What is the difference between an engagement diamond ring and a wedding ring?

What is the difference between an engagement diamond ring and a wedding ring?
Engagement diamond ring and wedding ring in the end which is important? Two diamond ring need to buy it all? Indeed, for the very high economic strength of the new people, the problem “is not a problem.” But for the working-class, this is a very necessary to understand the important issues.
First, the difference between the two rings
First wear from the occasion. At the wedding banquet, two people should wear an engagement ring and Cartier love bracelet replica for each other. In the marriage, to bring each other a wedding ring. This is two different occasions.
From wearing a finger again. Engagement is different from getting married, so a lot of people are directly to the engagement ring on the middle finger. If the wedding ring, will have to wear directly on the ring finger.
Second, the commonality of the two rings
And the different engagement rings, engagement ring and wedding ring are on the ring. Whether engaged or married, in fact, are two things between each other, with a ring to convey the name of the Lord, the grass has the Lord’s message.
Third, two rings have clearly defined it?
And the proposed ring with the two ring definition of different, in fact, these two can be said that there is no clear definition. There are many new people directly skip the engagement part, to get married. Therefore, even if there is no engagement ring, only the marriage proposal Cartier love ring replica is also no problem. There are also new people although there are engagement rings, but in order to save money, when they get married will not buy a wedding ring. At this point, the engagement ring and wedding ring will be no significant difference, because it can also be used as a wedding occasion to use the wedding ring.
Fourth, what kind of ring is the most appropriate
If you just want to choose one, buy a ring, in the end what is more appropriate? Many people find engagement rings important. The reason is the engagement in the former, married in the post. As a result, two people agreed to life, wearing the ring a little more ahead of time, or that this romance is more ahead of some. In their view, even if there is no huge engagement ceremony, but also the parents of a meal together, the two each other to wear a ring.
Life to accompany, I go hand in hand, “the interpretation of the brand is the new love statement of love, but also because of this, we choose a diamond ring,” I am the crown of your life; When more willing to choose the brand. Engagement Ye Hao, marriage worth mentioning, there are important to participate in the brand diamond ring which, the move, the precious will be further.
Engagement diamond ring and wedding ring and imitation cartier love bracelet are important token of love on the road, but we do not put the cart before the horse, the diamond ring in front of love. You know, the two love the most important, if the economy is limited, there is no need to buy two rings.