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Amy Long Table as a member of the Swiss Geneva Watch Association

Amy Long Table as a member of the Swiss Geneva Watch Association, the company is headquartered in Geneva, watches and clocks. In recent years, Amy Long table uphold the Swiss watch industry superb watchmaking technology and meticulous, the spirit of excellence watchmaking, by virtue of the company over 300 years of temperament from the profound historical and cultural heritage, combined with modern advanced processing technology, their quality. Amy Long “contemporary luxury” series of Cartier love bracelet replica grand atmosphere, barrel-shaped appearance highlights the aristocratic temperament, retains the unique flow of the design of the wing wing wing design, like the wings of the eagle, publicity, domineering! Shell with the Department of Zhang Zhang, breaking the traditional barrel-shaped watch dull style, dynamic full of vitality. Today, watch home for everyone to bring a beautiful series of Amy Dragon luxury watch classic watch.

Dial delicate texture and barrel-shaped design perfect fusion, showing a classical European court charm, the Renaissance civilization and aristocratic elegance in this intersection, luxury in this cohesion. The whole table exudes a sense of luxury in Geneva first-class fashion, stable and not boring, fashion and not frivolous. Century classic here in the pool, contemporary luxury here to show!
This Amy dragon contemporary luxury 08.1138.G. watch, used for the classic barrel-shaped watch design, diameter of 39.4 * 37.2 mm, watch case and bracelet all used to build stainless steel, Case outer ring used for the tungsten steel ring design, not easy to be scratched, you can moderate to maintain a beautiful appearance.
This contemporary luxury series of watches, crown also used for the steel to create, zigzag design to ensure that the watch to facilitate the convenience of tuning. Watch the crown engraved with Amy Dragon classic time wings LOGO, increase the watch recognition.
Watch bracelet used to build the steel material, the use of the classic design of the three beads, the middle of the drawing for the use of beautiful Cartier love ring replica, and not easy to scratch, both sides of the polished polished, smooth and bright.
Wrist watch surface for the classic white radiation pattern design, with blue steel pointer design to ensure that the watch read when the simple and clear, watch 12 o’clock position with Amy dragon classic wing of the wing LOGO and Amy dragon name logo. Watch 3 o’clock position with date display window, simple and practical.
Amy Dragon watch the ear is the most representative of the design of the watch, the watch lugs, straps connected part of the slightly curved curved design, like a vacated wings of the eagle, soaring in the sky, to People to elegant, vitality of the embodiment.
Watch inside equipped with a fully automatic winding movement, the measured precision and durability.
Summary: Amy Long’s trademark is wings flying wings and symbol of the royal scepter together “intertwined”, all of its ears are used time wing design, which is Amy Long is a very personalized logo design. Today introduced this Amy Long contemporary luxury series of watches offer for 11,600 yuan.

Breguet’s long watchmaking history and exquisite watchmaking process, making both the literary and political circles or political celebrities, have appreciated it. Wearing a Breguet as a celebrity to highlight the way of self, and Breguet is also celebrity in the wear to get a certain spread, the two promote each other. Of course, for Breguet, celebrities may also be the source of creativity and inspiration. Today for everyone to recommend the three watches to verify the celebrity of the traction of the brand.

Breguet Naples Queen Series 8958BB / 55/974 D00D06 watch

This watch has a table diameter of 40 mm and a case thickness of 10.15 mm. Case using the material for the 18K white gold, in the case around the set with a circle of diamonds. Egg-shaped dial to pearl Fritillaria for the material carefully crafted, eccentric dial design is located in the bottom of the dial, in the center of the dial on the location of the natural shells relief process made of goat patterns. Below the dial is simple, the use of the Breguet pointer. Equipped with Breguet produced model Cal.537 / 1 movement, the diameter of 20 mm, the number of oscillations per hour 21,600 times, the use of 20 gems, providing 40 hours of power storage. White crocodile leather strap with 18K white gold buckle. Relaxed design, providing 30 meters waterproofing depth.

