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Moon phase table will be superb craftsmanship and artistic taste

Born in 1853 in Switzerland, Tissot, with the tradition of innovation in the spirit and high cost. Today, Tissot has been around the world, as the table altar one of the immortal brands. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Tissot T-GOLD series platinum watch, the official model: T905.638.66.032.00.

Moon phase table will be superb craftsmanship and artistic taste of the perfect fusion, elegant white dial with the perfect performance of the watch, 6 o’clock position of the moon phase function and 11 o’clock power storage display shine, constitute a harmonious and wonderful Picture, the disk between the fine Cartier love bracelet replica wheat grain pattern is the interpretation of the elegant temperament of the watch.

Table diameter 42.5 mm
Watch case made of 18k white gold, table diameter 42.5 mm, white dial, full of mature elegant gentleman wrist charm. Equipped with an ETA6498 automatic winding mechanical movement, side thick, texture.

Screw-in gold-plated 18k white gold crown
Screw-in gold-plated gold-plated 18k white gold crown, feel comfortable, polished polished crown engraved brand Tissot capital letters “T”.

Brown leather strap bracelet
Brown leather strap bracelet, strap on the texture of the design highlights the intention of the design, both sides of the use of dark yellow pressure line design.

The thickness is 11.57 mm
This watch the thickness of 11.57 mm, thick case for the internal complex movement provides a sufficient space for the operation, the shell surface of the fine lines to fully demonstrate the watchmaker’s patience and meticulous, sapphire crystal glass table mirror Perfect embedded within the case, showing a slightly raised posture

Short lugs
Short lugs cut lines simple and concise with the case of one piece cast, draw a subtle curvature to fit the wrist, to ensure comfortable to wear Cartier love ring replica, the overall design and leather strap integration.

18k White Gold Folding Clasp
Adjustable 18k white gold folding clasp, the top of the buckle printed with a matte bottom of the satin “T” logo, easy to wear.

The center of the silver dial is decorated with wheat grain, surrounded by solar ray texture as the embellishment, the gold standard is displayed as the golden Arabic numerals, the small seconds of the 6 o’clock position, and the moon phase display function, the poetic romantic temperament arises spontaneously , 9 points and 11 points between the power reserve display, 40 hours energy display bit clearly indicates the remaining energy.

Through the bottom of the sapphire crystal glass, visible inside the watch carrying ETA 6498 self-winding mechanical movement, movement diameter 36.6 mm, 4.5 mm thick, vibration frequency 21600 times / hour, with 17 stones, Watch provides 40 hours of power reserve.

Summary: the metal material and very poetic moon phase function match, retro classic and modern aesthetic perfect blend together, this section of the watch to change the previous sports style, the perfect embodiment of the Tissot tabulation innovation and legend.
Into the end of December, facing the pace of Christmas, 2015 is also nearing the end, arguably, we are most concerned about is New Year’s Day is, but we seem to have more feelings for Christmas, probably simply because Christmas can receive gifts Well, after all, we do not have a holiday. New Year’s Day can be a holiday for three days, the state provides that this is our holiday (naive that does not leave the holiday is not like a holiday), has not had a small holiday for two months, or looking forward to go out to play, Do you have any plans?

Harbin ice and snow world
A friend who had been in the big north had sent a blessing to talk about his experience in school in Harbin, and recommended to you the annual winter racing party in Harbin – the ice festival, and now the concept of ice and snow has been compared But at the end of each year, Harbin ice and snow world is still very worth looking forward to, it is a full of ice world, lifelike animals, buildings are made of ice carving, like a fairy tale world, is simply the children’s paradise , But also innocent people do not obliterate the world.

Sunshine Shuang Dad – Hamilton Jazz Series H42515555 watch

Basic Information
Watch model: H42515555
Watch series: jazz
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless steel
Case Diameter: 40mm
Watch strap: leather
Reference Price: ¥ 8850

Watches and then comments: winter and romantic, outdoor is still cold, so try to choose with a belt, or just put on the wrist just like a touch of the Millennium ice (in the north of the cold night, except for heating). Handsome of course you have to choose the most classic watch with, Hamilton’s classic watch, it seems from the “interstellar crossing” began, it became a handsome standard, fashion classic, exquisite revealing rich connotation. Take the Swiss high-quality Cartier nail bracelet replica ETA 2895 self-winding movement, eliminating the daily manual trouble on the chain. Of course, the reason for choosing a small three-pin, is to cater to the Chinese implicit introverted character, while the Arabic numerals can enhance the modern atmosphere, and not too old-fashioned.

Fashion hot mom – Fiyta chord series LA8408.WWWD watch

Basic Information
Watch model: LA8408.WWWD
Watch series: heart chord
Movement type: quartz
Case Material: Stainless steel
Case Diameter: 32mm
Watch strap: leather
Reference Price: ¥ 4180

Watch comments: If you are a love of fashion mother, then for the United States and fine must have their own requirements. Here I recommend Fiyta chord series of this butterfly watch, it uses the natural color of the shell surface as a dial material, adding a lot of natural beauty, while the shell surface slightly transparent texture, and the snow world more The fun of the same thing. Design, the watch will be dancing butterflies, embedded in the dial above, with the natural graceful Arabic numerals and blue pointer, quickly capture the female critical eyes.

