crystal glass table below the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position were engraved with GUCCI logo and Cartier love ring replica embossed, low-key style Exquisite striking.