Breguet Naples Queen Series 8929ZB / 5D / 844 DD0D watch

Watch table diameter of 33 mm, the thickness of 8.6 mm, the case using the same material for the 18K white gold, in the case and the table are Cartier nail bracelet replica set with diamonds, so that this watch is surprisingly in the top right of the case with hanging Fall to pendant gems as embellishment. Light blue oval dial using the mother of pearl material, with diamonds as the time scale, blue Breguet pointer. Equipped with the model Cal.586 movement, diameter of 20 mm, 21,600 times per hour oscillation, the use of 29 stones, providing 40 hours of power storage. Black silk strap material strap, back through the design, providing 15 meters waterproof depth.

Breguet REINE DE NAPLES JOUR / NUIT 8998 Series 8998BR / 11/874 D00D watch

Compared to the two watch, this watch mechanical elements have been highlighted. The table diameter is 32 mm and the thickness is 10.05 mm. Case material used for the 18K rose gold, in the case is also inlaid with a circle of diamonds. Dial material is 18K gold and silver, hand carved flame pattern, hard lines, dial outer ring and bezel a total of 143 diamonds. Dial center on the direction of the hollow design, showing the watch of the mechanical device, 12 o’clock direction there are moon phase display window. Using the movement model Cal. 78CS, vibration frequency of 3.5 Hz, the use of 45 stones, providing 57 hours of power storage.

Summary: Breguet’s Naples Queen series watch, its inspiration is derived from the Naples Queen Caroline designed a watch, but it is in the history of the development of Breguet has gradually become a very important series. The series of design are in accordance with the appearance of goose-shaped, elegant and generous view of this concept. Believe that this historical design, will be loved by the table fans.


Equipped with 900P manual mechanical movement watch

In order to trace the brand nearly half a century of ultra-thin legend, PIAGET Earl in the four major cities in the country held a super watchmaking exhibition, a comprehensive display of its top watchmaking process, November 3, 2015, Earl came to the capital Beijing, Beijing SKP Held its following Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shijiazhuang after the fourth station super watchmaking exhibition, Beijing is also the last stop of its technology exhibition, the exhibition will continue until November 8, interested friends can go to appreciate their own, feel ultra-thin The charm of the king.
The Earl Super Watchmaking Exhibition is located in the SKP shopping mall in Beijing, in the mall public area, with the story wall to build the site, the story of the wall to watch the Piaget watch brand slim legend and craft aesthetics Cartier love bracelet replica and other honors, and also Interspersed with short films and has an independent interactive experience area.

In the pocket watch is also popular, the count has been in the development of ultra-thin watch, and in 1957, the Earl launched a thick only 2 mm 9P manual winding movement, 3 years later launched a thick only 2.3 mm 12P Automatic winding movement, it can be said in the manual and automatic mechanical movement opened the count of ultra-thin king of the road. As for why the count will be committed to the development of ultra-thin watch, because at that time want to fit the watch on the wrist to wear a shirt is very difficult to fit the watch on the wrist is the symbol of the upper class and longing, then Why is the count successful, because the count of the brand motto is “always do better than the requirements”, the product requirements of the natural and easy to succeed.
Equipped with 12P movement of the antiques watch

In the ultra-thin field, the count has independently developed 37 self-produced movement, of which there are 25 for the ultra-thin movement, breaking the 14 world record, the proud results so far no one can break, The king of the little field of the king’s bit, can not be shaken. There are two workshops, the La Cote-aux-fees (fairy slope) of the workshop specializing in the movement of research and development, and the other is a well-known watchmaking workshop has a close relationship Workshop is located in the outskirts of Geneva gathered a number of skilled craftsmen, skilled in the external components and jewelry mosaic, powerful combination of the achievements of today’s count.
Equipped with 900P manual mechanical movement watch

Having said that before the brand in the birth of the 140th anniversary of the brand launched its latest 900P manual winding Cartier love ring replica movement, this movement is not just a movement for a movement, it and watch can be seen as a Overall, the movement and the case into one, making the watch as a whole only 3.65 mm thickness, 145 parts in the thickness of 3.65 mm and 38 mm diameter watch precision operation, which can be said to be a miracle of the existence.
Now the count is not only in the ultra-thin manual mechanical movement is unique in the ultra-thin automatic mechanical movement is not much better, the world’s thinnest self-winding movement 1200P and 1208P is the count in the field of ultra-thin automatic mechanical movement of the most Good proof. However, the Earl is not satisfied with the status quo, one after another conquered the tourbillon, calendar, three asked three complex functions, 600P Tourbillon movement, 855P calendar movement and 1290P ultra-thin three asked movement, are refreshed the same movement Slim record.
If you think the count is only in the ultra-thin field made a tree, then it is too young, too naive. The above two watches are the count of the big fire clamor enamel watch, but also the count to join the traditional Chinese zodiac elements, by the world famous independent enamel artist Anita Porchet to master the cloisonne enamel skills, in the gray tone of the dial will this Year life depicts it. We can see Anita Porchet’s signature (A.P) under the watch face.