Cute Princess – Swatch original series LK292G watch

Basic Information
Watch model: LK292G
Watch series: original
Movement type: quartz
Case Material: Plastic
Case Diameter: 25mm
Watch strap: stainless steel
Reference Price: ¥ 499

Watches Comments: Children’s table is not too much, fashion is even less, but fortunately we have Swatch, Swatch watch favorite fashion elements, whether children or adults, can find their own Of the Swatch. Cute little princess, can be accompanied by such a Swatch watch, both when the bracelet, but also when the watch, and white down jacket with the most appropriate. And specially selected only 25 mm table diameter watch, but the length of the bracelet may be transferred. This is a gift dedicated to the lovely princess, more fashionable, so that children can also be very Fashion.

Summary: colorful snow and ice world, always able to affect the child’s heart, but also allow adults to forget yesterday’s busy, back to the most simple world, feel the most simple joy, the release has not yet devoid of innocence. These three watches, is a lovely little princess with a family of three recommended in the match and daily practicality, can be perfectly qualified for different occasions, handsome guy’s tough and elegant, hot mom’s exquisite fashion, and Little princess’s innocence, in Harbin ice and snow world, you can enjoy each other’s love and fun.


High-density stainless steel to create the case corrosion-resistant high temperature

MONUMENTUM – meaning a monument, memory, memorial, this series produced around the theme. Gorgeous embellishment of the crown, dial on the Roman numerals and double groove case to convey the sound of the monument to the statue. This classic design in the 1920s when the prevalence of many people carefully saved grandfather to give their own gifts. Today for everyone to introduce is the Eric House MONUMENTUM automatic men’s watch, the official number: 77005.
The watch case is made of stainless steel Cartier love bracelet replica, rose gold (IP / PVD), diameter 41 mm, thickness 11 mm, with anti-glare sapphire crystal, water depth of 50 meters.
High-density stainless steel to create the case corrosion-resistant high temperature, put an end to rust and color change, timeless. Hardness after the diamond sapphire crystal mirror, loss of wear and tear, perseverance and toughness. Screw-in spiral crown unique fashion creative and convenient transfer, the details of the watch show the beauty. Smart exquisite stainless steel ear, curvature is reasonable, moderate width, effectively prevent the strap off.
Silver checkered dial 3 points to join the calendar window with simple and handsome. Exquisite gold-plated time scale, Arabic numerals and ancient Greek letters through the combination, eye-catching intuitive easy to read. Slender gold-plated pointer, fresh and moving, unique shape, travel time precision, improve life efficiency.
Equipped with Citizen / Miyota 9015 automatic mechanical movement, with hours and seconds and calendar display function, through the table at the end of its precise operation. The watch has a brown leather strap, and with a butterfly buckle.
Summary: Germany’s famous “light luxury” watch brand, with F1 racing legend of the spirit of the endorsement, after the German manufacturing certification, but also the German Chancellor Angela Merkel favorite Cartier love ring replica Ai Lishe watch. Gold-plated stainless steel perseverance case, with gold scale time scale, eye-catching appearance. Brown refined strap, 3 o’clock calendar function, business atmosphere strong.
Formalum Vintage series of seven-day power reserve watch can be described as a classic presentation of the art of fashion, watch with aesthetics design and exquisite craft, with seven days of power reserve outstanding performance. This mechanical watch, 100% designed and manufactured in Geneva, enriched the entire Franck Muller Vintage series.

Watch movement is unique, skilled production of treasures, it shows the incomparable Joux valley typical tabulation process level, did the least ‘to’. Bridge board perfect combination of each other to create an acute angle between the acute angle and the staggered line. Extreme elegance, bronze arch showing exquisite carved Geneva ripple, bearing inlaid crystal bright red. This gorgeous treasures a total of 27 rubies, highlighting this extraordinary watch the distinguished and originality. The master of the watch, Pierre Michelle Gray, says that the Vintage (Curvex) 7-Days Power Reserve’s retro beauty lies in delicate craftsmanship and precise movement design. This complex craftsmanship makes Franck Muller Doubt the classic “.

With seven days of power reserve, with unprecedented precision time. To achieve this level of performance, the movement must be with the additional refining with a seamless. The window at 11 o’clock shows the remaining energy and displays the number of seconds at 6 o’clock. This is pure, classic lines and accurate, striking balance ratio is the iconic Curvex style ideal match, its shape highlights the characteristics of Franck Muller brand.

Since 1991, Franck Muller has headquartered in Geneva and designs and manufactures all of the watch’s watches in its Gento factory, including the Vintage (Curvex) 7-Day Power Reserve, all of which are manufactured entirely from the original The This mechanical wrist watch made of stainless steel plate, or rose with white enamel plate, or black disc with the movement style echoed the table back. This new model will be made into a sub-series, will soon join the brand’s Vintage series.
Gucci watch G-Timeless series of large models (XL) automatic chronograph watch at the 2015 Basel Watch Fair launched two new watch. The new G-Timeless series continues the G-Timeless series of iconic streamlined design, and is divided into two versions to choose from: drawing stainless steel with black Cartier nail bracelet replica dial version, contrast; black belt with silver dial plate, elegant The

Dial 3 o’clock position with “week – date” display window, up and down around the “Gucci AutomaticChronograph” (Gucci automatic chronograph) words. 6 o’clock position below the Indian “Swiss Made” (made in Switzerland). Pointer and time scale scale using luminous coating design, simple and elegant, excellent identification.

The two G-Timeless series of automatic chronograph watch case made of stainless steel, and by drawing and polishing process, diameter 44 mm, regardless of design style, or size specifications are highlighting the large features. Watches sold inside the Swiss manufacturing Sellita SW500 movement, equipped with “week – date” dual calendar display. Stainless steel crown on both sides with a slightly tilted button, engraved with the brand logo diamond pattern pattern perfect fit.
These two watch silver metal body shape elegant, classic round case and simple dial, and then with exquisite chain strap, always reveal the superb watchmaking process.


