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Amy Long Table as a member of the Swiss Geneva Watch Association

Amy Long Table as a member of the Swiss Geneva Watch Association, the company is headquartered in Geneva, watches and clocks. In recent years, Amy Long table uphold the Swiss watch industry superb watchmaking technology and meticulous, the spirit of excellence watchmaking, by virtue of the company over 300 years of temperament from the profound historical and cultural heritage, combined with modern advanced processing technology, their quality. Amy Long “contemporary luxury” series of Cartier love bracelet replica grand atmosphere, barrel-shaped appearance highlights the aristocratic temperament, retains the unique flow of the design of the wing wing wing design, like the wings of the eagle, publicity, domineering! Shell with the Department of Zhang Zhang, breaking the traditional barrel-shaped watch dull style, dynamic full of vitality. Today, watch home for everyone to bring a beautiful series of Amy Dragon luxury watch classic watch.

Dial delicate texture and barrel-shaped design perfect fusion, showing a classical European court charm, the Renaissance civilization and aristocratic elegance in this intersection, luxury in this cohesion. The whole table exudes a sense of luxury in Geneva first-class fashion, stable and not boring, fashion and not frivolous. Century classic here in the pool, contemporary luxury here to show!
This Amy dragon contemporary luxury 08.1138.G. watch, used for the classic barrel-shaped watch design, diameter of 39.4 * 37.2 mm, watch case and bracelet all used to build stainless steel, Case outer ring used for the tungsten steel ring design, not easy to be scratched, you can moderate to maintain a beautiful appearance.
This contemporary luxury series of watches, crown also used for the steel to create, zigzag design to ensure that the watch to facilitate the convenience of tuning. Watch the crown engraved with Amy Dragon classic time wings LOGO, increase the watch recognition.
Watch bracelet used to build the steel material, the use of the classic design of the three beads, the middle of the drawing for the use of beautiful Cartier love ring replica, and not easy to scratch, both sides of the polished polished, smooth and bright.
Wrist watch surface for the classic white radiation pattern design, with blue steel pointer design to ensure that the watch read when the simple and clear, watch 12 o’clock position with Amy dragon classic wing of the wing LOGO and Amy dragon name logo. Watch 3 o’clock position with date display window, simple and practical.
Amy Dragon watch the ear is the most representative of the design of the watch, the watch lugs, straps connected part of the slightly curved curved design, like a vacated wings of the eagle, soaring in the sky, to People to elegant, vitality of the embodiment.
Watch inside equipped with a fully automatic winding movement, the measured precision and durability.
Summary: Amy Long’s trademark is wings flying wings and symbol of the royal scepter together “intertwined”, all of its ears are used time wing design, which is Amy Long is a very personalized logo design. Today introduced this Amy Long contemporary luxury series of watches offer for 11,600 yuan.

Breguet’s long watchmaking history and exquisite watchmaking process, making both the literary and political circles or political celebrities, have appreciated it. Wearing a Breguet as a celebrity to highlight the way of self, and Breguet is also celebrity in the wear to get a certain spread, the two promote each other. Of course, for Breguet, celebrities may also be the source of creativity and inspiration. Today for everyone to recommend the three watches to verify the celebrity of the traction of the brand.

Breguet Naples Queen Series 8958BB / 55/974 D00D06 watch

This watch has a table diameter of 40 mm and a case thickness of 10.15 mm. Case using the material for the 18K white gold, in the case around the set with a circle of diamonds. Egg-shaped dial to pearl Fritillaria for the material carefully crafted, eccentric dial design is located in the bottom of the dial, in the center of the dial on the location of the natural shells relief process made of goat patterns. Below the dial is simple, the use of the Breguet pointer. Equipped with Breguet produced model Cal.537 / 1 movement, the diameter of 20 mm, the number of oscillations per hour 21,600 times, the use of 20 gems, providing 40 hours of power storage. White crocodile leather strap with 18K white gold buckle. Relaxed design, providing 30 meters waterproofing depth.

Breguet Naples Queen Series 8929ZB / 5D / 844 DD0D watch

Watch table diameter of 33 mm, the thickness of 8.6 mm, the case using the same material for the 18K white gold, in the case and the table are Cartier nail bracelet replica set with diamonds, so that this watch is surprisingly in the top right of the case with hanging Fall to pendant gems as embellishment. Light blue oval dial using the mother of pearl material, with diamonds as the time scale, blue Breguet pointer. Equipped with the model Cal.586 movement, diameter of 20 mm, 21,600 times per hour oscillation, the use of 29 stones, providing 40 hours of power storage. Black silk strap material strap, back through the design, providing 15 meters waterproof depth.

Breguet REINE DE NAPLES JOUR / NUIT 8998 Series 8998BR / 11/874 D00D watch

Compared to the two watch, this watch mechanical elements have been highlighted. The table diameter is 32 mm and the thickness is 10.05 mm. Case material used for the 18K rose gold, in the case is also inlaid with a circle of diamonds. Dial material is 18K gold and silver, hand carved flame pattern, hard lines, dial outer ring and bezel a total of 143 diamonds. Dial center on the direction of the hollow design, showing the watch of the mechanical device, 12 o’clock direction there are moon phase display window. Using the movement model Cal. 78CS, vibration frequency of 3.5 Hz, the use of 45 stones, providing 57 hours of power storage.