GOA38588 Golden Carving watch
Gold dial, gold elephant made elephant lifelike, art masters use a pair of skilled and carving knife, chisel carving out of a three-dimensional Cartier nail bracelet replica sense of the screen, enough to prove that the count in the gold carving position.
GOA38574 gold thread embroidery watch

Black silk dial, this design can be said that the alternative, in the black silk dial on the first gold line with a plum show a pattern, it can be said to be used to complete the infinite patience, the precious gold used up to 2 Meter.
Summary: The Earl Super Watchmaking Show will continue until November 8, during which we have time to go to Beijing SKP 4 layer feel the next Piaget watchmaking craft charm, feel its nearly half a century of ultra-thin Movement of the road of progress, feel its unique gold carving watch and ultra-beautiful big fire clamor enamel watch charm.


rotate the crown from time to time in a normal state so that dust and dirt are released

Prema watches, maybe know that the brand is not many people. Po Lima is a small domestic watch brand, stylish and beautiful design style, while low prices. In Guangzhou, won a lot of local low-income people in the praise. The following watch home to introduce you to Baoli Ma watch it!
Po Lima watch brand introduction
Po Ma Ma (prema) watch is the Guangdong local watch brand. Its origins can be traced back to 1998. After several years of experience in the market, is now Mr. Fang Haijun line of the company’s exclusive agent sales Cartier love bracelet replica, Taobao on the mid-range watch well-known brands.
Baoshan (prema) brand by the Dongguan City Line Co., Ltd. was founded, the company set up February 29, 2012, the company mainly to e-commerce, the company’s purpose to the world’s sense of time stronger. There is a new understanding of watches.
Po Lima that the watch is to see the time is also a decoration. Is the embodiment of the gentleman’s demeanor, ladies charm embodiment. The world is beautiful for you.
Baoli Ma watch use Note:
1 case and crown, such as possession of dust and dirt, may make the crown difficult to pull out. Please rotate the crown from time to time in a normal state so that dust and dirt are released and then wiped.
2 case or strap on the back of the gap is often dust and dirt. Deposition of dust and dirt can cause corrosion and contamination of clothing.
Watch cleaning method
1. Please use a soft cloth to wipe the case and table on the dirt, sweat and water.
2. Please use a soft dry cloth to wipe the sweat and dirt on the belt.
3. When cleaning metal, plastic or rubber straps, clean the dirt with mild soap and water. Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the gap in the metal strap. If the watch is not waterproof, please go to the dealer clean.
CAUTION: Do not use solvents (thinner, gasoline, etc.) to avoid damage to the surface coating.
Boss BOS watch, from Germany’s young fashion brand. The brand was founded in 1988 by Angela Von Bos in the town of Glashütte, Germany, and has since developed a history of BOS (BOS) brand history. Years of history. Over the years, the Boxer watch in the design is full of creativity, to break the German style of the strict style, has been well-known German brands and private custom high-end watch.
Bausch watches brand profile
2014 – Bauschale watch (BOS) officially entered the Chinese market, in the ‘world factory’, said Dongguan set up R & D center, the same year the establishment of Po Societe Generale, for the customization of high quality watch.
“With the time peers, was distinguished life.”
Baosi watch has always insisted on strict checks on the quality of Cartier love ring replica the threshold, by the high-quality design team effort to build, through the international leading level of precision machining equipment, and strive to produce every watch can make people enjoy the refining process and fashion aesthetics The perfect combination. A good watch will never be confined to the exact description of the context of time, it is a person’s identity and status of the embodiment. Po Si, from beginning to end and time counterparts, all the time to show noble taste.
Life, not only by the time; and Po Si, not only only minutes and seconds. Boss and you in the ordinary twenty-four hours, enjoy the forgotten time in the corner of the fun, bear in mind the moment of eternity.
Swiss watch brand Bin Jue, in the domestic visibility is not very high Many friends have not heard of. Many people want to know the name of the watch in the end is a watch brand, the following let the watch home to introduce you!
Binger watches brand introduction
Swiss bass table, is to commemorate Mr. Binjue century birthday and in recognition of its outstanding contribution in the field of watches, with its successor Switzerland Geneva launched chronograph watch. Mr. Bin Jue, who has served as the famous Swiss watchmaker, has been influenced by the Breguet watch, and the watchmaking process has inherited its usual production style.
Swiss Bin table inherited the Swiss and the European royal nobility of the custom gene, each mechanical watch used to create hand-crafted, crafted and crafted.
Focus on the design and development of mechanical watches, and gradually created the Swiss Bin table in the Swiss watch brand reputation. Since its inception, experienced continuous research and development, relying on tabulation process, as well as design style, by the global watch industry respected and loved.
The world’s table fans are recognized that each piece of the Swiss baccarat watches are reflected in a different tabulation process standards, and it is worth spreading, so at the beginning of the beginning, the Swiss bass produced by each piece of timepieces are in the back cover With a separate number, a table on the 1st, pure hand polished, for collectors to determine its authenticity and origin, will prove the brand from generation to generation of manufacturing skills and effort.
Swiss Bin table has many craftsmanship, and the design also makes people relish. The overall disk hollow, and carved to decorative patterns, the wearer can enjoy the movement of precision movement, a taste of Cartier nail bracelet replica the charm of mechanical art, and suddenly may feel it is like life beating as touching.
Swiss Bin table has a mature watchmaking technology, inheritance to improve the production of functional mechanical watches, to achieve carved, transparent flywheel, Tourbillon double bridge, tourbillon single bridge and other complex mechanical watch function. Bin table continued noble Swiss watch the configuration requirements, the surface of the diamonds are presented by the real diamond, the whole table presented by the gold parts are made of gold.
Bin Jue table has many extraordinary craftsmanship, and the unique design also makes people relish. The overall disk hollow, and carved to decorative patterns, the wearer can enjoy the movement of precision and perfect operation, enjoy the infinite charm of mechanical art, and suddenly may feel it is like the beating of life.