Any one diamond ring its price will be largely affected by the value of its brand

20 points Platinum diamond ring price is how much?
“Diamond forever, a permanent spread”, this classic words believe that few people do not know, all along, people will be diamonds as a symbol of eternity and immortality, diamond ring is representative of pure love of love. A diamond ring, for everyone’s wedding once life is essential, it witnessed the two people love each other, each other stick to the promise. Now, many Cartier love bracelet replica young lovers, no longer like the traditional gold ring, and choose the noble luxury diamond ring, for the working class, a 20 points platinum diamond ring is the most suitable, both fashionable and affordable , Then, a 20 points platinum diamond ring price is how much? Let Xiaobian to do a simple analysis for everyone.
One of the analysis: 20 points platinum diamond ring price composition

A 20 cents platinum diamond ring price, mainly by its bare diamond prices and the price of its platinum ring prices, bare diamond prices do not have to do more, focusing on the price of platinum ring, platinum is precious metals, because it is more rare , So its price relative to the gold is much higher, the price of platinum 950 is 438 yuan / gram, while the price of 18k gold is 238 / g, so the choice of platinum ring than the gold ring to catch nearly half of the gold price. Of course, a 20 points platinum diamond ring price composition but also with the process fee and so on. So, a 20 cents platinum diamond ring price than a 20 cents k gold diamond ring price is much higher.
Analysis of the two: 20 points platinum diamond ring brand value

Any one diamond ring, its price will be largely affected by the value of its brand, we give an example of 20 points platinum diamond ring brand value of its price, men can only customize a real love diamond Sri Lanka, the classic price of 20 points Platinum Diamond Ring is the price of 6600, while the same 20 points Platinum Diamond Ring only love diamond ring, the price is 4959, the price difference between them is mainly due to the different brand value. So, a 20 points of platinum diamond Cartier love ring replica ring, different brands, the price will be a big difference.
Analysis of the three: 20 points to buy platinum diamond ring need to pay attention

No matter how to choose the diamond ring, the first thing to note is its 4c standard: clarity, color, weight, cut. In the selection of 20 points platinum diamond ring, it is to see the clarity, color and cut, generally in the purchase, will provide reference standards, must be carefully identified before they can pick a perfect 20 points Platinum Diamond Ring The

20 points Platinum diamond ring price is how much? A platinum diamond ring, the impact of its price there are many factors, platinum ring is also an important reason, but platinum noble and elegant, but also for the pursuit of fashion lovers now the best choice.
Two people love, this is a simple and natural and beautiful things. One day, we meet, in the vast sea of people, alone is me and you, no early step, no further step, just met here. From here on, the two parallel lines began to meet, since then, your life has a me, my life has a you Western traditions have long been popular with the tradition of wearing a diamond ring. In the traditional customs of the West, there is a blood on the left hand of the ring finger that connects the heart of our heart, which represents the luck that God has given you, In the left hand ring finger, a symbol of love intimate good, so they think the diamond ring should be worn on the left hand. In ancient Egypt, the wedding ring wears on the bride’s left hand ring finger, representing the bride’s loyalty and obedience to her husband. Then as the wedding of the most important wedding ring wearing a hand?

One: the Western wedding ring to wear which hand

In the West, people think that the left hand represents the blessing of God, in the left hand ring finger on a blood connected to our hearts, the wedding ring wearing a ring on the other side of the ring finger, then they will be on the left hand, Can circle love, a symbol of two people heart and mind, stick to each other.
Two: Chinese wedding ring wear which hand

In China, where there are thousands of years of traditional countries, people have always believed in the truth of reconciliation between yin and yang, that the two poles between each other to reconcile, you can achieve a balance. Some of the habits of our lives are actually indirectly Cartier nail bracelet replica influenced by this thought, such as the idea of male left-wing women, and in some ceremonial situations people still follow this tradition. So in China, people get married, the man used to wear wedding ring on his left hand, the woman used to wear wedding ring on his right hand to achieve the role of mutual reconciliation, so that married life more harmonious and happy.

Three: other argument
In addition to the two widely circulated in the Western law, but also popular with a saying, is wearing a right hand before marriage, marriage will be changed to the left hand, may be married for convenience, to avoid the diamond ring was worn, of course, more For the romantic argument is to take the left and right of India’s good meaning.

In recent years, people are more and more rigidly adhere to the tradition, many young new people no longer deliberately wear wedding jewelery in a particular finger, for the convenience and mood, at any time to change the location is also often. Married diamond ring wear which hand, there is no uniform answer to this question, Xiao Bian that, or should be based on different local customs decisions, you can not rigidly adhere to this, according to their own wishes are also not a bad idea.


only the screen content changes when the power consumption power consumption is relatively low