Summary: Breguet’s Naples Queen series watch, its inspiration is derived from the Naples Queen Caroline designed a watch, but it is in the history of the development of Breguet has gradually become a very important series. The series of design are in accordance with the appearance of goose-shaped, elegant and generous view of this concept. Believe that this historical design, will be loved by the table fans.


Summer to buy the possession of silver collar to carry

Summer to buy the possession of silver collar to carry, fall to pack up, afraid of sweat it to the erosion or yellow Cartier love bracelet replica. I was cleaning with toothpaste, with a soft cloth soaked in water, squeezed on the toothpaste, the silver jewelry wrapped in the inside gently rub, then rinse with water, then dry with a soft cloth on it, bright as new! However, silver jewelry inside the metal material is easy to be black in the air black, as long as the soil in accordance with my way to clean, you can restore the original. You can try.
F, silver jewelry daily cleaning ten method
1, with Coca-Cola soak, soak for 12 hours.
2, the lipstick will be coated on the cloth and then wipe silver, and finally rinse with water.
3, scrub with acetic acid.
4, soaked overnight tea.
5, wipe with a silver cloth.
6, with silver wash bubble for one to two minutes.
7, the tender solution on the silver jewelry, the correction fluid is not dry with cloth rub silver jewelry.
8, with toothpaste and toothbrush to scrub.
9, with a lighter burn black silver jewelry (Note: This method is limited to Su silver, gold and gold inlaid silver Cartier love ring replica jewelry can not be used, the temperature should not be too high, the ban on the use of matches, because the match contains sulfur, silver will become vulcanized Silver) and then rub silver cloth to polish silver, this method so that the elements of silver jewelry particularly bright.
10, Su silver silver jewelry often black, although it can often clean up, but also very troublesome. We can prepare a bottle of transparent nail polish before cleaning the silverware, after the cleaning is completed with a hairdryer to dry the silver jewelry, and then coated with a layer of nail polish for the silver.
★ ★ ★ ★ teach you how to clean your baby silver jewelry
1. Go to the jewelery shop. Disadvantages: it is best not to wash the silver water to wash, most of the jewelry store will wash with silver water to clean, so that although it will be very bright, but if the number of cleaning, jewelry is easy to turn yellow, mainly due to washed silver washed Out of the protective surface of the jewelry surface.
2. Now you can use the paper Replica Cartier love bracelet, so you can also clean the silverware.
3. with toothpaste.


Borgward Isabella is the last century 50’s particularly stylish models

Aston Martin DB1 Blancpain FF
As with the 90-horsepower 4-cylinder Aston Martin DB1, Blancpain FF is a 50’s of last century’s masterpiece of science and technology. In recent years, Blancpain watch larger, material technology has also been optimized, three barrels can provide 120 hours of power reserve. The price of 13,570 euros.
Borgward Isabella
Union Glashütte
Borgward Isabella is the last century 50’s particularly stylish models, streamlined body is different from the Opel and Ford’s best logo. In the field of Cartier love bracelet replica, Union is a special retro and nostalgic strong German brand, as you see this watch, pointed pointer, simple Arabic numerals, round dial, these are the last century 50 The characteristics of the watch. The watch is priced at € 2,540.
Rotatable bezel
Rolex GMT Master was originally developed in 1954 for the pilot: double-hour clock, can be rotated in both directions to the bezel, and the outer scale, make this watch at least apply to two different time zones, in principle, and even Can reach three. The latest version of the watch is called GMT Master II, stainless steel, priced at 6800 euros.
A tactile steering wheel
Futurists argue that future cars will be controlled with a replica Cartier love bracelet joystick, replacing the steering wheel. And traditionalists and philosophers doubt it: the most important attribute of a car is that it will carry us where we want to go – better than the inconceivable wooden direction to express what we want This feeling?
Audi Quattro
Engineers Series
The engineer’s name is a sturdy symbol, and it appears that there are no other IWC nations
Table series can out of its right, even in extreme environmental conditions, it can cope with.
To match this model I am afraid that only Audi Quattro, and Audi is the first to
Four-wheel drive used in the harsh car rally and achieved great success depot.
Pure decorative arts
No wrist watch like this Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, released in 1931, embodies the ultimate art deco style and artistic spirit. The middle part of this imitation cartier love bracelet sports watch can be rotated 180 degrees, because there was no anti-fracture crystal glass, so it can play the role of protection of the dial. Today, Lei Wei Suo has become a classic watch series, steel, priced at 6,250 euros.