Any one diamond ring its price will be largely affected by the value of its brand

20 points Platinum diamond ring price is how much?
“Diamond forever, a permanent spread”, this classic words believe that few people do not know, all along, people will be diamonds as a symbol of eternity and immortality, diamond ring is representative of pure love of love. A diamond ring, for everyone’s wedding once life is essential, it witnessed the two people love each other, each other stick to the promise. Now, many Cartier love bracelet replica young lovers, no longer like the traditional gold ring, and choose the noble luxury diamond ring, for the working class, a 20 points platinum diamond ring is the most suitable, both fashionable and affordable , Then, a 20 points platinum diamond ring price is how much? Let Xiaobian to do a simple analysis for everyone.
One of the analysis: 20 points platinum diamond ring price composition

A 20 cents platinum diamond ring price, mainly by its bare diamond prices and the price of its platinum ring prices, bare diamond prices do not have to do more, focusing on the price of platinum ring, platinum is precious metals, because it is more rare , So its price relative to the gold is much higher, the price of platinum 950 is 438 yuan / gram, while the price of 18k gold is 238 / g, so the choice of platinum ring than the gold ring to catch nearly half of the gold price. Of course, a 20 points platinum diamond ring price composition but also with the process fee and so on. So, a 20 cents platinum diamond ring price than a 20 cents k gold diamond ring price is much higher.
Analysis of the two: 20 points platinum diamond ring brand value

Any one diamond ring, its price will be largely affected by the value of its brand, we give an example of 20 points platinum diamond ring brand value of its price, men can only customize a real love diamond Sri Lanka, the classic price of 20 points Platinum Diamond Ring is the price of 6600, while the same 20 points Platinum Diamond Ring only love diamond ring, the price is 4959, the price difference between them is mainly due to the different brand value. So, a 20 points of platinum diamond Cartier love ring replica ring, different brands, the price will be a big difference.
Analysis of the three: 20 points to buy platinum diamond ring need to pay attention

No matter how to choose the diamond ring, the first thing to note is its 4c standard: clarity, color, weight, cut. In the selection of 20 points platinum diamond ring, it is to see the clarity, color and cut, generally in the purchase, will provide reference standards, must be carefully identified before they can pick a perfect 20 points Platinum Diamond Ring The

