weigh the weight of gold than silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum and other metals

weigh the weight of gold than silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum and other metals. The same volume of gold quality than silver more than 40%, 1.2 times heavier than copper, 6.1 times heavier than aluminum. Gold jewelry care in the hands of the feeling should be sink, fake gold jewelry is floating. This method does not apply to the identification of precious stones inlaid gold jewelry.
(3) than the hardness of pure gold soft, low hardness, with the finger to draw a small mark, teeth can leave teeth teeth. High gold content of the Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry than the low gold content of the jewelry soft, and more copper harder. Pure gold is soft, easy to bend, the lower the purity. The more difficult to bend.
(4) to listen to the sound of gold in more than 99% of the jewelry to throw hard on the ground will be issued a click, no sound without rhyme and no stretch. Fake or fineness of low gold jewelry sound crisp and no boring feeling, generally issued “Dangdang” sound, and the sound has a lingering sound, landing after the bounce.
(5) with the fire will have to identify the jewelry to burn red (do not let the jewelry melt deformation), after cooling to observe the color change. If the surface is still the original gold color is pure gold; if the color becomes dark or varying degrees to black, it is not pure gold. Generally lower color, the more concentrated color; all black. Description is a fake gold jewelry. This method of identification must have the gold production and processing experience of the staff, or easy to damage the gold jewelry.
(6) check mark Domestic Cartier love ring replica gold jewelry are prepared according to international standards, and stamped with stamps. Such as 24K marked “foot red” or “full gold”; 18K gold, marked “18K” words; fineness less than 10K, according to the provisions can not play K gold mark. Social lawless elements to create counterfeit signs, imitation stamps, with dilute gold, Asian gold, and even brass posing as gold. And thus identify the gold jewelry according to the sample to determine the comprehensive.
The traditional method of detection can only be a rough identification of gold-like products, accurate identification of the results obtained by the use of modern scientific methods and high-precision instruments.
4. gold jewelry maintenance
Gold jewelry with the thermometer glass bubble in full bloom to produce white material, so gold jewelry as far as possible not to high mercury content, chemical pollution is more serious place to wear. While avoiding gold jewelry and acid, alkaline substances and perspiration long contact. Gold jewelry in the process of wearing, it is best to often use fine flannel wipe to keep the luster of jewelry. Gold jewelry after wearing for some time. Often will lose luster, this time to the gold jewelry store with ultrasonic cleaning instrument for cleaning, Replica Cartier love bracelet jewelry can also be placed in warm water diluted neutral detergent soak, clean, remove the dry can be removed.