They took to the streets to live up to good summer

They took to the streets to live up to good summer
All say handbags such as clothes, winter is warm “vision”, to “cool” enough in summer. Sorching summer, you still use the “boring” of qiu dong season handbags? Some bags as if born to summer, candy color, color printing, nifty MOE package, cool and refreshing bamboo weaving… Carrying them take to the streets to live up to beautiful summer!
Modelling of candy color bag: give your summer a bit “color”
Summer is a bright “tasted” can be all kinds of imitation cartier love bracelet candy color of the season. Dynamic lemon yellow, sweet and romantic pink salmon, visual cool ice blue… Candy color of large area “waist” to “visual sense of expansion”, not everybody can harness, can match a candy color bag is much easier. Remember that summer modelling you just need a bit of “color”.
Both “sky blue” and “salmon pink” sense of pure and fresh and restore ancient ways at the same time, Taylor Swift use opportunely clever and playful yellow handbags, for overall modelling injected a nifty little woman.
How to make a fresh fruit color handbag is nifty and style, the answer is to find a profile is concise, line agile handbags.
Sofie Valkiers bright orange hand bag with skirts echo, overall modelling color grab an eye, the vision are harmonious. Handbag on the white stripes and white sneakers, bring forward movement.
See how color of hardcore players in a transparent, is red, electro-optic swimming between the blue and yellow. So color, fashionable and art.
The coral pink chain package Cartier love bracelet replica such as “stand out” from the print dress, the colour of wen wan is never forgets anything.
White T-shirt with hole too simple random cowboy? A fluorescent orange bag can ensure that you don’t do a grey “man”.
Super MOE handbags: on a hot summer day little sense of humor
MOE is a handbag is not the young girl’s exclusive, nearly a few season of MOE bag is in the shape of the materials and the bold color constantly transforming “fashion stereotypes”. After all, the world is no more than women are afraid of getting old creature, so take this street stars, big eyes and my camera ultraman when gout handbag back out of the fashion sense, both young girls and mature woman will be fascinated by the humor.
Feminine point of high heels and tassels skirt can and lovely modelling of camera packets “shake hands”, coupled with the drum ice cream and brilliant laugh, we are going to have a happy summer fun.
Pure white body modelling and relaxed atmosphere, a pair of black eyes “let the whole body modelling immediately become Fake Cartier love bracelet contracted but not simple.
Don’t be so serious! Classic black and white is not easy to go wrong, but occasionally also need to MOE handbags bags to reconcile the atmosphere. The “blue eyes” firmly locked in our line of sight.
Systemic cartoon slightly childish, then back a Stella McCartney’s diffuse superhero chain bag make a naughty big woman.
Halladay toyed with how to “fashion”? Back a bag – like this chain bag nifty only to tell you: I’m late!
Printed bags: summer flowers with him
Summer is the only one in four seasons we can “unbridled” with printing of the season. Winter you nothing but also only in animal grain printing printing with abstract geometry transform, can be in the summer, you can fully enjoy the flowers, animals, plants, printing, geometric printing, printed letters. Printed bags just a local window of the whole body modelling, so heavy and complicated is replica Cartier love bracelet printed will not appear mixed and disorderly.
The printing chain bag and white shirt skirt of heavy and complicated is born of a couple, the trick is printed on each kind of colour to the whole body modelling summit.
Abstract geometrical printed hand bag with black and white printing jacket overlay to create surprising visual feast, the modern printing always can let integral modelling appear art aron is dye-in-the-wood.
Printing bag with white sapphire abstract plants take fashionable and bright eyes, this kind of colour collocation is can’t help but think of the elegant blue and white porcelain.
Summer is a season, do not reject any kind of printing. Most wild charm of leopard grain is the darling of the winter, but also the necessary of summer “concave shape”.
Woven bags: the cool and refreshing
Cool and refreshing and lightweight woven bag is summer vacation, straw bags full of rural amorous feelings and almost any element joker. Swaying tassel straw bag revealed that some in the romantic charm, the geometric shape of straw bags Cartier nail bracelet replica both elegant and also apply to the workplace, and atmospheric basket type profile straw bag lets a person as if place oneself of south town. As summer classic bag, straw bags are coming towards us with ever-changing attitude.
Straw bags to match absolutely is rural printing. Wearing a floral dress, the foot is concise and flat, and then carry on a straw handbag, Alex Chung deductive romantic lazy modelling have you learned?
Enchanting gorgeous flower pendant and peacock green dust coat from afar like evergreen bush a little red. The straw handbag carry to amorous feelings of the woman will only Dita Von Teese.
Turquoise and bright orange interwoven to summer cool and refreshing and Ming yan sessions, atmosphere and practical basket type profile, holiday is indispensable.
Straw handbags with exotic floral dress, free Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica Bohemian be vividly portrayed.
Woven bag material softness, but with a sexy black hollow out dress collocation, we still feel that while the romantic and delicate.
Chanel this box straw bag nifty means of restoring ancient ways.