20 points Platinum diamond ring price is how much? A platinum diamond ring, the impact of its price there are many factors, platinum ring is also an important reason, but platinum noble and elegant, but also for the pursuit of fashion lovers now the best choice.
Two people love, this is a simple and natural and beautiful things. One day, we meet, in the vast sea of people, alone is me and you, no early step, no further step, just met here. From here on, the two parallel lines began to meet, since then, your life has a me, my life has a you Western traditions have long been popular with the tradition of wearing a diamond ring. In the traditional customs of the West, there is a blood on the left hand of the ring finger that connects the heart of our heart, which represents the luck that God has given you, In the left hand ring finger, a symbol of love intimate good, so they think the diamond ring should be worn on the left hand. In ancient Egypt, the wedding ring wears on the bride’s left hand ring finger, representing the bride’s loyalty and obedience to her husband. Then as the wedding of the most important wedding ring wearing a hand?

One: the Western wedding ring to wear which hand

In the West, people think that the left hand represents the blessing of God, in the left hand ring finger on a blood connected to our hearts, the wedding ring wearing a ring on the other side of the ring finger, then they will be on the left hand, Can circle love, a symbol of two people heart and mind, stick to each other.
Two: Chinese wedding ring wear which hand

In China, where there are thousands of years of traditional countries, people have always believed in the truth of reconciliation between yin and yang, that the two poles between each other to reconcile, you can achieve a balance. Some of the habits of our lives are actually indirectly Cartier nail bracelet replica influenced by this thought, such as the idea of male left-wing women, and in some ceremonial situations people still follow this tradition. So in China, people get married, the man used to wear wedding ring on his left hand, the woman used to wear wedding ring on his right hand to achieve the role of mutual reconciliation, so that married life more harmonious and happy.

Three: other argument
In addition to the two widely circulated in the Western law, but also popular with a saying, is wearing a right hand before marriage, marriage will be changed to the left hand, may be married for convenience, to avoid the diamond ring was worn, of course, more For the romantic argument is to take the left and right of India’s good meaning.

In recent years, people are more and more rigidly adhere to the tradition, many young new people no longer deliberately wear wedding jewelery in a particular finger, for the convenience and mood, at any time to change the location is also often. Married diamond ring wear which hand, there is no uniform answer to this question, Xiao Bian that, or should be based on different local customs decisions, you can not rigidly adhere to this, according to their own wishes are also not a bad idea.


Voice micro-baby with smart phones or other voice micro-baby products for voice interaction

Voice micro-baby with smart phones or other voice micro-baby products for voice interaction
Voice micro-baby home inside the cute doll display, just a touch, you can with the pre-set people to Cartier love bracelet replica communicate. Simple, easy to use, interesting, voice interaction is the characteristics of voice micro-baby.
Microwaves are a series of home networking products that can add to the fun of life. The use of cloud technology, home items and smart phones, SNS platform interaction, allowing users to experience a new intelligent life.
Micro-baby features low power consumption, and microwaves gateway wireless connection, and smart phone interaction, interesting and strong. Micro-use of Internet technology to achieve the product and the Internet (equipment) of the Cartier love ring replica exchange of information, simple operation, small and exquisite, beautiful and practical. Applicable to home, school, office and other Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica places.
Micro baby can
1. Speech interaction with a smartphone or other micro-baby product.
2. let you know the other half of the emotions.
3. tell you who like the update microblogging, log QQ
4. Monitor the electrical appliances at home.
5. add fun to your daily life.
Fun life, starting from the micro-baby!
Valentine ‘s Day gift
Andrews robot voice micro doll doll
Red Xoopar boy voice micro doll doll
Yellow Xoopar boy voice micro doll doll
Savage voice micro doll doll
Couple micro baby doll