Wear equipment has just emerged, the product form has not yet been established, the manufacturers are still in the end what kind of product can be successful. So in the market, not only different types of products, even with a class of hardware configuration products are also very different Cartier love bracelet replica , the following and watch the home together to see the smart phone screen technology some doorway.
Smart watches touch screen common classification and characteristics
1, Mirasol screen
On behalf of the product: Qualcomm Toq, music source Fashioncomm A1
Features: can display color images, good light experience better.
Samsung Gear released at the same time, Qualcomm also released Toq smart watches. In fact, Qualcomm’s intention is not to be able to wear the equipment market to obtain the number of shares, the main intention is to show, promote Mirasol screen.
Speaking, the characteristics of this screen is really more suitable for smart watches: experience similar to electronic paper, can be seen in the light under the screen, only the screen content changes when the power consumption, power consumption is relatively low. At the same time Mirasol screen display screen is color, and the screen refresh rate is higher, and even display video, these features are not available in electronic paper.
Mirasol screen development is twists and turns, each of its pixels is an IMOD module. Each module consists of a glass substrate and an active reflective film, with a gap in the middle. After the voltage is turned on, the reflective film can move up and down, when the reflective film and the glass substrate is fully aligned, it shows black, and the reflective film and glass substrate distance increases, will show red, green, blue and other colors. As the Mirasol screen structure is more complex, the production is relatively difficult, the product yield is only about five percent, so the cost is also high.
Before Hanwang, Shanda has launched Mirasol screen e-books, 5.7-inch products, the price actually reached 2400 yuan (the price now can buy iPad mini), naturally difficult to be accepted by the market. So in 2012, once came the news of Qualcomm discontinued Mirasol screen.
So now high-pass smart watches in the promotion of Mirasol screen, the high cost of the problem has been resolved? Although we do not know the specific price of the screen, but at least now use Cartier love ring replica Mirasol screen product prices can still be accepted.
Put aside the high-pass Toq, take the recent launch of the fashion source Fashioncomm A1, the price is only 1299 yuan, in the domestic smart watch, really not particularly high. Coupled with the characteristics of power and color display, Mirasol screen may really have a place.
2, Mobius flexible electronic paper
On behalf of the product: Sonostar
Features: Light weight, power saving, can be bent, the screen can not display color images.
Mobius flexible electronic paper is developed by Sony and Yuan Tai, originally this screen is for e-books and other equipment to build, but with the screen size has been done 1.73 inches (resolution 320 × 240), naturally can also be applied To the wearable device, Sonostar smart watch is used in this screen.
Mobius soft electronic paper selling point is in the continuation of electronic paper power-saving features at the same time, the traditional electronic paper in the glass substrate into a plastic substrate, the weight is significantly reduced do not say, but also has a flexible ability.
For example, a 13.3-inch Mobius flexible electronic paper weighs only 93g, while the same size glass substrate electronic paper weight was 144g, the gap is obvious.
But the Mobius flexible electronic paper applied to the smart watch, or will face a lot of problems. Some problems can be solved, for example, electronic paper can not be used in a dark environment, Sonostar smart watch approach is to join the light module, when used or new notice, the screen backlight will automatically light up. As for the electronic paper refresh rate is not high, anyway Sonostar smart watches only show mail, SMS and other information, to avoid the video application, so the impact is not obvious.
And some problems is Mishap, the most obvious is that Mobius flexible electronic paper does not support color display, black and white screen looks and black and white screen mobile phone in general, that experience as if the night before the liberation. Users can not accept this picture, this is a big problem.
Sonostar smart watch screen can bend, mainly based on Mobius flexible electronic paper
3, Mobius flexible electronic paper
Translucent semi-reflective screen
Representative products: Sony SmartWatch2, inWatch Z
Features: a variety of environments can clearly show that the process is complex.
Wearable equipment needs to be used in the outdoors, TFT screen products in the bright light can still maintain a clear Cartier nail bracelet replica display, is a big problem, the common solution is to use semi-transparent semi-reflective screen. This screen technology has been very mature, in mobile phones, GPS and other products have been widely used.
Which is characterized by a layer of reflective film coated in the screen, the light through the reflective film, the light through the reflection of the light back each half. This screen is equipped with a backlight function, can be read in the dark environment as usual, you can clearly show the image in bright light, it can be said to reflect the screen and the advantages of all-transparent screen together.
Translucent semi-reflective screen is the lack of the addition of the reflective film, the production process is more complex, its production focused on Samsung, Sharp and other companies, the price of your side.
At present, only Sony SmartWatch2, inWatch Z and other products using this screen.
4, memory LCD screen
Representative products: Agent
Features: low power consumption, black and white picture.
Traditional LCD screen in use, even if the screen part of the image has not changed, but still have to constantly refresh the screen, which will consume a lot of power.
In response to this problem, Sharp introduced the memory LCD screen technology. The use of liquid crystal panel in each pixel between the larger gap between the pixels in each pixel on the integration of 1bit capacity of the memory, so the screen will not keep refreshing, and to save the purpose of electricity.
But the memory capacity is indeed very limited, the current screen can only achieve black and white display. At the same time, the memory LCD screen also achieved a translucent semi-reflective effect, but is the use of a special liquid crystal material to achieve.
In other words, the memory LCD screen is equivalent to its own backlit electronic paper.
The power consumption of this screen is really low, only 15 microwatts of power are consumed in displaying the image, and the power consumption when updating the image is only 50 microwatts. Because of this, Agent smart watch to achieve 30 days of life (not open Bluetooth), which in the performance of similar products is very top-notch. Memory LCD screen structure is more complex, the cost should not be too low.
At the same time, with the previously introduced Mobius flexible electronic paper, memory LCD screen is black and white display, many users may be difficult to accept it.
The above description of these screens, in fact, many are the first time in the consumer products appear. This shows that the manufacturers of an attitude, that is, what products can be put on the wearable equipment market test, see if the user can be recognized.
The current focus of the manufacturers concerned about the power and adapt to the needs of outdoor applications, which for the extension of life, adaptability is certainly very helpful.


wearing the design competition clothing the most trouble, but the fun is the largest