Women on average how many package Modern lifetime of 5 bags

Women on average how many package? Modern lifetime of 5 bags
Handbags with our relationship is too delicate. A handbag, enough to give you walk the world. Is it your armor – presentable to fit your “secret”. So, no woman love handbags. But, you really need so many bags? Actually, not really. Every season comes, it is not necessary to dazzling, with the “five”, is enough.
Large handbags
Fashion jokingly called large handbags are more reliable than men “, not back too large size handbag women cannot understand the humour. This can “all rivers run into sea” handbag is a woman’s Cartier love bracelet replica closest friend, it is filled with our Fake Cartier love bracelet necessities, in case of a one thousand discretionary and our little secret. The only large handbags can be a career women capable stylish briefcase, can be a journey by practical bag, also can be your leisure street fashion shopping bag. All in all, this bag is enough big, it always reminds us that women can independent smartly walk the world!
Founder, soft and have the large size of handbags can be a briefcase, shopping bags and luggage
Large bag is used to hold things, black “dirty” ban joker again. If the first “investment” big size handbag can choose black
Balenciaga wine red leather handbag
Bottega Veneta handbags soft pink suede
Anya Hindmarch) silver large handbags
Fendi calf skin color matching handbag
Elegant chain package
A Chanel Classic Flap and 2.55, Hermes Constance, deserve to go up straps Lady Dior; Chloe piggy bag and Dior Diorama… These classic or popular it – bag have in common? They are angular and there is a elegant chain. This small replica Cartier love bracelet chain package list to shoulder delicate to charming, his back modern and playful. In a word, the chain package small enough to know. It liberated woman’s hands, and constantly remind us to learn to give yourself burden, to learn to “travel light”.
Chest worn across a tiny chain bag, relaxed, casual, fashionable, as many woman flavour
A chic design chain bag is sunken modelling is one of the most important thing “accessories”
Love street snap, you may have found a small chain bag is not used to “pack” (things), but for “outfit” (cool)
Chanel Boy small chain bag
Chloe Drew the chain Cartier love ring replica
Dior Diorama black sheep leather bag
Valentino Garavani chain single shoulder bag
Delicate hand bag
There’s a package in your closet “one” is extremely low, but there are occasions we can only rely on it. Hand bag is no need to have a lot of, but only need a bag for you to “keep up appearance. There are always some formal or informal occasion, women don’t need to bring anything, but if the hands don’t take what he Cartier nail bracelet replica feels “no place to put”. This hand bag can be small to fit only lipstick, can even with nothing, but it can be seamlessly with your modelling collocation, become a part of our attitude and style. Do you still feel the hand bag is a dispensable thing?
Tell you three street snap, hand bag can not loaded, but it is women part of the pace, station appearance and temperament
Eddie Parker sequins green box hand bag of gold
Charlotte Olympia organic plastic hand bag
Valentino Garavani hand bag
Alexander McQueen lotus Angle hand bag
Natural and unrestrained double shoulder
Elegant woman back double shoulder? It’s aura, ethos? But women always have emotional transformation – whether it is carrying a big handbag for career women, or his parcel fine lady, we always have to climb to a certain height after want to rest a while, temporarily put a put. Back double shoulder, reflect is a kind of Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica nature, “all zero” relaxed state of mind. To say the least, not all women are to go, elegance, the free and easy, individualizing woman maybe all his life in the double shoulder and back.
Forget the “academic spirit” overweight bags, the double shoulder now have successfully advanced fashion sheet is tasted
Always wants to learn how to mix? Next time you try it with double shoulder mix one word with sandals and ripped jeans
Jeans + white sneaker + double shoulder, personality, free and easy
Alexander Wang leather backpack
Stella McCartney USES leather backpack
Moschino backpack
Tory ‘Burch draw string bag