Fashion Week is a big event, from New York to Milan

Fashion Week is a big event, from New York to Milan, concave shape, with more legitimate reasons to wear like this mobile magazine out of the street, today’s fashion week is not just the T stage that thing, show field Outside the carnival no less than show field, models, designers, Cartier love bracelet replica, stars, influx of people, fashion editors are playing with the figure to attract photographers lens. We take a look at these fashion week on the regulars to do what, and what new faces joined in.
Mainstream power: they are composed of fashion editors and Matou, but also the most fashion on the mirror week main force.
With style: black motorcycle jacket, Boyfriend jacket, short to no longer short shorts, the finishing touch of the new hair.
ANNA WINTOUR and the French version of “VOGUE” editor CARINEROITFELD nature is the two souls, CARINEROITFELD show in New York these days, prefer khaki, replaced black clothes, play preppy look, immediately became the street beat JAK & JIL shooting Object. Other fashion editors are also the best, of course, the most dazzling should be the Italian version of VOGUE fashion editor GIOVANNABATTAGLIA, she is this year’s fashion week star editor, although her style has a taste of taste image has long been popular. But she arrived in the show after the show, or helpless was the security shut out. See the big scenes of GIOVANNA, know countless Japanese photographers, manuscripts against her, did not complain about the expression Cartier love ring replica, come up with mobile phones have to put an elegant pose.
Hair naturally is the soul, fashion week cut the hair of the model Pei Bei looks refreshing and type, immediately reproduced to the major site forum. So, in September of the fashion week, not afraid of hot, dressed in fur, stepping on 09 autumn and winter of the big heat over the knee, watching the show, for the eye, was fashionable and shot on the street bit, or Out. Japanese version of “VOGUE” fashion director ANNA DELLA RUSSO is still walking their own “personality of the road.” You see all the hot single product and enough to support their strong gas field perfect body: lace and bow, half-naked back. Retro class children, like old movies
In the sexy girl. Wearing CHANEL09 autumn and winter models, the court wind collar collar design noble and refined, shrugging coat in the fall is a good choice. On the other side, “ELLE” editor ROBBIEMYERS and creative director JOE ZEE momentum, into the show field. THAKOON look at the show Replica Cartier love bracelet, the guests unanimously heel wear high, with children from 10 cm to 15 to higher, after reaching the limit, went to “strange” and “legs” on the development. Do fashion fine, must bear to wear high heels, Funny shoes.
NEW FACE: Asian power
With style: high heels, GIVENCHY dark style


At the beginning of this century, when I had my first phone, I had not worn it for years

At the beginning of this century, when I had my first phone, I had not worn it for years, and it was a self-betrayal at the time. Now, like me, the generation of mobile phones, are considering re-wearing back to their Cartier love bracelet replica mechanical watches.
I used to love these mechanical gadgets in the late 1990s and practiced almost day and night, but when the new digital century hit, I threw the TAG Heuer Carrera into the drawer. This beautiful watch was purchased in 1998, this fall when I pull it out from the old home, it is still as long as before buying as new.
And I took off the watch in the mobile phone era and many people, one of my high school classmates have also been mechanical fans, until he began to pick up the phone in college, and I rarely mention these common topics, the most recent Occasionally Syria old, down to discuss the matter from the table to buy 50,000 yuan budget.
Another of my friends spent ten years burying themselves in the moving LCD screen, his work requires him to always stare at the phone, from the red LED digital display, to the monochrome black and white screen, and then to today’s full touch Screen smart phone, he from the electronic world to get accurate time information. But suddenly, he wore a quite characteristic of the Cartier love ring replica German small factory when the two watches, I was shocked. The big brother knows that there are thousands of free applications in the App Store can achieve this 67,000 dollars mechanical function of the device, but his gestures still proud.
If you look around, you will find a similar trend: 30-year-old men, those who have clamshell phone hides in hoodie pocket, slovenly punctual peers, began to gradually enter their changing social status – Dressed appropriately, and holding different budgets in the market looking for their respective gear pets. There is no doubt that in the men’s dress, the generation of mobile phones to re-discover the beauty of the mechanical table to bring.
Just five or six years ago, people almost no longer use the mechanical time, handheld games, huge iPod, slider phone and a calculator function of the electronic form are optional. Sociologists watch the same with the disappearance of the VCR, pen and typewriter side by side, the media is more words of chisel, said the watch is completely outdated handicrafts. Now it seems, but really may not. At least, those who have the coolest digital products are now a staff, and unique watch can make people look in the circle of friends in a special identity.
I have observed in the subway in Tokyo, those who first entered the workplace of Japanese young people, although the suit is straight, carrying a briefcase, but still common between the facial features Shinjuku frivolous and childlike. They hold cartoons in shaky cars, or use white headphones around items, but often at the cuffs, revealing something more calm temperament and better spending power – with a classic three-pin dial, or with a calendar , Round case leather cortex of the classic school mechanical watch. Many Swiss manufacturers have such a not old series, you can from 10,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan range to get numerous choices. Perhaps in addition to the “luxury” positioning, they are more like a new world entry ring.
Of course, no one really needs a Replica Cartier love bracelet watch to pinch time. But for the generation of people knocking on the keyboard grew up, their enthusiasm for the watch seems to go beyond the pursuit of the general fashion accessories. In a world surrounded by liquid crystal displays, wearing a mechanical watch brewed a new life experience, like high school graduation ceremony for the first time wearing a tie of excitement.
The watch and watch the relationship between the manual winding is also worth pondering, twist the crown before going to bed every night, day after day to maintain its operation, this is not the freedom of the phone generation and real life compromise excellent Symbol?