In Wei Guoqiang’s view, the deepest impression is the Seoul International Youth Designer Competition: “As a high gold content of the design competition, there will always be unexpected works come out this year, this design will rarely appear in the brand display, although As a model, wearing the design competition clothing the most trouble, but the fun is the largest.
From a model point of view, Wei Guoqiang also said his heart, Fashion Week need to upgrade the place: “For many models, the broker will be in the fashion week to tell us to respect the Cartier love bracelet replica director, respect for the designer And so on, but it is a pity that in the eyes of many brands we are cheap labor, this unequal relationship, do not know when to improve.
To participate in so many years of fashion week, Wei Guoqiang the deepest feeling is the number of interviews too much: “Interview always a lot of times, actually also re-examination. Do not know the designer’s own work is uncertain, or their own model Eyes are uncertain, hope to be able to improve, so that the model can have more time to prepare.
Zhang Meilin calmly accept the light baptism
Zhang Meilin hope to show different in the fashion week: “It is because of the fashion week, I realized what is the fashion show.To be able to show more style in the fashion week of their own, I made a lot of preparation. I do not have much confidence in my own steps, I will be on some training courses, focusing on Cartier love ring replica practical steps, physical, temperament, gas field and the like, I will do some fitness cards, so that the body is more perfect.
“Fashion Week comparable to the fashion industry’s football league, is the level of training on weekdays reflected in the level of the industry also need such a platform to enhance the fashion art.” Zhang Meilin said, “Fashion Week changed my life, making me in the industry like a duck, But for the love of the clothing industry, I am willing to pay it to spread the meaning of the United States, the release of fashion trends, and better guide the beauty of life, so that fashion more close to the public.
“Our fashion week has been more and more with the international standards, because the development of China’s economy, we have gradually have their own right to speak fashion. Wish the fashion week to do better.” Zhang Meilin said, “said joke, Fashion Week is like black work, every day non-stop rehearsal, performance, interview, can get rest of the time very few, but we have no complaints, this is the growth process, we from the ordinary model to the supermodel Of the course of the course, it can put their own interpretation of the clothing, the intention of the designer to rely on their own performance to show to everyone, which is the driving force of our hard work.
In the eyes of Zhang Meilin, become a supermodel, must have a good person around to help, with family support, to down to earth, self-conscious attitude. “Each brokerage company to be able to communicate with each other Replica Cartier love bracelet good, to make the best decision to her.To have the patience, practical work, to be quite comfortable to stay every day only sleep 4 hours fashion week, to be on standby, positive attitude, Open mind.


The next day, the third day, the ring still did not find

The old lady ‘s ring was lost, she was heartbroken. Cartier love ring replica is his wife had to send her gifts, the old man said: “God, he gave me a round of the sun.
But the sun is lost, the world becomes monotonous and dark. The old lady searched every corner and searched every drawer. Still do not see her ring. The old man sat on the sofa and wiped away tears, saying that the ring with my full 40 years … … 40 years ah, how lost that lost it?
The old lady said: “I clearly remember the ring on the coffee table … … every year today, I have to look out of the ring … … they are 40 years of marriage called Ruby marriage … … I went downstairs, back ring Disappeared … … ring lost, he came back to call me. “The old lady murmured, tears filled with wrinkles.
Small nanny standing in front of the elderly, with her sad tears. She felt uneasy and terrified for the old man as well as himself. A week ago she came here, and the old lady is not very familiar. The old lady’s ring somehow missing, how others see her?
She was alone in the room crying for supper. The old man knocked at the door and said, “Eat a little, no one doubts you.” She said, “But then I am the only one in the house.” The old man asks, “Did you take it? I do not take. “The old man said:” The old gentleman kindly, speak softly slow language. He would not like the old lady said as ferocious, in fact, when the old lady’s mind has begun to unclear.
The next day, the third day, the ring still did not find. The fourth day, the fifth day, still no trace of the replica Cartier love bracelet. The old lady put all the houses down to earth, and then plunged into deep pain and despair. “I lost a sun,” she said, looking at the nanny.
From the description of the old lady several times, a small nanny know that it is but a silver ring, very small, very slender, ring carved a touch of lily pattern. Little nanny know that ring is not worth, but she knew it for the elderly. Leisure and fellow gathering, a fellow advised her: “Why not buy a poor old man as a ring? Although we all believe that the ring is not you take, but for her to buy one, it will not take a few money “The nanny said,” No, it’s a matter of personality … I’d rather lose the job. “The nanny said,” It’s not your job. ”
Later, the old man from the sofa seam dug out a ring, silver, small, slender, ring carved a touch of lily pattern. The old man gleefully showed the ring to the old lady. The old lady glanced at her, and looked down, “You’re lying to me.” She wiped the tears again, “This is not the original.” Then she stared at the little nanny and said, “That’s He gave me the love affair … I lost a round of the sun.
Such a thing happened again a few days later. The old man dug out another ring from the shoe, the old lady to see a glance to see through his trick, and then she once again pegged to a nanny, mouth talking endlessly. It seemed that she was convinced that the imitation cartier love bracelet was stolen by a nanny, but a nanny was unwilling to give it up. Every day a small nanny feel gnocchi, such as pins and needles. So after another six months, the old man’s son came back from abroad, a small nanny will quit the job. Before leaving the old lady is still remembered her ring, still hopefully staring at the little nanny to see. But her ring finally did not find.