Crawford present autumn winter in 2016

Crawford present autumn winter in 2016
Greater China’s leading specialty senior brand present crawford 2016 autumn winter series, break through the trend line, show and free from vulgarity and sexy, rigid-flexible economic fashion aesthetic. Crawford design lead to abnormality, bold innovation of fashionable women to explore personal style, and deduce avant-garde unique personality.
Crawford breakthrough fashion, retail and creative design line, elaborate design and theme, unique taste foil range of products. Crawford will not only bring new design replica Cartier love bracelet of creative people, also presented a special cooperation and limited products, and invite more new brands and “Created in China to create in China” brand, to meet different customer needs. By Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia at the helm of the new brand of Monse lane crawford has landed. Brand new appearance and Los Angeles Co, luxury design to build the unique charming style. Other new franchise brand including Sandy from New York Liang and Rhie, from Los Angeles Clu Too, Tokyo jeans brand Tu Es Mon Tresor, Chinese designers Li Xiao, as well as Hong Kong design combination Eri and Philip Chu founded the Ground Zero. The brand of recreational created by international famous singer Rihanna Fenty x Puma have also been in “The Fit Room” zone.
autumn winter trend in 2016
The earth looks
Olive, khaki and terracotta neutral earth tones, such as the military style this season to reviving boom. Brown back, bring soft copper color of camel’s hair, and more, and warm red rust and cognac color to modelling the icing on the cake, more add depth, match line to the same as color again design, easy to build the perfect Cartier nail bracelet replica shape. Cocoon cutting profile and irregular line through leisure languid is lazy, now the body comfortable wrapped in among them, create different tactile enjoyment.
Gorgeous color design across earth 3.1 Phillip Lim, Celine, Emilio Pucci and The Row fashion runway, a single color or double color design, dazzing and warm. Ms MIN, Isabel Marant, Ports 1961 and rag & ipads with ponder dye-in-the-wood clipping and earth tones to deduce the streets military style.
Romantic bud silk
Romantic atmosphere pervaded the whole autumn and winter, each big brand with delicate lace skirt with shoulder-straps, a neckline bind coat and black coat of perspective, refreshing design variation. Falbala and elegant design mixed with the day and modelling of nostalgia, but the lace and silk and velvet clever union, raise your hand is cast sufficient also reveal the noble temperament.
Givenchy this season to continue playing with the big high street fashion style, Riccardo Tisci falbala bud silk dress and lace coat and captured the woman’s heart, become a night out, a necessary choice. Stella McCartney combines the design of the soft languid is lazy and leisure elements, and Lanvin with classic lace blouse, match line cutting velvet dress or agile skirts, pleasing contrast.
Alexander Wang, Alice + Olivia, DKNY and Self – Portrait also each Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica application method, re-interpretation of bud silk elements, fashionable joker’s excellent design.
Ablaze element
Past sequins have been used only for late outfit, but today JiLiang piece of metal elements and the perfect combination and movement style, to create natural shape, a bright. Crepe paper, texture and texture, wide-legged pants, iridescence effect and shiny quilts, let you also radiant from morning till night. Evening, from dress to personality item also compose full luminous beads and sequins, turn into the infinite possibility, destined to become a focus.
Dries Van Noten, Emilio Pucci and Stella McCartney shiny innovative design, is the perfect choice to attend the party. Put on Altuzarra and Dolce & Gabbana sequined dresses is still conspicuous in the dark.
Acne Studios and Balenciaga big play modern metal elements, MSGM and Ports 1961 design connotation in see think of opportunely, hidden details, amazing.
Clever pleated
Pleated has been the fashion element of evergreen, from knee-length pleated skirt to bump color evening, pleated design will also dance with gestures, graceful and elegant. After folding seemingly large pleated skirt is very small, is with contracted knitting clothing and necessary pilot coat of choice this season.
Alexander McQueen, Roksanda, Sacai and Stella McCartney have beautiful enchanting ruffles, and Balenciaga, Delpozo and Thom Browne is present imitation cartier love bracelet in the three-dimensional pleated design, the same wonderful.
Brand new appearance this season in Los Angeles Co designed luxury liner easily pleated skirt, and participate in the “Created in China to create in China” project of Ms MIN brings elegant pleated blouse, restoring ancient ways is most suitable for contemporary and contracted style of fashionable personage love.
Outline of the first
This season clothing tailoring breaks through traditional boundaries, the dew shoulder hubble-bubble sleeve design become hot, Balenciaga from the 50 s of clothing materials, creates a suit skirt, highlight attractive curve. The “attitude” and “charm” into the tailor, is to design the essence of this season.
Pioneer contour cutting avant-garde and become a Balenciaga, Gucci, and Stella McCartney in the role of fashion shows. Saint Laurent Toga and Archives the ingenious use of fine gauze and short cut and form full of ponder visual proportion, abstract and pleasing to the eye. Acne Studios and DKNY with three-dimensional cutting fluid, model making and dazzing fashion.
Ribbon effect
Ever used only for close-fitting clothing ribbon become mainstream, this season with the proportion of the more distinctive three-dimensional design. Whether the waist belt, or dotted T-shirt and coat of ultra-long beam belt, modelling for a fashionable gens create individual character. Exaggerated big zipper also is popular this season, let a person cannot help into ribbons and bind boom.
Full of sense of drama and elegant long ribbon across AlexanderMcQueen, DKNY, Ports and Sacai show 1961. 3.1 Phillip Lim and Proenza Schouler using exquisite hand-woven belt and weave details, Ellery, Helmut Lang and Tome is jacket and coat with cross ribbon ornament.
Black velvet
Reworking brands required costly velvet,autumn winter from pajamas, and wind coat, and “Alice in wonderland, punk rock style to explore the Tudor dynasty, including texture of ruby color design and unique line of accessories. Velvet and leather, bind and lace, deduce the diablo gothic style.
Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino from Victorian classical design materials, including fairy-tale dream design. 3.1 Phillip Lim, Stella McCartney, the Toga Sacai and Archives to the modern way to interpret the mets gothic style. Velvet dress dominant Dries Van Noten fashion show, send out dark glamour. And its enchanting Roksanda feminine style and F.R.S. (For Restless Sleepers) brings elegant romantic Cartier love bracelet replica velvet gown tailored suits.
The dynamic update
The upcoming Olympic Games a new movement to upsurge, besides is suitable for day and night street clothes and practical sports equipment, and dynamic fashion coat, including quilted jacket, printed silk short jackets and waterproof coat, unusually brilliant.
Givenchy and Emilio Pucci will be fully sublimation sportswear, bring dynamic luxury design. Balenciaga and Stella McCartney with gold element injected new to the sport. And Acne Studios, Alexander Wang and Sacai through pilot style, rib and snap fastener details, playing street elements.
Fashionable academics
With Coco Chanel and Katharine Hepburn, led by the institute of agitation to heat up again. Givenchy campus suit jacket and Dries Van Noten cricket sweater and wide-legged pants, as well as Thom Browne h plait skirts adopt new proportion, and join the luminous badge and stripe design, all is new. Gucci, Isabel Marant and Neil Barrett, stockings, vest and knitted dress, with a strap shoes, embossed leather shoes or loafers, write down the new standard college style.
Alexander Wang and MSGM deduce suit with institute of modern style, the fashion of years.
Fur coat
Fluffy, thick skin, high-profile collars and deliberately exaggerated proportion, to explore new territory for coat design. Collars, maomao shawls and classic pilots coat with fleecy lining, sculpt of coat this season more add texture, in stereo.
Since joining Balenciaga Demna Gvasalia first series in modern and elegant way to extend a different length scale, bring comfortable leather jacket with fleecy lining. By Sarah Burton, present at the helm of Alexander McQueen wool jacket sleeves and wool long coat lapels, fully show the designer’s surreal romantic style. 3.1 Phillip Lim with abb adorned long coat collar, build perfect modelling of Fake Cartier love bracelet winter. And Alexander Wang bring loose body of the blue and black denim jacket, with hairs lining, deduce luxury street fashion attitude.
The key item: knitted dress
Different size, color and details of knitted dress, perfect match line to any shape. Low v-neck and knee-length dress shape rich layers easily, such as the pleated skirt with elegant coat is variable. If the last winter of long knitting cardigan, soft and comfortable knit dress will teach you how to love at first sight. Celine, Chloe, Dries Van Noten, Emilio Pucci mellow and Stella McCartney knitted dress design, not stick to one pattern. Alexander Wang, Giamba and Gucci design fashion and lovely, is to build leisure ideal shape.