But Daisy’s table will always be more than the average jewelry designer points out something different

But Daisy’s table will always be more than the average jewelry designer points out something different, because strictly speaking, she is not only in the “jewelry” jewelry, but often doping rubber, plastic, ceramics, “cheap “s material. “If you want to be innovative in the fashion Cartier love bracelet replica, you have to try something that someone else has not tried,” Daisy said.
The award-winning black rubber ring, its source of inspiration is actually only a customer’s factory Daisy electronic equipment under the foot pad. The workers gave the “little rubbish” to Daisy, who quickly grind some prototypes. Because of the cheap, the design is easy to mass production, but Daisy in its shape based on the design of a number of derivatives, such as non-diamond and silver inlaid, also joined a variety of colors.
“I use the cheapest material to simulate the kind of expensive jewelry like, is not it fun?” This ring with diamonds, then the price of 1300 pounds, 40 pounds is not included. “Probably the cheapest diamond ring in the world?” Daisy said with a laugh, someone really bought a wedding ring.
Another popular series called Daisy is called “Best Before Collection”, and its prototype is only the size of supermarkets in the UK have sales of eggs. But in order to show that these eggs are quality certification, they will be knocked on the shell on behalf of the British royal authority of the lion seal. Daisy made it brooch, still inlaid with a small imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond, engraved “B / B DAY C”, “B / B” is the world’s best shelf life abbreviation Best Before, the latter is Daisy company name.
In 2006, Daisy in order to make this sterling silver brooch lighter, then made the hollow section, until the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, only a customer in front of the brooch laugh: “Daisy, this is too much like the Beijing Olympic Games that bird’s nest The! ”
These are somewhat strange jewelry buyers are diverse, architects, art lovers, advertisers, “even lawyers.” Daisy will put the works in the design museum or gallery consignment, in addition, each year also participated in about 5 jewelry exhibition, some as far away as New York and Amsterdam. This is very difficult for Daisy, because from the exhibition design materials to be prepared to hand. She designed a number of this can be folded into a flat, easy to carry wooden showcase, also bought gypsum cactus so decorate their own design.
“Designing sales is very important, and display is the best selling tool,” says Daisy, who inscribes “Everyday is good day” on an ordinary ring ring, but only if you pick it up Go to the inner ring ring in order to see the thin line of another word: “not today”, of course, this line will not be included in the name of the Cartier love ring replica word.
Those who picked up Daisy’s work often laugh, Daisy think this is the ultimate goal of her design. “What is the value of jewelry? Why do you buy those expensive stones? Many men buy a ring for women, just because the woman said I like it?
Daisy does not provide answers to these questions, just like her brand Slogan “wearing a throught”, you can think for yourself.


On the occasion of the shimmering diffuse midsummer eve of the French National Day