Three years later, he was promoted to store of honest diligent and aspirant in charge

He is 13 years old because the family circumstances poverty, displaced in Macao, to the father of a good friend Jin Pu to do coolie. He is almost always the first to the store every day, sweeping, dusting, pour spittoon, washing the toilet… Coolie work so hard, but he’ll do every work meticulously, he always drags on the floor before open bright as a mirror, will counter to wipe clean, never slack off because of low, do not complain because of the dirty tired. Workers have said about Cartier love ring replica, he is the best period Jin Pu health after arrival. Because toilet is too clean because of his clean, one day, a staff didn’t eat breakfast hide in the toilet to steal to eat snacks by Jin Pu boss found. The boss does not punish the staff in the steal to eat snacks, but will do coolie called him to the office and asked him why he to Jin Pu the lowest coolie work can be so serious, intentions. His face flushed bright red nervous, did half a day to say: “if even do coolie, must also do other work.”
The boss smiled and let him go out. Since then, he was still dutifully every day to treat their own work, and in the spare time to help master’s boy. Gradually, he became familiar to Jin Pu’s other Cartier love bracelet replica work.
Three years later, he was promoted to store of honest diligent and aspirant in charge, the boss said in explaining his reasons for: “can a conscientious clean all toilets can let a person hiding in snack coolie, will be serious and responsible to do anything.” Three years later, again Jin Pu boss announced his only daughter to marry him, he didn’t know at this time, the boss and his father is a friend in need. When his mother he was the boss ‘wife was just pregnant, his father and the boss for haven’t born at that time he has not yet been born with the boss’s daughter “the stomach is marriage”.
This man is the founder of the Hong Kong new world group, currently in Hong Kong with a net worth hk $30 billion, the third richest cheng yu-tung. The media interview cheng yu-tung, ask him the key to success, he smiled and said: “to be a best coolie.”
Do a good coolie, because even the coolie do bad people, it is difficult to do other work. And do the coolie, will have the opportunity to do a good job in the whole life. Cheng yu-tung is example, he did good, because the coolie won the jewelry in the toilet. From


Designers and brand is introduced: was born in Spain, growth in the UK designer Monica Vinader from manual custom jewelry

Designer: Monica Vinader
Designers and brand is introduced: was born in Spain, growth in the UK designer Monica Vinader from manual custom jewelry, and in 2002 to create a personal brand with the same. “Is not easy to wear, high quality, fashionable style and personalized sculpture” is a brand design maxim. Monica Vinader inspiration is very extensive, gems, architecture, nature and whatever he saw and heard traveling to her Cartier love bracelet replica inspiration sparks. Debut after the fashion, Monica Vinader attracted luxury department store Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty and luxury electric Net – A – Porter actively purchase.
Design style: colorful manual cutting gems and set in sterling silver, rose gold and gold plated diamond is Monica Vinader process characteristics. It is worth mentioning that if jewelry crazy people want to go deeper into the gem, 16 gems can go to the website to view the detailed guidelines, crystal, agate, moonstone, etc.
Which: as a native of the British brand, Monica Vinader won the British jewelry awards in 2009 the brand of the year award.
Star clients: due to the unique design and high-grade gem quality, advocates MonicaVinader has a large number of celebrities, including Kate Winslet, Kylie Minogue, and supermodel Cara Delevingne and Elle Macpherson et al.
Brand: Shourouk
Designer: Shourouk
Designers and brand is introduced: “seed” Paris pedigrees of Tunisia – Shourouk only commonly called Shourouk his own name. From the studio Bercot well later Shourouk at Chloe, JohnGalliano, RobertoCavalli brands such as Cartier love ring replica work experience. In January 2008, Shourouk stay ripe founded the self-titled jewelry brand. Shourouk is the most special is, to be able to PVC materials and ropes and rare gem mix and match, “changed decayed for magical” design works of yi yi is unripe brightness.
Design style: the design of humorous Shourouk describe yourself, smile to say “all is for the sake of ‘vanity.” Her design inspiration not only ever get inspiration from Russia’s noble, also draw lessons from the African tribal elements. Quarterly protean design, it will never change is her “decadent” luxury style and young girl like bright colors. She decorated with swarovski crystals in the Disney duchess of Daisy, hand-painted stones to dodo, tiger cheetah bracelets and necklaces and enjoyable to read.
Star clients: “gossip girl” and “sex and the city,” Shourouk jewelry has appeared. In real life, JeanPaul Gaultier, Jennifer Lopez and others are Shourouk stalwarts.
New York City’s internal energy and architectural style to the Amfitheatrof greatly inspired. New York is full of Replica Cartier jewelry individuality and argues that the city has a strong energy in the blood, to promote art, culture and creative industry forward. “I’ve always wanted for current temperament of modern life and the New York City to build a new symbol.” Amfitheatrof said. “Tiffany T is I the beginning of this vision.”
Tiffany T series represents the New York City female, and their spirit of freedom and independence. It is designed for women with powerful inner strength, they enjoy the fun of work and life, drinking culture and art, along with the gender match jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and bangles. It is informed, eye shot is open, not blindly follow, don’t go with the flow and design the style of women, their xiuwaihuizhong, the heart and charm is full of confidence. Tiffany T can belong to everyone, about the attitude, has nothing to do with age.
The vertical line of concise and sharp edges and gives the Tiffany T the beauty of the sculpture, the bold lines to fully demonstrate the architectural features of New York. Designer for style, extremely strong sense of graphic tee in design to simplify, deconstruction, extension and transfer, not only represents the Tiffany brand name, also with its vertical structure and inner strength to symbolize the energy and attitude of brands birthplace of New York. As new trademark design of Tiffany, Tiffany T will lead to a new era of modern T.
The modern new
Tiffany artisans will Amfitheatrof for beautiful curve and the bottom of the ideas into reality. Through their hands, 18 k rose gold, gold, platinum and silver material such as 925 for the structure of the Tiffany T give power to the infinite, elegant and delicate.
Tiffany T jewelry series includes a wide opening button bracelets, bracelets, T glyph link type bracelets, necklaces and pendants, style of the different length of confident rings and earrings. Some works also adopted the warm white and shiny black ceramic. Some of the design of the diamond jewelry design inspiration comes from the 1920 s, tiffany antique collection sketches. Collection “in the manuscript shows Cartier love bracelet replica diamond inlaid in the form of very simple delicate, most times style, Tiffany T design essence will.”
In the details of each piece of jewelry design are considered, the extremely rich think of opportunely, diamond dynamic posture, clever connection between letters T – these are only the wearer to feel the tiny details are better than the one by one, make jewelry more rich feelings.
Tiffany T series provides a rich product selection, the wearer can enjoy creating their own style, different size and hard and soft texture makes each style can easily collocation are together, build a sense of contrast, realize the collision, show your style and unique personality. Tiffany T presents the modelling of endless possibility collocation, left a fun self creative space. From: www.ourlovestore.com