Dust coat season color design collocation you want

Dust coat season color design collocation you want to know are here
Dust coat too trendy, like belong to Paris and film. No matter how change quarterly fashion sheet is tasted, dust coat but fashion that never ends. Into the late autumn to both temperature and poise, a trench coat is indispensable. Speaking of dust coat, every woman there are innumerable problems, such as: what color is the most classic replica Cartier love bracelet, how fashionable to wear dust coat, short on how long dust coat, and so on. This windbreaker ultimate guide today, you want to know are here.
Dust coat classical and fashionable choose the color is the most important
Classic color, fashionable lifetime of classic
Black and white color
Coco Chanel once said, black and white and dichromatic beauty was impeccable. Isn’t it? Whether formal occasions, or casual party, black with Bai Yongyuan is one of the most modern security card. If you plan to purchase a not affected by the trend of the change, can joker any clothing windbreaker, black and white and dichromatic will be preferred.
Due to trench coat belongs to the “big”, do not easy, black better in practical aspects, but this does not hinder us to appreciate the beauty of white windbreaker quietly. Many people worry about white appear abrupt in qiu dong season, can’t match. Actually very simple, do you see the goddess know a black and white collocation of the lazy modern method.
Nude color
Loyal readers (Vogue) we all know, with the model of all kinds of clothes in the nude show temperament is often considered as the most “most dignitaries” color. Nude is close to skin, late autumn season also can let a person feel warm “vision”. Nude joker, because it can be a natural transition between the different colors Cartier nail bracelet replica, here we can put the beige, the color of camel’s hair, light khaki is divided into nude the categories. Whether it is work, the party or leisure walking street, wearing a nude may not be able to let you become the focus of the crowd, and immediately but must be the most able to bear or endure look, the one most worth careful appreciation.
The grey system
Can show elegant and composed temperament, gray. As a fusion of the color of all things, it’s bright shades can be listed as a classic. Grey though for the Pantone color this year, but it will never out of fashion due to tidal current replacement, is a kind of “Invest Now, Be Stylish Forever (investment Now, Stylish” lifetime) color. Gray not only bring advanced modern feeling, but also with major color mix. Both gentle temperament and high air conditioning field, a grey trench coat can do.
Qiu dong season boots Take what to save those pit we regret boots
A woman’s shoe wardrobe is always lack of a pair of shoes, women’s shoe wardrobe also have a few pairs of shoes “regret”. Qiu dong season in boots, others tell you to buy buy buy, Vogue but want to tell you, there are several pairs of boots I can’t touch. Are you on a whim to buy leopard boots real through several times? Why you all buy bind boots put on after the painting style is evil? You see the stars on the cusp of fine with knee-high boots, dashing out of the street before stepping out of the village has been hurt yourself to take off the shoes? Vogue today to help you to avoid buying Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica boots minefield, can help you find a pair of real boots “be” with you.
Fluorescent color boots
Qiu dong is so dull gray, to wear dark boots are fast and blend into the street? Previous seasons conveniently, a large number of fluorescent boots also became a street snap darling. It’s a pity that the color is only suitable for thin man wearing gorgeous boots! If ordinary people legs slightly thick, fluorescent boot leg as two glowing bulbs, remind others “my fat legs here!” Pink, red, warm color attune such as fluorescent boots is easy to our mortal wear “low”.
Solution a: just want to try the fluorescent boots? It is dark
The word of “wear dark thin” on boots, have “zoom in” effect with dark fluorescent color to balance. Glossy black patent leather is a progressive and tasteful.
Solution 2: choose color matching boots
Desperate to wear fluorescent boots many of the girls were too critical base color is too dull, you tried to spell color boots? Color matching boots color matching details don’t appear too hard and doesn’t dull, enough to make you elegant for the winter. In addition, the heel is other material or color can be in contrast to the uppers style also is right choice.
Fashion and the animal kingdom have really, leopard, zebra, enduring, even the boots to “long hair”. When you’re wearing a fur boots coquettish when crossing the street, we found you on a small animal.
Solution: same with maomao, ugg boots low-key
If really going to give up the warmth that maomao, maomao to wear in the inside, such as wearing ugg boots
By the way, because ugg boots boots type is wide, and should avoid collocation baggy pants. With is angel, Alessandra Ambrosio looks how tall and thin, and trousers hypertrophy Heidi Klum is a middle-aged spread.
Pointed heel boots
Pointed stilettos boot as the boot sector of “little black dress”, contracted classic also show thin. Any shape with a pair of pointed boots, modern degree immediately doubled, but on the cusp of fine with the pain of one day can simply use cone heart pain to describe. You know the summer wear high heels even if point to, mostly can reveal his foot, and toe or heel, foot show high with fine and can be lessened by the appropriate pressure. Your feet are boots wrapped protectively, poor wear imitation cartier love bracelet pointed heel boots can you go that area doorway?