On the occasion of the shimmering diffuse midsummer eve of the French National Day, CHAUMET again opened the brand with the French history is tied more than two centuries of long chapter. In the near future to opening to the outside of the Fontainebleau palace Josephine Josephine empress, sweet girlfriend carefully restore former elegant decoration, with series of best new crowned Josephine, love of celebration of life and love. Step into the quiet place, like follow in the footsteps of Josephine, enjoy the unique style of art in Paris.
“Josephine, Josephine! You can remember I once said, god has created strong and decisive, I also with lace and gentle gauze weave beautiful you…”
– the French emperor napoleon
Josephine Josephine empress – through two centuries of Muse
Josephine queen, Josephine, was born in the Caribbean in Martinique island full of a garden. Was born of a prominent family, she is good at exploring the life intravenous drip, and with the grade of free from vulgarity. Her favorite 18th century aesthetic concept, combined with their intending of imagination, to reinterpret the empire that rigorous resolute style.
Her favourite elegant swans, rather than on behalf of the imperial eagle; She appreciate the warmth of nature, rather than the palace marble cold tone; She likes fine soft connect fully, rather than the royal tapestry of heavy and complicated is heavy. By Arab ornamental design, vortex totem, leaves and flowers design, her a neoclassical hale geometry line, injected with the female’s gentle. These highly poetic sensibility, curve and surprise, for military cold empire with a gentle lasting appeal.
Under the persistent efforts, she opened up a side of balmy paradise: there, emotional issue bright spark like a diamond, also like lace delicate and moving… Under the guidance of our infinite artistic imagination, Josephine initiative to shiny jewelry and rare gems to celebrate love, life and celebrating this moment.
The beauty and wisdom of both Josephine is French emperor napoleon’s first wife, and his love life of woman. To show this to the deep love for Josephine, napoleon ordered his royal jeweler, the founder of imitation Cartier love bracelet priests, for she has built a showily the half opening modelling of soft crown drill corona (Tiara). This drill also in napoleon to Josephine empress coronation crown as a glamorous, between the revival of classical headdress. And since then, Josephine will also become the Muse, inspired him to create both gourmet handed down from ancient times. To commemorate the Josephine the Muse, five years ago, in the brand was founded 230 anniversary of Cartier love ring replica series created a crowned Josephine, special love gourmet. This time, this series is a new 45 a gourmet, again shows the elegant style of CHAUMET proud. This series is a combination of delicate design and colorful gems, extremely rich contemporary sense of creativity technique to explore CHAUMET pass 12 generations, after more than two centuries of peak jewelry making attainments.
Crowned Josephine DE love series of creative inspiration
Balance of power and grace, and movement: this is what the Josephine series show CHAUMET style, elegant and feminine beauty, in the evolution history of constantly updated. Back brand from 1900 to 1900 s good (Belle Epoque) during the creation of fine, from necklaces, pendants, to drill the corona, hair accessories, all embody the characteristic and the nuances of Cartier love bracelet replica and combination.
The manuscript CHAUMET good s jewelry
New crowned Josephine, love series invested napoleon and Josephine to the deep love, different styles of drilling and crown form component index between beauty left-edge ring, necklace, pendant earrings, wrist watches, bracelets and attain beauty continuation of “crown” for love romance. New series was inspired by the geometrical design of the building, around the moment between the vortex and lively, like jewelry has capture water droplets spurt. All this in CHAUMET unique “blade” (Fil – couteau) and “hollow out” (Ramolaye) under enchases craft present, four different themes of jewelry, acura, empty spirit and noble interprets the Replica Cartier jewelry essence: is the combination of different contrast, is a combination of pure beauty and strength, is also delicate and bright, to praise the feminine charm of Josephine empress born, close nature of free from vulgarity, and unparalleled honour authority.
Round night, the stars
Like the stars in the sky, with glittering gems, with the precious spell. Pendants, earrings, rings without stint to bright light flashing out their own charm. The beauty of ladder type cutting coiled around a pear-shaped cut stone, present a swirl of clever.
Platinum ring, set with a pear-shaped II – ADFL and beauty, and weighs 3.40 carat, and 141 brilliant-cut diamond and 31 ladder type cut diamond
Heron, feather crown,
Diamond under fully embedded technology, such as blurted out sparkling water droplets, around the central pear-shaped stone, sending out the dazzling brilliance. Is the result of drilling and the design of the crown, will be crowned love good moral around the wrist, bound to take. AigretteImperiale ring for Josephine garden smooth add a sense of solemn grandeur.
Platinum earrings set with a pear-shaped II – the beauty of class ADIF, weighs 2.28 carat, the beauty of class 1 2.25 -carat pear-shaped DVVS1, and 42 brilliant-cut diamond.
Platinum ring, with the beauty of class 1 5.53 -carat pear-shaped DIF, and 73 brilliant-cut diamond. By www.ourlovestore.com