More than just watch – Wrist fashion follow collocation

More than just watch! Wrist fashion follow collocation
Black steel dial, the mother of pearl material, the color gorgeous strap, set auger, silk texture, crocodile or shark leather strap – possibility has no end. May even by pure gold square dial with gold, steel, rubber or patent leather strap. Can have a feminine style of bling, can also be true for both men and women replica Cartier love bracelet pocket watch. For each set of outfit, and every season, there are a variety of different styles of watches. At the same time, wear can produce highly impact effect. Now wearing a wrist watch clearly has become a fashion necessity.
For each set of outfit, and every season, there are a variety of different styles of watches. At the same time, wear can produce highly impact effect. Now wearing a wrist watch clearly has become a fashion necessity.
Draw inspiration from the psychedelic pop 70 s, bracelets and produced gems like Mondrian, Mondrian painting three-dimensional design, impact explosive and colour collocation of bracelets. It is necessary to throw away old antique style, such as platinum art deco style.
From sports timer, to cool the classic necessary money, from fashion, increase in restoring ancient ways to miniature. It is time to enjoy himself!
Audemars royal oak offshore type summer new wrist watch
In 1992 the royal oak offshore type series is not only a legend in the history of clocks and watches, also is the vanguard of the large size wrist trendsetter. From classic octagonal royal oak case design, table circle with eight exposed screws, equipped with rubber strap watch of wrist of royal oak offshore type in the sports activity, more reveal fashionable breath. Choose strap joint wrist of rubber material, make the watch of wrist of light at the same time, also let colorful summer Cartier nail bracelet replica outdoor or water sports is more fun and easy.
Sunshine, beach, waves, relaxed atmosphere pervaded the summer’s journey is about to set sail! As the altar table movement model of Abby royal oak offshore type wrist will be the best tour this summer.
In 1992 the royal oak offshore type series is not only a legend in the history of clocks and watches, also is the vanguard of the large size wrist trendsetter. From classic octagonal royal oak case design, table circle with eight exposed screws, equipped with rubber strap watch of wrist of royal oak offshore type in the sports activity, more reveal fashionable breath. Choose strap joint wrist of rubber material, make the watch of wrist of light at the same time, also let colorful summer outdoor or water sports is more fun and easy.
Audemars royal oak offshore type since the beginning of the watches in the classical continuous innovation, which makes it necessary to love people in the table. Pursuit of classic noble style, royal oak offshore type timing clock classic is preferred; Love extreme sports athletics and have the courage to challenge self, with 44 mm large watchcase royal oak offshore type of timing clock bearing fit perfectly; The author Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica explores the yearning blue ocean adventurers, royal oak offshore type DIVER diving watches automatic chain will be the best companion. And royal oak offshore type of women’s timing clock will energetic women of independent confident temperament of perfection.
Royal oak offshore timing clock (watch case 44 mm in diameter)
3 new members of the royal oak offshore type series, with bold style 44 mm super watchcase, novel design and advanced high-tech materials, for Abby table factory of exquisite technology and excellent performance in sport watches opens a new era. Force and beauty perfect harmony make new timing clock, high-profile. New timing clock from the classic characteristics of the royal oak offshore type: combined with bold ideas and best performance, develop acme legendary noble sport watches. The automatic chain machine core unequivocal have not survived to reflect master demeanor, excelsior jinggong decoration is one of the treasures of tabulation craft masterpieces. Three new timing clock and watch case are two kinds of material: ceramic respectively with fine carbon steel, rose gold and forging.
Royal oak offshore timing clock (watchcase 42 mm in diameter)
Rose gold and pure steel quality presents two different noble temperament: rose gold like the warm glow, in stark contrast to watch the whole black tone, fully reveal nobility sport style. While pure steel quality, and the collocation of white dial style wrist watch more cheerful tone, elegant temperament is like nature imitation cartier love bracelet itself. Although the style is different, the two watches are the fashionable breath that this summer to bring calm, it’s hard to resist.
Royal oak offshore type DIVER diving watches on chain automatically
Royal oak offshore type DIVER diving watches automatic chain waterproof depth of 300 meters, can withstand the powerful pressure to deep-sea diving, the diving special table, belongs to the noble movement series by swimmer and deep-sea exploration the favour of professionals, the best companion for divers. Love not even engaged in diving movement table, for their strong, precise and compressive strength, shock and antimagnetic top tabulation technology of science and technology. New DIVER diving watches on chain automatically with the royal oak offshore type series, deserves to be the epitome of the sports watches.
Superb technical performance and the perfect design gives royal oak offshore DIVER diving watches masculine halma, transcendental and free from vulgarity. The dial decorated with unique “Mega Tapisserie” super case grain decoration. With Cartier love bracelet replica mist side polishing and bright surface polishing treatment of stainless steel watchcase vivid and lively, and the contrast. At 10 o ‘clock position of crown more gift watches technology exquisite features. Despite the above characteristics, it is worth mentioning is the glossy polishing screws with eight hexagonal octagonal table circle classic appearance. Table circle below black rubber and crown and band coated black rubber echo each other.
Royal oak offshore couture timing clock (watchcase 37 mm in diameter)
This summer is not only a classic black and white collocation to reviving boom restoring ancient ways, more break through the traditional pure steel and rubber mixing grace for your summer trip. Stainless steel, hot summer “calm down”, for your summer trip into a cool and refreshing, and the collocation of rubber to avoid the temperament of the stainless steel is too hard, kept women wen wan, the perfect balance, mix the audemars royal oak offshore type new timing clock.
Just as active and confident modern woman, royal oak offshore type 37 mm timing clock also born beauty, pure steel quality royal oak offshore type octagonal table circle gives watch of wrist of elegant appearance, elegant temperament is like nature itself. Eight the leakage of hexagonal screw with bright surface polishing grinding, and also a bright surface polishing grinding table ring side to draw on each other. Watchcase rest with mist side polishing grinding, light the light with the beautiful Fake Cartier love bracelet light and shade contrast, stainless steel the flowery glorious in black or white rubber strap and timing button produced under through endless changes. Dial is black and white contrast is used to design: in decorated with “Mega tapisserie” super-large case grain decoration on the black dial, white Arabic numerals time scale and scale particularly eye-catching; If the silver dial, match with black clockwise and the second hand. So charming timing clock is set to become a fashionable women preferred this summer!