Solution: square thick with boots is a beautiful and comfortable perfect compromise
Since pointed heel boots and torture from the us, then choose the opposite of it – round head thick with boots? But beware, round head design although uncomfortable, but looks awkward old easily. Try some of the most popular square thick with boots, restore ancient ways out of the elegant and pace.
Knee-high boots
Domineering knee-high boots always choose the most fashionable in the fall and winter warm, but we want to tell you don’t learn the stars wear bare legs. Has a large thin legs Gigi Hadid bare leg wear boots with a skirt are stylish, but is short and thick thighs tie-in white boots Kristina Bazan’ll be up shit creek, boots mouth overflow proud flesh is really impressive.
If you are confident about their legs, bare legs wearing no problem, but the body do not wear too revealing. After all, we are not Kim Kardashian.
Solution: the same color collocation and boots socks
Light leg wear boots very tests of leg ministry line. If there happened to be a little proud flesh on your thighs, might as well wear boots inside take a pair of the same color socks, such a top-down seamless can have the effect of “visual diet”.
Rivet boots
Rivet boots, especially the full foot with rivets boots are real toxic friends! Excessively obtrusive may be booming, but they can’t escape the fate of the gas into a hot style. This year you will also bring concave shape, can want to people laugh out. Boots, by the way, in addition to the rivet, glittering, stage effect is too full of sequins, diamond be prudent in buying, please wear boots.
Solution: choose the design of ornament of rivet
Don’t put the rivet a bonzi killed and want to fashion is just right, you have to learn to control the rivet. Those small ornament rivets boots can play Less is more magical effects, such as ankle decorate a rivet, adorn a few at random on the heel.
And ankle boot
Many girls think knee-high boots high threshold, and ankle boot is easier to manage. Actually otherwise, and ankle boot minefield is able to “eat” a cut leg, and attracted all the attention on you thick calf. And ankle boot let some body naked leg wear is good bloggers appear slightly thick.
Most of us figure is more like the girl on the left, and perhaps only Elena Perminova so supermodel don’t have to worry about Cartier love bracelet replica the legs short thick embarrassment.
Solution a: improve the waist line more than dew leg
The following comparison chart clearly enough, wear a skirt when his legs if you don’t want to look only to show that a long, please improve and emphasizes the waist line, wear short skirt is better than long skirt.
Solution 2: choose nude ankle boot
Left ankle boot cut legs can use color to fill. Nude and ankle boot with your skin, your legs are not shoes “eat”, not only on the vision also get longer. Choice of the bare skin shallow pink ankle boot, choice of the khaki or light brown skin deep.
Solution 3: tie-in pants outfit
If your leg is really should not be exposed to or afraid of the cold, so the easiest way is to put on pants collocation ankle boot. What show legs short thick, all worries are gone.
Lace-up boots
Thank the swedes Gideon Sundback invented zipper, before this, all the boots is to use bind belt and buttons are fixed, wear is good hard every time you wear boots off. But fashion can no matter what party is not convenient, it doesn’t, lace-up boots unconsciously fire for several seasons. Wear to take off the trouble is just one of, bind boots because design heavy and complicated, have very high request for dress; In addition it will also make your legs look more thick “wonders”… Do you really want to wear?
Is even more than the strap shoes and Roman shoes, always love the girl of Roman sandals look like the victim. Don’t say straight men don’t understand, the girls also can not get it points of beauty?
Sox boots
In recent seasons, fashion became popular an item called sox boots. As the name implies, sox boots are designed to be close-fitting boots like socks. Sox boots with foot “how big is how big shoes” features, feet fat it is a horrible Fake Cartier love bracelet sight. This avant-garde peculiar sheet is tasted, straight men like most girls, also can’t get it.
Martin boots
During the second world war, the German doctor Klaus Maertens a snowboard, found it difficult to wear military boots. To fixed injured his ankle, he personally designed a coriaceous softness, with a rubber sole boots, this is the prototype of the Martin boots. The 1970 s, when popular in the world of rock singers are wearing Martin boots, the boots have been labeled as a rebellious personality.
Even if you are a literary young women doing rock and roll dream, dream of his riding boots when Martin handsome ying, when I put on, the dream is broken, because the shoes are really hard and grinding. If it weren’t for foot disease needs to be fixed, normal each step to bear.
Cowboy boots
Cowboy boots was named Cowboy Boot americans Cowboy boots, designed to work is characterized by boots head pointed, conducts slip resistance, convenient boots quickly into the stirrup, so only suitable for this kind of shoes to wear to ride a horse, not suitable for the ground to walk. Since the excavated by fashion cowboy boots, this problem has been obviously improved, but there is still a “bad” lingering – shoes snarling national wind stitching or embroidery patterns. Faced with such a heavy and complicated is mixed and disorderly uppers, girls often when tie-in dress, have a kind of desperate feeling.


The so-called collocation is don’t pass every little detail

To cope with change garments according to the need for a “basic” jewelry
Dealing with the seasons, a “basic” jewelry is also essential. It can need not make public need not bragging, but be delicate and concise, like standing in the white shirt in your wardrobe, every time you don’t know what to wear, dig out their will always be the right choice.
White + black bag + black bean curd with agile horsetail spell able ol workplace temperament, at that time, other exaggerated jewelry are redundant, simple collocation of a few delicate ring is enough.
All kinds of ring
In addition to the nail, nothing can than all kinds of amorous feelings of the ring is more suitable for decorating his fingers, whether joint ring, or a conventional design, when you don’t know how to out of the street, put on one or a few casually, can always do not fall convention easily hold aura.
Aamaya By Priyanka gold-plated Cartier love bracelet replica
Cornelia Webb sterling silver pearl ring
Monica Vinader silver diamond ring
A dress that grabs an eye is enough, a simple gold bracelet watch is collocation fastens with color grade is proof of that.
Lap band
A gorgeous onepiece or a whole look only show a small part of the arms don’t know how to deal with? Afraid of too heavy and complicated is glamorous clothes? At that time, all lap band is better. It is simple and not make public, concise but has a delicate sense of namely regards. But still want to have a little idea when collocation, is first of all, it will go with your bag color, the same as color principle must grasp, gold and silver and also really let a person unable to ridicule.
The so-called collocation is don’t pass every little detail. Glasses of golden mirror legs, pockets on the dot, and wrist gold bracelets, looks be like simple, the deliberate little mind is also beautiful.
If a special bag is enough stand out enough, then a simple hand ring is your safety card.
Who says that only the biggest golden and silver collocation fastens with color is revealing and delicate.
Seemingly ordinary dressed casually, just a replica Cartier love bracelet of books clutch and opening lap band to enhance your aura.
If is clever, what is comparable to the golden lap accessories and handbags echo of the ring?
In the pattern of the retro fit does not need the adornment of heavy and complicated, two thin hand ring will bring out the best in each other.
IAM by Ileana Makri gold-plated Fang Jing zircon bracelets
Eddie Borgo rose gold plated bracelet
Kenneth Jay Lane Fang Jing zircon, rhodium plated, gold plated bracelet (two-piece)
Contracted neck chain
Whether chocker or delicate collarbone chain, single or double circle circle stack build, also it doesn’t matter if you’re in the dark or show the neck skin, a simple necklace can always put your Cartier nail bracelet replica on good taste.
Low collar shirt should be the ruin of all flat chest girls, but not afraid, also good necklace to save, a circle is not enough, there are two laps
In a thin sweater, a necklace, optional collocation inadvertently ornament, can let the dress a little more detail.
The collocation of brunet set with brilliant color leather in nature is a cool feeling, but also slightly dull. A delicate pendant is a good agent is mixed.
A word is the best dress sexy, plus one or two necklace, also can promote the neck charm.
Charlotte Chesnais gold-plated silver necklace
Chan Luu gold-plated necklace
Lanvin gold plated necklace