unique mechanical aesthetic feeling

To reveal their charm men: the height of the top the tourbillon wristwatch
If you would like to ask what kind of table can reflect the charm of men’s, most that there is no doubt that when several contains the original wind power of mechanical watch, as to display the charm of mechanical to the height of the tourbillon, naturally became the any a man vision of the wrist. Mr Louis breguet Swiss watch masters in 1795 invented the clock speed regulating device not only overcome Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the mechanical watch because of gravity and gear grinding error, with superior skills impressed love table people for centuries, these a few the most representative of the tourbillon watch brands, let you see the tourbillon that unique mechanical aesthetic feeling.
Height of top the tourbillon watches if you would like to ask what kind of table can reflect the charm of men’s, most that there is no doubt that when several contains the original wind power of mechanical watch, as to display the charm of mechanical to the height of the tourbillon, naturally became the any a man of wrist.
Mr Louis breguet Swiss watch masters in 1795 invented the clock speed regulating device not only overcome the mechanical watch because of gravity and gear grinding error, with superior skills impressed love table people for centuries, these a few the most representative of the tourbillon watch brands, let you see the tourbillon that unique mechanical aesthetic feeling.
Treasure ji (Breguet) classic series B second hand the tourbillon wristwatch
The most traditional and common on the market imitation cartier love bracelet the tourbillon is treasure ji tuo flywheel type style, which is invented by master treasure ji tuo flywheel device. Gold watchcase, blue steel needle, Rome, scale, elegant embossing… All reveal the breguet born royal temperament. In the tourbillon watch list it absolutely be concise, B glyph “pluralism” is not only the small second hand, but also decorated with the tourbillon, classic and traditional, for “big picture” people wear.
Palmer Johnny (Parmigiani) Pershing tourbillon wristwatch
Parma Johnny cross-border cooperation with the famous Italian yacht brands of wrist watch prefer to a gentleman movement, this hollow out of the tourbillon wristwatch has following characteristics: 30 seconds the tourbillon, power storage, palladium is a case of 7 days, 200 meters waterproof, unidirectional rotating bezel, luminous triangle shape pointer, natural rubber strap… As a leisure table, is worth absolutely well enough.
Chopin (Chopard) L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon Tourbillon titanium watches
Chopin brand 150 anniversary this year, this table is one of the gift. Also represents the Chopin cross-border friendship with between cars over the years, the tourbillon movement is like a car engine, is installed on the mute block, thus able to withstand shocks, anti-dazzle light sapphire crystal glass mirror, engraved with brand-new L.U.C series black hour markers. Handmade black alligator strap to imitate the texture of the classic car seat, design details are show a wrist watch special.
That watch (hand) limited edition “the tourbillon factory” wrist watch
That watch is a clock and watch the world of transformers, very masculine, futuristic. This in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary Cartier love bracelet replica of brand of “king supreme tourbillon factory” wrist watch, like a robot, and still is a collection of all kinds of innovative materials, different texture of black crisscross, decorated with that watch table of special parts. The tourbillon is greater than the small dial, located at 6 o ‘clock position, as well as full-bodied black.
Abby (Audemars Piguet) Jules Audemars jump three ask hollow out wrist watch
Were done in the field of complex function Abby table this 3 q table is very delicate, because in addition to 3 q, the dial of the hollow out design to not hold their breath in technicians superb craftsmanship. And if you are careful, will find jump 12 Numbers printed on the transparent disk of independent, connect body to hollow Fake Cartier love bracelet out let you easy to penetrate the internal mechanical operation, this is where table, is art.
When you want to “q” table moment, at this time in 8 ~ 10 o ‘clock position of the wrench, the watch was a melodious song.
Sunview sand (JeanRichard) TV Screen Minute Repeater
As the work of more than 3 million yuan price, it not only with “church bells” time device (the innovative design concept, enhanced the watch at spring, makes it sound more prominent than any other time wrist). And every detail of craft, table bottom cover is crystal hollow out completely, also has a special device adjustment time. 18 k white gold case, hand carved wave stripe, original belt, square prints. Are faced with high requirements for quality of life of a gentleman.